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July 8, 2021

It’s Time!

Our friend Gina Gholston had the following dream a year or so ago. Holy spirit has been bringing this dream back to me recently. I actually shared it in a message a couple of weeks ago, and felt as I did that it is beginning to occur now. There was tremendous weight on it. Before sharing the dream, I should tell you that the Red River Meeting House was the place of a great revival in 1800. It led to the great Cane Ridge revival, which led to the Second Great Awakening, which literally saved America. Not just spiritually, but as a nation. Some historians believe every significant revival in the world since then has a connection to the Red River Meeting House:

“I dreamed I was at the Red River Meeting House in Russellville, Kentucky. I had gone through the gate and started walking up the drive toward the Meeting House, when I noticed 100 bald eagles on the grounds. I was captivated by the sight of so many eagles.

“Hearing a noise behind me, I turned and saw an older well-drilling rig coming through the gate toward the Meeting House. It stopped about halfway up the driveway and parked under the walnut trees where it began drilling. No sooner had the bit been set when, whoosh, the water gushed out in very high, massive amounts!

“I thought, ‘This looks like Old Faithful.’ I have seen Old Faithful, and this reminded me of that famous geyser, only it was MUCH larger! In the dream, I was thinking about how Old Faithful is very predictable and that it erupts in a rhythm of time. Then I heard an audible voice speaking about this geyser in front of me:

“‘It is set on the rhythm of Heaven’s time clock. And it’s time!’ (In the dream I understood that to mean, ‘It’s blown before, a gushing move of the Spirit of God, but it’s set for another, greater gusher! It’s time!’)

“Next, I saw two hands come down and clap once. The clap made a very loud sound, which was a signal to the eagles. They weren’t scared by the noise of the clap or by the spraying of the water; they calmly rose up, hovering like a helicopter, ready to fly. As they rose, I saw that each eagle had arrows in one of their talons and a rolled-up paper in the other. Then I heard the same audible voice saying:

“‘Rapid eye movement: My seers are on the move.’

“As soon as I heard those words, the eagles flew off in every direction, each heading purposefully toward their assignment. As they left, each one flew through the supernatural water, becoming drenched. Incredibly, their feathers never dried as they flew. Wherever they traveled, the water would fall off of them - like a rain shower - onto the dry ground over which they flew.

“Back at the Red River Meeting House, the water continued gushing and I, too, became soaked with it. I went into the Meeting House, which had been set up like a command center. There were seven drafting tables with ‘architects’ sitting at them, drawing up blueprints, plans, strategies, revelations. People were coming in, one after the other, soaked with the water from the geyser. They would approach one of the architects, who would roll up a set of plans and hand them to the individual.

Immediately, the architects had another one drawn up, and would hand it off to the next soaked person coming in. I was amazed at the speed with which the architects worked: draw it, roll it up, hand it off; draw it, roll it up, hand it off! This didn’t stop.

“When the people received their blueprints, they were supernaturally transported to their assignments, in America and around the world. And just as occurred with the eagles, the revival water soaking them was being flung onto people everywhere they went. I heard the audible voice again, saying:

“‘Rapid Response Teams.’

Then I noticed a sign, on the wall behind the pulpit, that read, ‘Rapid Response Command Center.’

“Suddenly, the dream shifted, and I knew by the Spirit that what was happening at the Red River Meeting House was also taking place at Cane Ridge, Kentucky, and Azusa Street in California! I was then lifted up, and could see a line connecting Cane Ridge and the Red River Meeting House. Another line from each of them went to Azusa. I could see that these lines formed the shape of a spearhead. From the line drawn between Cane Ridge and the Red River Meeting House was yet another, coming from the nation of Wales. It was forming the shaft of the spear.

“This picture was depicting that all four of those places—Wales, Cane Ridge, Red River Meeting House, and Azusa—were connected; and also that what I saw happening at Red River was simultaneously happening at all of them. I was being shown that all of those past moves of God were now being brought together to ‘spearhead’ another greater and more powerful move of God in our time. End of the dream.”

The geyser, of course, is telling us that God is about to reopen this well of revival. God, who controls the times and seasons (Daniel 2:21), said the reopening has been set to His time clock and it is now time for the well to reopen. I believe the eagles picture the church. God is going to saturate us with this revival water and we will become carriers of its life and anointing throughout the nation and nations. I believe the arrows represent the arrows of the Lord‘s deliverance and victory (2 Kings 13:17); the scrolls represent assignments from heaven.

The Lord then said, “Rapid eye movement; My seers are on the move.” I believe this speaks of the prophetic anointing that will be upon the church in this movement. We will see what God sees, hear what He hears, go where He sends us and accomplish His will. Be alert in this season for the word of the Lord to send you into very strategic assignments.

These assignments were part of what I believe the architects in the dream were drawing up. When I shared this dream a couple of weeks ago, I felt Holy Spirit was saying that many strategies for breakthrough are about to be released - for individuals, ministries, cities and nations. In the dream, God referenced “rapid response teams.” I believe pockets of revival are about to break out. I feel we must move rapidly at times, responding quickly to the word of the Lord. And as we do, I believe the accompanying breakthroughs will be very great, including tremendous signs, wonders and miracles.

The Lord then showed a connection between the Red River Meeting House, Cane Ridge, Azuza Street and Wales. He is revealing that the strength of all of these revivals will be wrapped up in one great outpouring of His Spirit. The lines between the places took on the shape of a spear. As these revival fires join, they will create synergistic power and anointing, leading to the greatest revival in history.

This is beginning! Do not doubt it! If you are not already thinking along these lines, begin to do so now. Call in the harvest. Believe for signs and wonders. Expect great deliverances to occur.

I say again, this is beginning!


Father, thank You for this dream. Thank You for the prophetic anointing and gifting that has most certainly gone to a new level of strength. We thank You for past revivals and for those who, through their commitment and labors, paid great prices for them.

We believe You are opening these wells of revival once again. It is time. Saturate us with this revival water. You are the living water, You are the well of salvation, You are the river. Saturate us with Yourself. Then cause us to soar as eagles, just as You said in Isaiah 40:31 that we would.

Cause us to hear Your strategies clearly. We say yes to Your instruction of “rapid eye movement.” We will be alert and listening. And we are now stirring up the gifts of Your Spirit within us. We stir up our faith for salvation, deliverance, miracles and breakthroughs of every kind. We declare, as You instructed us, “Your kingdom come! Your will be done!”

In Christ name! Amen.


We decree that Heaven’s time clock now says it is time for the harvest of the ages!

You can find out more about Gina Gholston here.

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