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January 4, 2022

Hello, I am Dutch and Ceci‘s daughter Sarah. Dad has asked me to do the intro for today’s post. He says: Ceci and I traveled to Dallas this past weekend to speak for our dear friend, Chuck Pierce. While here Ceci came under a very severe vertigo attack, making it impossible for her to be mobile. I was not even able to leave her to speak at the conference. This also meant we were not able to return home on Sunday. We are still in Dallas until she is released to travel. Thankfully, I had yesterday‘s post already prepared. And thankfully, I had already asked Chuck Pierce, and my brother, Tim sheets, to record posts sharing recent revelations the Lord had given them - insights I felt were important for all of us as we start the new year. I had intended to release them later this week or early next week, but due to the circumstances, I’m releasing them today and tomorrow. You will greatly appreciate what they have to say.

Prophesy Again!

What an honor to be on Give Him 15. I so respect both Dutch and Ceci Sheets. Dutch is one of my favorite people to minister with.

In this new era, we must keep prophesying. Once you understand we're in a new era, it is time to accept change. If we're not changeable, we don't shift well. It's also a new season of faith. Your faith must increase. The Lord told the disciples they had a little faith. It wasn't that they had no faith, but that faith needed to come to a new level. Additionally, in every new era we also want to know that a new wineskin is being developed for a new move of God -- and that's part of what we're seeing. Give Him 15 is part of that new wineskin.

This is an era when we must understand that the war is increasing. War means conflict. There’s conflict on almost every side, so we've got to keep faith moving and joy moving or else we lose strength. It's also a time to plunder or be plundered. Remember what Yeshua said, "Unless you bind the strong man, you cannot plunder what he has taken from you." This season is a time to recover all, get back things that had been taken, and then use those resources in new ways to develop exploits.

From a Hebraic standpoint, this is an era about the voice that comes out of your house. How are you speaking? How are you prophesying? It's a very supernatural, mystical atmosphere around us. We are living in supernatural times; therefore, we must depend on the supernatural power that God has put within us, allowing Holy Spirit to manifest through us to determine who is going to rule our future. That is very key whether you're looking at it from a personal standpoint, your own portion, territory, a state, or a nation. What supernatural power is going to rule in our atmosphere as we keep moving toward an expected time? That's what future means – what we haven't gotten to yet, as opposed to where we were yesterday.

In this era, we're building the house for the future. We're moving to re-establish the house over these next couple of years. Within Hebraic thought, time is a circle. We are facing backwards while rowing into the future and gaining a new building plan for the house that we're part of. This year is also the year of the container. Just look at the warfare with container ships stranded out in our ports and the supply not being able to come on shore. With the house, the dwelling place, your home, it’s about the covenant that God has and the sons and daughters that are part of what is being built. This is very important.

Know that the heavens are changing. Psalms 102 says there comes a time the heavens become like an old garment. The harvest sickle in heaven is beginning to move, so we must lift our eyes and look at our harvest, re-evaluate the boundaries and sphere that we each have. Then we hear the Lord for war strategies to secure our inheritance. That comes through the Tabernacle of David being restored and worship having a key role in the portion God's given us. Out of David's tabernacle came the worship and praise which allowed them to gain the strategies they needed for war.

In this new era, a new day breaks every day and because of that, we must prophesy again. If we become discouraged because of what we haven't seen, we don't keep prophesying into the future. Prophecy is having the mind and heart of God to decree or speak into the atmosphere that we're part of. This is a day for us to prophesy again and as we prophesy, we're building. I encourage you – always speak! The voice that's coming out of you is building your future. Always speak forth what God is saying in your life.

Many of you prophesy into this nation or into your family. Prophecy and prayer go hand in hand. What you're praying, you prophesy. Pray and say. There are five key levels of prophetic recovery that are important to understand. You can't get discouraged based upon the circumstances around you. The Lord came to Ezekiel and said, "Let me show you how things really look." He showed him dry bones, lifeless, and asked a question – "Son of man, can these bones live?" Ezekiel said, "Lord, only you know what can be done." The Lord didn't come down on Ezekiel because of his faith level. He said, "Okay, I'm going to tell you what to prophesy. Prophesy to these bones, say to them…”, He told Ezekiel exactly what to say. He didn’t say, “You have to believe this”, but “Prophesy because I'm saying it!” Prophesy to these bones and say, “Oh, dry bones, hear the word of the Lord. Behold, I'll make breath enter you so that you come to life. I'll put sinews on you, make flesh grow back on you, cover you with skin. You will come alive and know that I Am the Lord."

Look at what you are praying about and say, "Can recovery happen in this situation?" Then listen for the Lord and prophesy what He says. Ezekiel did what the Lord said, and something happened. Sound started coming. The form started coming, but there wasn't any breath in this sound and form. So, the Lord said to him, "I want you to prophesy again to the breath." In other words, I want you to know there are levels we go through – prophesying, praying, and prophesying again. It's very much like when the Lord touched the man's eyes and the second time he saw clearly. Don't get discouraged by circumstances. Prophesy! That's a word from the Lord to you today. Ezekiel prophesied again and the breath came. Look at the thing you're praying for and say, "I've seen progress here, but I'm going to have to prophesy again. I'm not going to get weary in saying what God is saying."

Once the breath comes, the bones rise and start speaking. The bodies come to life, speaking and sharing all they'd been through, all the hope deferred. Then the Lord said, “Prophesy to that hope deferred!” If we ever needed to prophesy to hope deferred, it’s now. Once Ezekiel addressed hope deferred, something else began to happen; he had to determine, "Can I really believe that an army can come out of this grave of hope deferred, this scattered, lifeless place that it's been in?" As he prophesied to that resurrected army, a resurrection power hit from the prophecy and the army started coming together. That's what Give Him 15 is about. Can this army keep coming together and keep saying what God is saying?

Often, when we don't see a completion of what God is saying or doing, we get discouraged. But the Lord says, "I said it. Even though the breath’s not happening, and you've already prophesied it, you're going to have to prophesy again. Deal with the hope deferred of your past, then come together as one with new power." Prophesy that and see the joy!

Many don't understand that when prophecy doesn’t seem to happen, we have to prophesy again. We have to go to Washington, D.C., and prophesy again. We have to prophesy about that individual and say, "But God has said this and I'm going to decree it." Once we see this, we move forward and keep prophesying until something happens. Can a resurrected army come together? We're seeing that happen. You're part of it right now.

Ezekiel 37:14 is one of my very favorite verses. Before Ezekiel ever saw the dry bones, God told him to prophesy that a new spirit and new life would come into the people. He prophesied it, then the Lord showed him the dry bones and took him through these prophetic steps of recovery. Can this army come together? Prophesy – “I will put my Spirit in you! You will come to life, and I will place you in your own land!” That's part of what's happening right now.

God is repositioning us in things filled with decay to build the church for the future, a storehouse for the harvest ahead. Amid chaotic times and wrong voices, He is saying, “Prophesy again. Know that I have spoken and fulfilled it." He's taking us through these prophetic recovery steps. Do not be discouraged. You will see the performance of the Lord in what you're trusting Him for.


Lord, I ask that You move on everyone reading this. Let their faith arise, shine their shield of faith, and let the Word of God start bubbling within them. Let them see into a different dimension. Lord, help them to prophesy recovery can happen! Help them prophesy a new breath will bring life! Help them prophesy hope deferred will be addressed and removed! And help them prophesy a resurrected army is coming together! We pray this in Yeshua’s name, Amen.

Our decree:

I am part of a resurrected army that will prophesy and see the performance of the Lord.

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