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January 4, 2023

A Dragon, Calamity, and a Promise (Part 2 of 4)

Yesterday, we began looking at a dream about America in which three doors, picturing 3 scenarios, were shown. I believe it will be helpful to read the dream once more. This dream was given to my friend, Dr. Greg Hood.

“On 12/02/2022, the Lord gave me [Greg Hood] a dream. The dream opened with Dutch and I being led by an angel up to large, iron double doors. The angel took us through them, and inside we saw three doors down the left side of the room. Each door had a combination lock with a keypad on it.

“We approached the first door, which was open slightly, allowing us to see a little of the room. Dutch reached and opened the door further so we could see more of what was inside. What we saw was unnerving - a dragon eating from a bowl that was shaped like the United States. As the bowl would become empty, men in suits replenished it.

“We stepped away from the door, and it returned back to its original position - open, but only slightly. As the angel led us away from the door, I [Greg] reached to push it fully closed, but could not move it. While motioning us toward the next door, the angel said to me, ‘You can’t close it with your hands!’

“We approached the second door, and again, it was slightly ajar. Once more, Dutch reached out and opened it fully. Inside was a movie theatre with a movie playing on the big screen. The movie was depicting spiritual darkness causing all sorts of evil - famine, communism, war, and calamity. A man was sitting in the front row of the theatre. In the dream, we knew he was Nero, the former emperor of Rome. The movie became more intense. We could see cities being overrun, homes and families being displaced. Again, as we stepped away from the doorway, the door automatically went to its original position - open slightly. As we were led away from the door, I [Greg] again reached to push the door closed, but couldn’t do so. While motioning us to move toward the next door, the angel again said to me, ‘You can’t close it with your hands!’

“The angel then led us to the third door. This door was also cracked open, but a little more than the others. As we approached it, we could hear a sound coming from inside the room. Again, Dutch opened the door fully, and as he did, we could feel powerful energy coming from inside. This energy created a strong wind that was blowing outward, then sucking inward, like a person breathing, only much stronger. The wind was so strong it was moving us backward and forward. The angel of the Lord spoke and said, ‘This is the door to awakening and the transformation of nations.’

"The angel then said to Dutch, ‘These doors picture what America is now facing. They can’t be opened or closed by the hands of the prophet, but must be opened and closed by the decrees of the apostolic Ekklesia. Operate them with your mouth, not your hands!’

“Dutch then began speaking forcefully to the first two doors: ‘MY CODE IS 22-22, AND WITH IT I COMMAND THESE DOORS TO CLOSE, AND I DEADBOLT THEM CLOSED FOR GOOD!’ When he declared this, both doors slammed shut with powerful force, and an angel was placed at each one to ensure that it remained closed.


“As Dutch finished declaring this, the wind and energy in this room sucked us through the doorway. And we knew the nation had been pulled into the room of awakening!” End of dream.

Yesterday we looked at the evils and destruction behind doors one and two. They included devastation, darkness, war, violence, and great oppression. However, wonderful blessings were available behind the third door, including national awakening, recovery, and restored purpose.

All three doors were slightly open, revealing that what was in the rooms behind them had already begun to occur, the good and the bad. It certainly doesn’t require prophetic insight to see this when looking at America; evil abounds in every sector of our land. Yet the third door was open slightly more than the other two. God has been doing wonderful things in the Church to prepare us for our role in the saving of America. A remnant is rising with fresh revelation and determination. Many are praying as never before and speaking out for truth and change. The 5 ministry gifts/anointings of Christ listed in Ephesians 4:11, [apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher] have been restored to the Church. Cooperation between various streams of the body of Christ is increasing. The energizing breath of Holy Spirit, shown in the dream pulsating inside the room of awakening, can truly be felt.

When thinking of the breath of Holy Spirit, one cannot help but think of Ezekiel 37, where He is seen blowing on the dry, bleached bones of Israel. God did not reject Israel in her spiritually dead condition, nor did He wait for them to save themselves. No, Holy Spirit gathered them, reconnected them, released His mighty breath and life into them, and made them a great army. Likewise, God is not waiting for America to save herself before He moves in our land. He is going to move in order to save us!

In Acts 2, Holy Spirit didn’t wait for His confused and unbelieving disciples to get their act together before releasing His breath to them. He released His breath, causing them to get their act together! God doesn’t come to “worthy” people - His coming makes them worthy. He doesn’t begin with an army; He saves, restores, and then forms an army. Put out of your thinking once and for all any belief that says God requires us to save or purify ourselves before He will move. No! He moves by His Spirit in order to save and purify us! No part of our salvation is earned. It is all a gift, received by grace through faith. In the dream, Holy Spirit sucked us into His room of awakening!

Two of the blessings found in the room were “refreshing” and “remodeling.” These two results of Holy Spirit’s breath are mentioned in Acts 3:19-21. Verse 19 mentions “times of refreshing.” The Greek word used for refreshing is anapsuxis (Strongs 403), from the root word psucho (Strongs 5594), meaning breath or wind. The prefix ana gives it repetition and intensity. A good and amplified translation would be “the blowing of the breath again, intensely.” This is most certainly what occurred in the dream. It is also what occurred in Ezekiel 37, Acts 2, and every other revival in history.

The dream shows us that we are standing at the door of a very anxious and ready Holy Spirit. He is about to release His holy, reviving breath to America again. The Lord referred to the door as “The Door of Promise.” God has promised many times through numerous prophetic voices that America shall be saved. Those who have ears to hear can now hear His approaching breath!

The word “remodel” was also used to describe the fruit of Holy Spirit’s outpouring. Acts 3:21 mentions “times of restitution.” The Greek word is apokatastasis (Strongs 605), which means “to reconstitute; to restore something to its former state.” God is going to restore, rebuild, and recondition America. This “remodeling” is a reconstituting of America to His original intent and purpose for her. This was behind the third door - Holy Spirit’s breath waiting to do this!

Tomorrow we will look at still another facet of this coming great awakening.

Pray with me:

Father, thank You for Your grace and mercy. You love to save! All of heaven loves it, rejoicing when You do so. We have allowed satan and flawed theology to paint You as ogreish, looking for any opprtunity to release wrath and destroy people. The truth is that You are love personified, Your gracious heart always anxious to heal and restore.

Though America is currently being consumed by the dragon, we hear Your offer to save us from his destruction. We, ourselves, opened the door to this destruction and are reaping the wages of our sins. We are not asking You to overlook those sins; we ask You to cleanse them, eradicate them, through the saving blood of Jesus. Deliver us from evil!

Holy Spirit, we can hear You breathing inside the room of promise, the room of awakening and the transformation of nations. We can feel Your energy! Like Elijah on Mt. Carmel, we hear the sound of abundant rain. Come, Sir! Release the wind!

Father give us greater understanding of our role in this. You have never moved on Earth apart from humans’ involvement. You work with and through us, not without us. Awaken the apostolic Church to step up in 2023, to truly be Your voice. Stir us, refire us, refill us, and re-energize us! We ask this in Yeshua’s name!

Our decree:

We declare that another mighty wind from Holy Spirit is coming to Earth, and will NOT be stopped.

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