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July 17, 2018

Legislating From the Bench

The Supreme Court of the United States was established, as were the Executive branch and the Congress (the legislative branch), by the U.S. Constitution in Article III, Section 2. The Justices were to serve for life, unless they were found to be corrupt, and had very limited power. Their role was meant to be one that kept the other two branches of the government in check. Over the years, however, the political leanings of the justices has taken on a significant role in the proceedings and decisions of the Court. Molding societal mores has been an unfortunate outcome of the decisions of the liberal members of the Court. They have decided matters according to their political bent, making the Constitution’s wording fit their moral opinions. Remember that this document was written after much prayer by men who were primarily God-fearing. It would lay the foundation for a Republic that acknowledged and honored God.

“He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?” (Micah 6:8; ESV)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Identificationally repent for the manipulation of our founding document by some of our former Supreme Court Justices. (Read Daniel 9 for an example of national identificational repentance.)

  2. Ask God to give us judges as at the first – men and women who honor Him and will limit themselves to acting within the powers of the Constitution.

  3. Intercede for the current 9 Supreme Court Justices to rule in accordance with the Constitution.

  4. Pray that God would be honored in every governmental office in America.

A prayer you can pray:

Father, hear my cry for mercy for America and our Courts. We have been wicked and rebelled; we have turned away from Your commandments and Your laws. Our judges have sinned against You and have dishonored the system of government You led us to establish. We need You to set things right, Lord. Change out every single Judge You need to until the Court is set with those who will honor You and the Constitution in their decisions. In the meantime, Holy Spirit, guide the decisions of the nine justices currently on the Court to keep themselves reigned in. Let them not rule with political motivation, with an eye to reconstruct our society by legislating from the bench. That is not their role! May God be honored in every governmental office in our land! Thank you, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s decree:

We decree there will be no more judicial activism!


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