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July 6, 2021

Let Freedom Ring!

In 2003, I traveled to Pensacola, Florida to hear Dutch speak. That Sunday morning Dutch released a message regarding the Liberty Bell and the verse inscribed on it: “...proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof,” (Leviticus 25:10). As he delivered this message, the purpose of the Liberty Bell became alive within my spirit. I then found myself becoming saturated with faith, courage, and determination to see Yahweh move in America.

Upon returning home, I purchased a desk-sized Liberty Bell and began driving throughout my state, Florida, ringing the bell and proclaiming, “Freedom!” I bought a CD of the last time the Liberty Bell rang, which was 1936. As I drove throughout the state, I turned the volume up as loud as possible, listening to the bell ring, while crying out: “Freedom!” This message of freedom was burning inside of me for the state of Florida. I rang the bell with great faith in my heart on the 22nd floor of Florida’s Capitol building in Tallahassee. I rang the bell and proclaimed the Freedom of the Lord over the congregations where I ministered. The Lord’s message of freedom even stirred me to visit many Florida courthouses. As Holy Spirit led, I took the bell throughout the state and rang His message of freedom.

During this time, I spoke one Sunday at two churches on U.S. Hwy 1. On the way to the church that evening, Holy Spirit gave me the thought, “What are the odds that you would be on U.S. Highway 1 this morning and tonight?” He then said, “U.S. 1 represents My Foundational Highway coming into America.” He spoke again and said, “I want you to do a U.S. Highway 1, Liberty Prayer Tour, starting at the zero-mile marker in Key West and ending at the Georgia line. My heart was ablaze with Holy Spirit fire concerning this new revelation and assignment.

That night, I couldn’t get away from the revelation that U.S. 1 represents God’s Foundational Highway in America. The topic of my message that night was the number “one” and what had happened in the Bible on the first days of creation. We then tied those points into prayer for their region. My heart had been set ablaze with this word. “You have God’s foundational highway running through your city!” I exclaimed, and then rang the bell while proclaiming “FREEDOM!”

Then I saw a documentary on U.S. 1. After watching the full series, I felt it could not be any more clear that this highway was indeed a symbolic picture of the Highway Of the Lord in America. Through this documentary I learned that U.S. 1 used to be called the “King’s Highway.” It was a road George Washington used in the Revolution, our war for freedom. Paul Revere used it as he warned folks that “the British are coming!” The roadway was also known as the “Freedom Highway” - African American slaves used this as their way to escape from slavery to freedom. To camouflage their plan, they actually wrote a hymn about this highway, “It’s a highway to heaven. I am walking up the King’s Highway.” The highway was used by Harriet Tubman, who led many slaves to Freedom. It had been a significant part of the Underground Railroad. This was the “Highway to Heaven” for freedom seekers who, at that time, found refuge in Canada.

On July 3rd, 2003, I got a call from a woman at my bank. When I answered, the voice on the other end said, “May I speak to Mr. Malone?”

I said, “Speaking.”

She said, “Is this Kenneth Malone?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

She then replied, “Mr. Malone, this is Jill from Mid-Florida Bank. You have just won a brand-new Jeep LIBERTY! You are the FIRST of five winners.” (Remember, I’m about to start the tour on Highway 1.) “The color choices are RED, WHITE and BLUE.” she continued, “Which color do you want?” Not only did Yahweh confirm the assignment of the Liberty Prayer Tour through prophetic affirmations, He also gave us the FIRST of the RED, WHITE, AND BLUE Jeep LIBERTYS in the contest, before beginning the journey.

We launched the 2-week prayer tour starting at the zero-mile marker in Key West, FL and ended at the St. Mary’s river on the Georgia/Florida line. We stopped in many major cities in Florida, met with the ekklesia in those cities, and proclaimed “FREEDOM!” I left a small Liberty Bell with each of the leaders in those cities.

A short while after winning the Jeep Liberty and conducting the prayer tour on Highway 1, Holy Spirit spoke to me again, “When you get to Philadelphia, I want you to touch the Liberty Bell. I have an impartation for you there.” I had no visit to Philadelphia planned.

A short time later, Dutch called me to say, “In August, Chuck and I will finish the 50 State Tour in Philadelphia. We would like you to come, ring the bell and proclaim “Freedom!” I looked at tickets to Philadelphia; the price was $222.22. As many of you know Isaiah 22:22 is Dutch’s life verse of scripture. I quickly phoned Dutch to share this confirmation with him. We began making plans…

“Wouldn’t it be neat if we could rent a Jeep Liberty to go to Constitution Square to touch the Liberty Bell?” I said to Cheryl. We looked online and even called. No one had a Jeep Liberty, so we secured a full-sized car. As we arrived at the car lot, we saw a red Jeep Liberty just like ours. “How long has that Jeep Liberty been on the lot?” I asked the lady at the rental counter.

She replied, “Oh, it just came in this morning. Would you like to rent it? You will be the FIRST.”

We rented the Jeep and went to our hotel, which was on U.S. Highway 1. Here we go again, I thought.

Cheryl and I traveled to Philadelphia’s Constitution Square in the red Jeep Liberty with an assignment from the Lord to touch the Liberty Bell. When I entered the area where the bell is located, about 300 grade school students were already there looking at the bell. There was also a Park Ranger standing in front of the bell instructing the children saying, “Don’t touch the bell! Don’t touch the bell!”

Cheryl said, “What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to touch the bell,” I replied. So, as the Ranger remained focused on the kids I slipped behind him, reached over the rope barrier, and touched the bell. Mission Accomplished.

One of the kids gasped and said, “He touched the bell! He touched the bell!” But I was already moving on!

Later, we rode with Dutch to St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, which was built in the mid-1800s. This church was built on the original King’s Highway, where George Washington fought a battle for freedom! The meeting took place with Dutch and Chuck speaking. I rang the desktop Liberty Bell while proclaiming, “FREEDOM!” At the close of the service, a man thanked me for keeping the spirit of the Liberty Bell alive. He let me know that his ancestors had housed the bell in their barn so that the British would not seize it and melt it into bullets!

The spirit of the Liberty Bell is, indeed, alive!

“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”

(2 Corinthians 3:17 NASB)

Pray with me:

Father, I thank You that our nation was born under the sound of Liberty and Freedom. We know that many forces are trying to take away that freedom but we appeal to You, God of the Angel Armies. We ask You to preserve our Liberty in this country called America. Silence the lies about our heritage; remove favor and resources from those opposing America and Your plans for her. Expose the evil in our land, especially in our government. Give us victory now over unrighteous forces, just as You did at our nation’s birth.

Send Your glory to this land! Overshadow and oversee our families, businesses, churches, government. We decree that You are Lord of it all. Holy Spirit, bring awakening revival to America! Fill our cities and nations with Your power! We decree that the fires of revival are beginning to burn across our land...and will not be stopped!

Our decree:


Today’s post was contributed by my friend, Pastor Ken Malone. You can find out more about Ken here.

Click below to watch the prayer.

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