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July 29, 2022

Kansas’ Fight for Life

I will be in Wichita, Kansas, tonight for a very important assignment. I’m asking you to agree in prayer with us. To fully understand the purpose and importance of this gathering, the following background information will help. We begin with a vision Chuck Pierce had on May 31, 2008. Chuck was caught up in the spirit and saw all the states of America. In his account of this, he said:

“Holy Spirit showed me each state’s covenant root - or lack thereof. He also showed me a move of God in each state, which looked like a fiery river running through it. I knew this river was a people He referred to as the triumphant reserve that would arise in the future. Then He showed me what looked like fiery castles in some states.

“When we're restoring and rebuilding the tabernacle of David, our activity is occurring in the heavens, the spiritual realm, but also on the earth. Amos 9 speaks of this - our rebuilding of David’s Tabernacle is allowing God’s glory to connect heaven and earth. This will produce the fiery castles I saw, which Holy Spirit said ‘will be the “freedom outposts” I develop for the future.’ Later on, I realized He was talking about “apostolic centers” that would be raised up, similar to what we read about in the book of Revelation. He not only showed me the freedom outposts/apostolic centers, He showed me where they would be developing.

“Then He showed me iniquitous, ruling thrones in every state. Not all states had freedom outposts/apostolic centers, but every state had thrones of iniquity. Every state also experienced a new move of God.

“Then in 2019, I had a dream regarding one of the states. In it, as a result of prayer, some American states were turning red. I didn't think this color referred to them turning red politically, but rather represented covenant. The redemptive power of the blood of Jesus Christ was shifting the land, re-establishing covenant roots. Due to prayer, Kansas was one of the states turning red. As this was occurring, however, a liberal voice - a person with a gavel - roared, trying to stop the transformation. The voice shouted, ‘No, Kansas cannot turn red. If Kansas turns red, all of America shifts into a life movement.’

“I knew this had to do with abortion. I also knew we would have to release a decree for Kansas and that this was related to bringing America back to her covenant roots.”

Chuck feels we have now reached the point in time he dreamed of in 2019. The group Value Them Both explains the following, which I believe relates to what Chuck saw:

“Kansas voters will vote on Value Them Both on August 2nd. This amendment will protect bipartisan, common sense limits on the abortion industry that have been enacted in Kansas over the last 25 years. This opportunity on August 2nd will allow Kansas voters to have a voice to ensure the state does not become a permanent destination for extreme abortion procedures. Without Value Them Both, Kansas abortion law will become as extreme as New York and California.

“‘At this historically important time, the question before Kansans on August 2nd is clear: an unregulated abortion industry with no limits at all or the reasonable limits protected by the Value Them Both Amendment,’ said Mackenzie Haddix, Deputy Communications Director for the Value Them Both Campaign.”(1)

Pastor Randy Bohlender of Kansas City adds context for this vote:

“In April 2019, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that the 1859 Kansas Constitution contained a nearly unlimited right to abortion. Their ruling goes far beyond where Roe v Wade went, ruling that ANY restrictions on abortion are a violation of peoples’ rights. The result of this was that every limit on abortion in Kansas, including bipartisan limits, was now unconstitutional. This included the ban on late-term abortions, the ban on taxpayer-funded abortions, and the Kansas law requiring parental consent before an abortion clinic could perform an abortion on a minor.

“The laws that had been passed in recent years to protect life had reduced abortions in Kansas by fifty percent. Those laws are all now considered unconstitutional by the Kansas Supreme Court.

“In 2021, both the Kansas House and Senate passed an amendment called VALUE THEM BOTH to reverse the court’s decision. This would ensure that Kansas legislators could make decisions about abortion in Kansas (not unelected judges).

“On August 2, the entire state will vote to pass or not pass this amendment. If it passes, the laws which we sent our representatives to Topeka to pass can be enforced. If it fails, the Kansas Supreme Court will have officially declared the abortion industry, almost entirely unregulated, open for business.”

This amendment in Kansas MUST pass! For Kansas, for America, and FOR THE BABIES. Let’s all rally around Kansas in prayer. At one point, Kansas had one of the strongest iniquitous roots of death and bloodshed in our nation. As the dream showed, this had largely been removed. I have friends who have been beaten and thrown in jail there for peacefully protesting for life. Over time, the prayers and actions of pro-life individuals prevailed. Now, satan is obviously trying to reestablish a stronghold there. Chuck’s dream also makes clear that the victory Kansas needs will impact the entire nation. Please pray with us!

Pray with me:

Father, we thank You for the great victory regarding Roe versus Wade. A fifty year curse over America was broken. Thank You for helping us remove this hideous law that opened the door to a spirit of murder and death across our entire nation. Our national covenant with death has been broken.

And yet, the battle continues on a local level - one of those places is Kansas. We ask You to help us remove the iniquitous root there once and for all and establish a covenant root with You. Direct and move on individuals to vote for this amendment on August 2, putting this issue in the hands of the people’s elected representatives, not a few judges who want to legislate from the bench. Heal the land of Kansas. Cause a covenant root of LIFE to spring up. Send Kansas the fiery river of revival Chuck saw in his vision. Raise up strong apostolic centers/freedom outposts. Cause the triumphant reserve to arise.

And we ask for righteousness to invade America. As our nation continues to witness depravity and its resulting insanity, use this to awaken hunger in millions of people for substantive change. You are allowing us to be humbled as a nation, and we embrace this. However, we know You also want to give grace and mercy. So, let humility, grace, mercy, and awakening combine in an unprecedented spiritual invasion of our land!

In Christ’s name alone we ask for this, amen.

Our decree:

We decree that the fiery river of life is invading Kansas…and America.

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