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July 9, 2021

The Fires of Revival

The dream I shared with you yesterday from Gina Gholston was the first of two related dreams, given a year apart. I actually did posts on both of them several months back. There is such incredible weight on them at this time, however, that I have felt a strong urgency to release them again, (with different commentary, of course). If you did not see or hear yesterday’s post, it will be very helpful if you do so before watching/reading today’s. Here is the second dream, given to Gina February 2, 2021:

“I dreamed I was standing with someone on a deck-like structure in a very lofty place in the heavens. From this place, we were looking down, observing the United States of America. I did not know who the man standing next to me was. I could feel a strong anointing from him, however, which was causing me to have an indescribable hope for the nation!

“As we were looking down, we saw what first appeared to be war planes flying over the U.S. The gentleman next to me said, ‘Oh my, I wonder what is happening in America? What do all of these war planes mean?’ He said this, not with concern, but almost as though he was wanting me to see something that wasn’t obvious. He looked at me as if I should know the right answer to his questions.

“I said, ‘Those are not war planes, they are eagles! I have seen them before in a dream. There are 100 of them. They’re saturated with water from the reopened well of revival at the Red River Meeting House. It has been unlocked and is now gushing forth into the nation.’

“Then I could clearly see that the eagles, just as in the previous dream, were carrying arrows in one of their talons and a rolled up piece of paper in the other. Also, they were still drenched and releasing water from the erupting geyser on the grounds of the Red River Meeting House.

“As the eagles were flying in all directions across America, they all suddenly began diving toward the ground. When near the ground they leveled off, and began dropping their arrows into the land. I knew there were 100 eagles, and each carried three arrows; so 300 arrows were released throughout the land. When each arrow hit the ground, it ignited as though it had hit a gas pocket and a spiraling plume of fire shot up. Then we watched as the water being released by the eagles was also ignited by the fire. The water from the Red River Meeting House was extremely flammable and instantly caught fire! It seemed that all of America was on fire.

“In the dream, I became VERY aware of the power and presence of God, fell to my knees and began to sob uncontrollably! The gentleman with me then began speaking under an incredibly heavy anointing. (It was then that I noticed he had a very strong accent.) He said: ‘You have seen correctly! This is how America will be saved! Do NOT doubt it! There is coming a sweeping move of the Spirit of God that will ignite America with the fire of His presence. This will bring a swift, undeniable awareness of God and an awakening. What seems to be one thing is about to be revealed as another. Some are in fear because of how things appear, but others SEE with holy awe and expectation!

“‘The eagles are on assignment. They carry “Fire Power”; they carry glory. And at the precise moment, their arrows will be released, hit their targets, and the move of God will ignite and spread very quickly!’ Then he said again, ‘Do NOT doubt it!’

“Still on my knees, I looked up at the man, and I somehow knew he was Duncan Campbell, one of the ministers from the great Hebrides revival.”

End of dream.

First, let me say that Duncan Campbell was probably the leading voice of the Hebrides revival. And the Hebrides revival ranks up with the greatest of all revivals in history. As you may recall, yesterday’s dream mentioned 4 other revivals and pointed out that God is joining the power and anointings of all 4 in our day, creating a synergistic, multiplied power. It is the synergy of the ages!

This second dream brings a fifth revival into the story. God has listed five of the greatest revivals in history and is saying, “I am about to bring the gifts, power, anointings,and strength of all 5 into one unprecedented outpouring of My Spirit.” This is incredible!

Then - at the “precise moment” - the eagles began dropping their 300 arrows of victory and deliverance all over the nation (see 2 Kings 13:17). Everywhere they did this, fires of revival (“the fire of His presence”) sprang up, until the entire nation was ablaze with revival. Campbell referred to the arrows as “Fire Power!” Also, the water from the other revivals - dripping from the eagles - began to burn, as well! Revival fires are about to burn in America!!!

Duncan Campbell also said the fires of revival would bring an undeniable awareness of God! And that in America, what has seemed to be one thing - devastating, destructive weapons of an enemy (“war planes”) - will be revealed as something else. Gina needed to see something that “wasn’t obvious.” I, and others, have been saying that God is not finished with America. And that regarding the elections of 2020, what looks like one thing will prove to be another. God is exposing the evil in our government, will judge it, and is going to save America through the greatest revival ever.

Just as we posted on Wednesday regarding Israel and the Egyptian army at the Red Sea, God is going to show that things are not as they seem. Those who have an ear to hear are hearing the screeching of eagles, not the sound of enemy planes. Those who can see by the spirit and not just with their natural eyes, see arrows of deliverance making their way toward communities all across the nation, not demonic missiles and bombs. Again, things are not as they seem!

“Do not doubt this!” God says twice in the dream.

And I am saying to you, “It is time!” This revival has begun and will now intensify. Get ready! Call it forth. Release your faith. The harvest of the ages has begun!

Pray with me:

Father, we are not deceived by the enemy. We see that which is not yet obvious to many. We hear a sound in the heavens but it is not the sound of America being cursed; it is the shout of a king (see Numbers 23:21)! It is the sound of an abundant rain (see 1 Kings 18:41! When asked by You if the dry bones can live (see Ezekiel 37:1-14), we used to answer, “Thou knowest.” But we now see through Your eyes and boldly answer by prophesying, “Come together, bones! Come from the four winds, Holy Spirit, and breathe life into them! Yes, they will live!”

We believe Your words, Father. We trust Your heart. We feel Your passion for the people who are lost, still without You. We are completely convinced that You’re coming to rescue them. Therefore, we prophesy, “Come! Wind of Holy Spirit, come!”

We ask for the synergy of the ages! We ask for an amalgamation of all past revival anointings into one unprecedented outpouring of Holy Spirit power, love, revelation, deliverance, and breakthrough. God of the nations, show yourself strong - now! God of salvation, save! God of truth, reveal! God of deliverance, set people free! We know You will do this! In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Our decree:

The greatest revival in history has begun!

You can find our more about Gina Gholston here.

Click on the link below to watch the prayer.


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