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June 11, 2021

Unshakable Faith

The unfolding Great Awakening will revive believers and unbelievers alike. The church will be awakened to greater faith, hunger, passion, revelation, authority, power and her destiny in Christ. Unbelievers will be awakened to God, His salvation and Fatherhood. One of the causes of such change is revelation, a critical part of any revival.

The Bible says a spiritual veil was formed over our souls after the Fall (2 Corinthians 4:3-4). Revelation, meaning “the lifting or removal of a covering, exposing what is hidden,” reverses the Fall’s effect on our minds, enabling us humans to once again see things from God’s perspective. This process occurs in unbelievers to reveal Christ and His salvation to them (Acts 26:17-18); but it must also continue to take place in us after we’re born again, increasing our understanding of God, His word and His ways. Paul prayed for the church in Ephesus to be given a spirit of wisdom and revelation (Ephesians 1:17-18).

Obviously, this must occur in us as individuals. However, many don’t realize the spirit of revelation can actually fill the atmosphere over entire geographic areas. The “heavens” (the invisible, spiritual realm) over regions and nations - where demonic forces operate - can become so impregnated with God’s presence that the heavens are opened or “rent” (Isaiah 64:1), allowing wide scale revelation.

This phenomenon took place through Paul’s ministry in Ephesus (Acts 19). A move of Holy Spirit began there with 12 men, and within two years all of Asia had heard the word of the Lord! Extraordinary miracles took place. Many believed, including those who practiced sorcery and witchcraft. The word of the Lord grew and prevailed mightily (verse 20). The spirit of revelation was unleashed on an entire region!

The above mentioned rending of the heavens (Isaiah 64:1) results in: God’s name becoming known to His adversaries (verse 2); nations being impacted (verse 2); the performing of unexpected wonders (verse 3); and God acting on behalf of those who draw near to Him (verses 4-5). Every true revival in history has experienced such a hovering of Holy Spirit’s power over entire regions.

This incredible phenomenon is coming again! Expect it and declare it.

Our friend and prophet, Gina Gholston, shares a powerful dream Holy Spirit gave her, along with the interpretation. It is a wonderful picture of the amazing revelation that is coming to the church.

“A couple of years ago, I had a dream in which I was standing in a hospital operating room. I saw in front of me an operating table. The place on this table where the pillow should have been had a hole in it, which struck me as odd. But somehow I knew it was set up like this for a purpose.

“As I was looking at the operating table, two men came through the door holding up and leading a man into the room. The man looked old and decrepit. He was in major pain, had a grimace on his face, and his body was shaking from pain and agony. He was dressed in regular clothes—jeans and a shirt. They led him to and laid him on this O.R. table, with his face positioned in the hole that was where the pillow should have been.

“I then noticed that his shirt didn’t have a back on it; his back was exposed. Instead of a normal back, however, there was a huge gaping wound from his neck down to his hips. As I looked at the wound, I saw that he did not have a backbone! It had been removed and he was left with agony, the effects of the open wound and his spineless condition!

“I then noticed that the two men who had brought him into this O.R. had left the room. The doors opened again and they returned, carrying a brand-new backbone. It was a real skeletal backbone! I knew this was why he was in the O.R. This was what all had been set up for. They were going to give this man a backbone.

“The two men placed the new backbone in that open wound. When they did, the wound was immediately healed, the man stood up straight and tall and walked out the doors. He was not old and decrepit as he had initially appeared to be, but was instantly strong and vibrant, restored and revolutionized! He had received a backbone!

“That was the end of the dream.

“A few days after receiving this dream, the Lord said to me, ‘My Church has appeared to be old and decrepit, fallen into ruin and disrepair—irrelevant—but I have brought you to a season of restoration! I have prepared—set up—this moment! I Am putting a backbone in My Church, and they will stand up straight - strong, vital, courageous, revolutionized - and this will change everything!’

“Jesus created the church, the ekklesia, to walk in victory and authority over all the power of the devil. As His ruling body, we are to declare His will into this earth realm. Through this, He makes known, through us, the manifold wisdom of God to principalities and powers in the heavenly places (see Ephesians 3:10). Jesus is the head of the church, and we are His body (Colossians 1:18). As we operate in the power and authority that He, the head, has given to us, the gates of hell cannot and will not prevail against us.

“The season we are in has not taken God by surprise. One may be tempted to look through the eyes of the flesh and declare, “America is too far gone!” Such is not the case. God is working His plan, and His plan is never at the mercy of what the enemy is doing; nor is God on the defense, trying to gain victory. The victory was won as Jesus conquered death, hell and the grave, and ascended triumphantly back to the right hand of the Father.

“And Christ’s victory has become our victory! We are not seeking to gain victory over the plots and schemes of this evil agenda, set in place to destroy America. We have already been given that victory, and we are now rising with a backbone of faith in God. We are becoming the ekklesia He called us to be and will occupy that which we have been given.

“The purposes God placed in the hearts of those who sailed to the shores of this great nation over 400 years ago, were the foundational blocks on which America was to be built. And in our times, we, as God’s ekklesia, must continue with the mission of those purposes. We will do so, confidently, declaring over America, “He Who started the good work in you will be faithful to complete it in you.”

“The time has come for the church to rise as an army, going forth in the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Christ, armed with the confidence that the battle is the Lord’s and that He has given us the victory! Our fight is not against people. Our stand is against evil agendas seeking to destroy this nation and turn the hearts of her people away from God. It is a supernatural stand, with weapons mighty through God for the pulling down of every stronghold, and strong enough to cast down every high thing that seeks to exalt itself against the knowledge of God.

“We valiantly stand and war, with the authority of our King Jesus, to rule and reign with Him as His legislative Body and see the redemption of our land. Our goal is an awakening to God resulting in a harvest of souls coming to salvation in Jesus Christ; and it is also to see a righteous reviving that brings America back into alignment with God’s original intentions for her.

“Our backbone is one of unshakeable faith in our God Who has never lost a battle!”

Pray with me:

Father, as Your Ekklesia, we declare our backbone is being restored. Where we have appeared to be an irrelevant, ineffective body with no power or authority, we now rise with an unshakable faith in our God - Who has never lost a battle. We move in the might of Your Spirit to advance Your kingdom purposes in America and in the world. We stand with power to declare Your life that awakens hope. We shine with Your Light that dispels all darkness. We utilize the weapons of our warfare that are mighty through You, our God, to pull down every stronghold. We break the powers of hell and their attempts to overthrow Your plans and purposes for America. We declare now that awakening has come and is coming - awakening us to an awareness of God and our need for Him! Awakening has come to the church, and as the awakened body of Christ, we stand strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. We release shouts of truth and triumph that will now surge across this land to change the conscience of our nation and the nations of our world. In the name and authority of Jesus, amen!

Our decree:

The church takes her stand. Our decrees ring out with transforming power as God takes hold with us—and we with Him—to restore America to her prophetic destiny.

You can find out more about Gina Gholston here.

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