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July 18, 2023

Revivalists and Reformers

One of our staff members at DSM is a chronicler. She archives the prophetic words we receive personally, as well as words given to the church in general, which we might want to reference later. Recently, she was led to look back at two prophecies given by my brother, Tim Sheets, a few years ago. “I believe we are seeing them fulfilled RIGHT NOW,” she said.

I remember when Tim released these words on back-to-back Sundays; they are extremely powerful. I shared one yesterday, and am releasing the second today. This word speaks of a great Kingdom “surge” by Holy Spirit in this season, producing power, revival, and reformation. I believe this has already begun on the earth.

Holy Spirit also speaks of “a new breed of remnant warriors.” This is not implying that we are the greatest Kingdom generation that has existed…that we’re the best warriors God has ever had. A walk down memory lane of history would remind us of many great warriors from the past. God even uses some of them as examples of what will be seen in us, which obviously means we’re not better than them. Holy Spirit is saying that increased numbers, tools, and revelation in the church will enable Him to do new and unprecedented things on earth. I also believe the phrase is used to distinguish the coming brand of Kingdom warrior from the passive and ineffective church of the past few years.

The word speaks of revival fire - “vortexes of tornadic fire” - coming to awaken people and silence God’s enemies. The Lord speaks of the release of revivalists and reformers - “regulators of culture” - versus those who are conformed and shaped by it. It has been said of the last generation of American Christians that we became a subculture, rather than a counterculture. Although the church was assigned by Christ to “disciple nations” (Matthew 28:18-20), in many ways, this generation of believers was discipled BY our nation.

This prophecy is loaded with powerful promises and announcements of what Holy Spirit says is beginning. As always, all militancy and warfare spoken of is a spiritual war, not physical violence to hurt people. I encourage you to read it a few times, even use it in your praying. Enjoy!

The Prophecy

"’I have determined and will now cause a new season to be brought forth. What you have prayed for, fought for, and stood for is now being released. I have decreed it, and I will not relent,’ says the Lord. ‘The greatest push of My Kingdom will now begin. The Third Great Awakening shall now advance in tidal waves of My power. It is the season of My surge.

"’You will now see the new breed of remnant warriors I have reserved for this day and hour. They are those who have not and will not bow to Baal, mammon, or religious impotence; they will have the set countenance of Daniel and will not flinch in the face of evil decrees. Like Esther, they will rewrite evil decrees by My statutes. Governors of the culture will now come forth. Remnant warriors will now emerge who have the heart of David, the wisdom of Solomon, and the tenacity of Paul.

"’This new breed, standing for Me in this season, cannot be bought - they will not compromise. Their ear has been tuned to My voice, as was Samuels; I will speak, and they will humbly follow. They will dominate for Me, for I have not called My church to submit to culture. As My Ekklesia, I have called them to determine culture's path, regulating in My name and by My Word. Regulators of the culture are coming to their posts. I will arise in this new season with My remnant, releasing My glory, authority, power, and fiery hosts of angels. This shall become “evident support.”

"’The call to My remnant is to now rise and destroy spiritual defilement in your region. Resist and reign. Resist and stand. I will rise to battle for you,’ says the Lord, ‘displaying My strong arm. I will not stand down. I will not be indifferent. I will not be a bystander. I will rise and thunder against iniquitous roots and abominations that mock Me. I will rise against idolatry. I will rise against antichrist governments that disdain and mock Me - I will not be mocked! I will not close My eyes, but I will look and see. I will know, and I will judge in righteousness. I will answer passivity with bold, aggressive warriors of purpose. I will not relent.

Heaven’s Fire

“‘I will now reveal revival fire engines; places emanating with Holy Spirit fire. Vortexes of tornadic fire will begin to spin through regions. I will now answer Baal's prophets with My fire,’ says the Lord. ‘The fire of My glory will be fanned by Holy Spirit winds. Hell will not stop it. Hell's obstacles will become its fuel. I will flame. I will burn. I will consume with Holy Spirit fire.

"’I AM sending fire,’ says the Lord, ‘fresh fire, Heaven's fire! My remnant warriors will burn with My message, with My passion, and with My presence. They shall be Holy Ghost-possessed reformers. I will answer the weak forms of godliness with those who will not deny My power. They will release it in My name. Demonstrations of My mightiness will confirm their witness; creative miracles will be seen and reported.

"’It is time for - and I Am - breathing forth a new Pentecost. You will inhale the sweetness of My anointing and exude the confidence of My power. You will live in the essence of My being and experience Holy Spirit wind. And you will war differently. Breathe deeper and dominate hell's kingdom - as I intended! Step forward and push, along with My Spirit and the angel armies. Push forward in My great campaign - it is time for My reigning church to push! Push the gates of hell, and they will not prevail. I will prevail. My remnant will prevail. You shall more than conquer!

“‘So shift! Shift into the new season I have ordained. It is the season of my awakening. It is the season of my harvest. It is the day of the saints. It is the day of My power. Rise with Me and run into your purpose and destiny. Rise and receive your Pentecost. Run into the day of My power, My awakening, and My great harvest.

“‘Rise with Me!’ says the Lord.”

Pray with me:

Father, thank You for this word of encouragement. You are not disinterested or disengaged from what is occurring in our world. You are watching, planning, and orchestrating. The glorious church You spoke of will be seen - an Ekklesia capable of representing You in authority and power, love and humility. You have spoken, and it will come to pass.

You said when it’s time for Your actions, we must ask for them (Zechariah 10:1). We ask for the wind of Holy Spirit You spoke of. We ask for His fire, we ask for revivalists, and we ask for reformers - regulators of the culture, boat-rockers, trendsetters, and decree writers like Esther. We ask for high levels of wisdom in leaders, those who have God-inspired answers for today’s problems. And we ask for the sleeping giant, the church, to awaken.

We thank You for the movement of prayer that is no doubt being used to birth these things. Breathe on this movement, and breathe through it. Build the covering prayer grid You spoke of in the “work while you celebrate” dream. Activate this “Christ DNA'' in believers around the world. Do radical things to continue exposing corruption in our government, lay trap after trap, and do as You spoke in Your Word - “Take the wise in their own craftiness” (1 Corinthians 3:19). Expose unrighteous lawsuits, corrupt agencies, and judges; vindicate the innocent. Shake down evil and allow all to see the purity of Your standing Kingdom. And send the worldwide revival of salvation and healing. We ask for all of this in Yeshua’s name. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that the new breed of believer is arising - awakened, filled with Holy Spirit, on fire, motivated, determined, bold, informed, and full of faith.

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