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July 16, 2020

The Finishing Anointing in the New Era – Part 1

[Chuck Pierce released a message on Sunday, 7/12, that I feel everyone needs to “grab hold of”, as he would say. It’s very encouraging. We’ll start this new series today.]

‘The apostolic gifting is known for warring, sending, governing and generational transfer. It’s also known for building and finishing. We need to understand this, because we are at the end of a time and getting ready to move into a new order. We will need the apostolic for our movement forward.

“God has an order for your restoration. He wants you fully restored. He wants your bloodline to come into fullness, so that prosperity and breakthrough can occur. One of the things we kept saying at the beginning of this year was that we have entered into a new era. People have been telling us they can feel it and they can see it some, but they don’t feel like they are getting there. However, a new era has broken into the earth realm. All hell is warring against it.

“One of the things this era is about is Judah arising with a voice of decree. It’s about moving from the best place you ever had in Egypt and starting a journey. It’s about making choices in your journey to settle in the wilderness or move forward into the promise God has for you. It takes quite an effort to keep going. We can live in maintenance or we can have a conquest mentality. Conquest means you will keep moving and overcoming until God says rest.

“Hebrews tells us that we war to enter into rest. A wrong teaching has come into the Body saying that we never have to war. Jesus did finish and triumph on the cross, but we have to enforce that until we stand in the place that He tells us to stand. Determine to war to get there.

“This era we are in is about sound, breath, and your voice. Think about us decreeing this back in September when the new year turned. Think about the war we have been in over the breath. I’ve never seen anything like it. Worldwide, we have gone into the battle of all times to breathe. Then, on top of that we have gone into the battle to be free to breathe. This era is about your testings from one season becoming your testimony in the next season. It’s about the voice of your testimony that overcomes the enemy.”

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!” (Psalm 150:6; ESV)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Decide to enter into this era with gusto!

  2. Decree, “I will enter His rest, but I might have to war to get there!”

  3. Determine to war until you see God’s victory manifest in your situation.

  4. Say, “I want to be fully restored!”

  5. Let go of the best you had in Egypt, so you can move into the new, even if it is into an unknown future. You can trust the Lord!

  6. Pray that for the Church, as well.

  7. Declare, “God’s people will praise Him with the breath He has put within us. We will war to breathe and we will war to be free to breathe, so we can praise Him!

A prayer you can pray:

God, we have entered a new era, whether or not we were ready. Help us recognize the signs of the new. There are new structures forming and new ways emerging. There is new warfare and a new place you are bringing us into. We say that we are willing to war until You say we can rest. The road may be long and hard, so send us the prophets and apostles to help us get there. They will help us stay on track and know how to navigate the new paths ahead.

We say that we want to be fully restored. Any losses we have had in the past, especially generationally, we are going to war to recover in this era. We aren’t willing to leave anything behind that You said is coming with us. Egypt blessed the Israelites as they moved out. Israel took the plunder of 400 years of slavery with them! We want our portion, as well. We couldn’t get it before, but we believe we can obtain it now. We let go of everything else that doesn’t matter. We let go of old mindsets, limited teaching, old ways of doing things, and any operations that are old rote and form, instead of birthed from relationship with You! We say, “We will breathe again! We will not be stifled any longer. Our voices will not be shut up in boxes any more! We will war to breathe and we will war to be free to breathe in Jesus’ Name. Amen!

Today’s decree:

The Church will war in the spirit until we are free to fully praise our God and King! Learn more about Chuck Pierce here.


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