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July 26, 2023

Say What God Says

Yesterday, we talked about the power of decreeing and declaring what God has said in the past, and also of relating his past works. Testimonies are powerful. We said there is power in His words, and the power remains (Tuesday's post). Today I want to develop this a little further to encourage you, as you “command the foreword” over our nation.

Many Greek words simply cannot be fully translated into one English word. The Greeks used to brag that with their intricate language, they could say more in one word than any other could in an entire sentence. The pictorial Hebrew language is much the same - how do you describe the details and nuances of a picture in one word? This is why I do biblical word studies, and it’s why amplified and expanded translations are helpful.

At times, one English word is used to translate several Greek words. We have written and spoken often of “time,” for instance, which is used to translate several Greek words, all with different meanings. Without knowing which Greek word was used - kairos? chronos? horaios? - it is often impossible to fully understand what Holy Spirit is saying.

This is the case when discussing “God’s Word.” Four different Greek nouns are translated as a “word,” all having different nuances of meaning. Three of the four are used to describe the Word/s of God. One refers to written words (graphe) (1) and is also translated as “Scripture/s,” the written Word of God. Another is rhema,(2) which refers to spoken words. The words many of you are reading along with me are graphe; the words you are hearing me speak are rhemas.

The third word is logos,(3) which means word/s, as well, but includes the message they are communicating. This is why we get our English words “logic” and “logical” from logos - because it includes the message, the understanding, the reasoning. Obviously, one can read or hear words and not truly understand them. When this occurs, the words are not yet logos, but are still only graphe or rhema. With this meaning, it is easy to see why Jesus was called “the Logos of God” (John 1:1). He did not merely speak words about God, life, truth, etc.; He WAS the message, embodying and revealing God, life, truth, etc., to us. He IS the message, He IS God revealed!

This brings me to an important biblical word I want to define today, which describes what we are doing as we “command the foreword.” The word is homologia. (4) The first half comes from homou, (5) which means “same” or “together.” The second part of the word comes from logos. Homologia is usually translated as “confession” or “profession,” but neither of these words does it justice. A better translation would be either “say the same words,” or “say the same thing.” Yet, this still isn’t enough to fully understand homologia. In order to do so, we need to amplify it to “understand, agree with, and say the same thing.” Our “confession” of faith in God’s Word (Hebrews 10:23), and our “confession” of faith in Christ’s redemptive work when we were born again (Romans 10:10), literally mean “understanding, agreeing with, and saying what God says.” When we do so, His power is released!

Many thousands of intercessors believe and are saying the same thing God said about America, both about our original purpose and our restoration of this. They are commanding the foreword, and decreeing that “America shall be saved.” A growing remnant of the Ekklesia - the church - now understands our authority in Christ, as well as our responsibility to use it. They have sharpened their swords and are ready to agree with Him, saying the same logos He has said.

Here is still another principle that will encourage you as you “command the foreword.” For most of my life, I wondered why the Old Testament said, "God remembered…" I’ve always thought, He never forgets anything, so how could He remember? And why would He tell us in Isaiah 43:26: "Put Me in remembrance...” Why would we need to remind God?

Then I studied the Hebrew word for "remember." My lexicon said the Hebrew word "remember" doesn't just mean "to recall." It said, “Remembering is not merely a recalling of the past but is also a call to action.” (6) Finally, the concept made sense. Of course, God doesn’t need us to help Him by pulling something out of His memory, as though He forgot about it. He wants US to recall His promises and ask HIM to do them.

For example, this Hebrew concept of remembering would be like a person building their dream home. They have dreamed, planned, and promised themselves for years that they would one day do so, saved their money, and waited for the right time. He or she hasn’t “forgotten” about it; it’s always there in “the back of their mind.” The timing, however, for various reasons, just hasn’t been right. Then they realize it’s time, and begin thinking about it, “remembering” the house, not because they had forgotten about it, but because it is now time to build. They buy the land, if they haven’t already done so, have the plans drawn, get the permits, hire the builder, and build the house! That is “remember”!

The Lord “remembered” Hannah, barrenness was broken off her, and she conceived (1 Samuel 1:19). Samson repented; God then said He “remembered” him, and his strength returned (Judges 16:28). God said He “remembered” His promise to Abraham, and the exodus process began (Exodus 2:24).

When it’s the right time, and yes, sometimes that timing hinges upon our actions, God “remembers,” engaging His creative mind and power, and releases His great power and ability. In fact, one of the Hebrew words for “create” actually comes from the word for “think or imagine.” Individuals, including God, think about, dream of, or imagine something, then create it (Hebrew yetser and yatsar).

As we “command the foreword” over America, saying what God said regarding our destiny and purpose, we are asking Him to remember and do it. We’ve heard Him saying it’s time for restoration and a heavenly reset of HIS decreed purposes. We’re declaring that we understand what He said about our nation, that we agree with it, and we will say the same thing.

Pray with me:

​​Father, You have given us Your Word, the Scriptures, to reveal Your will, nature, and ways. You have given us Holy Spirit to instruct us in Your word, revealing its meanings and bringing it to life. This produces revelation and faith in us, and reproduces Your life. And when we agree with You, saying what You have said, it releases the power of Your words in our decrees and prayers. It also honors and pleases You when we believe and say Your words.

You also give us prophetic insight and words through Holy Spirit. He enables us to discern the times and seasons; He guides and directs us in our lives, prayers, and decisions. He has shown us that we must cover our borders with prayer and command the foreword You wrote for America. We are doing so.

Now we ask You to remember and do! Use our decrees, which carry Your power, to release life, protect our land, stave off evil, and overthrow wickedness.

Restore, rebuild, and reset until America is ablaze with holy fire. Do so until America burns with passion to carry the gospel of the Kingdom to the ends of the Earth. Overthrow evil. Remove corruption in our government, whatever it takes. Save America, as You have said You will. We ask these things in Christ’s all-powerful name. Amen.

Our decree:

We declare that as we understand and say what God says, His infinite power is released to accomplish His purposes. Therefore, the foreword will survive and prosper.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


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