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January 30, 2021

Operation Redeem All

Yesterday, we spoke of the exposing and judgment of iniquity in the earth. Today, we will look at the next portion of God’s plan. On January 21, 2021 (the day after Inauguration Day), my friend Greg Hood received the following dream:

“Six members of the prayer team Dutch worked with during the election battle were sitting at a high top cedar table, on a deck by a lake. There were six empty seats remaining. On the table was a large map of Washington D.C., rolled out over a map of the United States.

“We were discussing the process of the prayer journey we, along with the team, had been on over the last 2½ months. Dutch said, ‘I know we have been obedient to do what we’ve been commanded by the Lord, and I know we’ve been successful.’

“I then pointed out to Dutch that the map on top, the map of Washington D.C., had a large tear down the middle. The tear was jagged, like an old map would look after being torn, though this was not noticeable unless you looked closely. Dutch said, ‘We should fuse this map back together.’

“Suddenly, we realized someone was approaching us from behind. We turned to look and saw William Penn, Billy Graham, F. F. Bosworth, George Washington (dressed in his Continental Army uniform, not his presidential attire), Abraham Lincoln, and Jesus. Each of them took a seat at our table.

“Jesus then spoke very calmly and said, ‘George.’ When Jesus spoke his name, George Washington began speaking to us, ‘Good job, the Ekklesia has completed phase one. “Operation Expose All” went well and we have achieved our goal.’

“Again, Jesus spoke very calmly and said, ‘Billy.’ When Jesus called his name, Billy Graham began speaking to us, ‘Guys, now it's time for phase 2 to go into full swing. We are here to activate “Operation Redeem All.”’ Billy Graham went on to say, ‘Ready yourselves and the Ekklesia. Days of great victory are just ahead of you. These great days of victory will be met with much resistance from the darkness. As you release light, however, America will transform and be reestablished right before your very eyes.’

“The conversation continued as Jesus then looked at us and said, ‘I have something for you.’ He then gave us a gift, a gold ring like no other I had ever seen. The gold was so pure it was as if you could see through it. The ring had a key etched in it, along with the words “King of Kings” & “Kinsman Redeemer.” Jesus said, ‘Wear this ring, and all that you put this ring upon will be impacted with the weight of the Kingdom.’

“Jesus then gave us an old wooden gavel that had Revelation 19:11-12 inscribed on it: ‘Now I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness, He judges and makes war. His eyes were like a flame of fire, and on His head were many crowns. He had a name written that no one knew except Himself’ (Revelation 19:11-12).

“When Dutch took the old gavel into his hand it became very heavy. The weight of it seemed impossible to handle. Dutch said, ‘This gavel is too heavy, I can’t lift it. How will WE ever use this.’ Jesus then said, ‘You have to talk to it. It knows our dialect.’ When Dutch began to speak in heaven’s language the gavel became light and easy to wield.

“Jesus said, ‘Have we reached a place of agreement? Are we all in agreement with the release of “Operation Redeem All?”’ He began calling the name of each one present from the cloud of witnesses; each gave their ‘Yes’ to the assignment. He then looked at the remainder of us sitting around the table - those still living today - and said, ‘What about you six? What is your answer? Your vote is needed to complete this council’s assignment.’ We all answered a resounding ‘YES!’

“Dutch then slammed the old gavel on the table and said, ‘The Council’s assignment has been approved and carried! “Operation Redeem All” has been activated and set in motion.’

“All from the cloud of witnesses smiled, stood up, and left, patting us on the shoulder as they did so. Jesus said to us, ‘I am with you! I believe in you! I am staying with you to watch you finish this.’ He then said, ‘Look at your map.’ When we did so, it was no longer torn. It had been healed so perfectly it looked as if it had never had a tear.” End of Dream

This amazing dream is filled with rich symbolism. The connection to our past, both nationally and spiritually, covenant (William Penn), America’s birth (George Washington), the nation divided - pictured by the tear through Washington D.C., the survival of a torn nation (Abraham Lincoln), evangelism (Billy Graham), and signs and wonders (F.F. Bosworth). I encourage you to spend some time thinking and processing the dream yourself. It is rich with meaning.

But I want to specifically point out a few things. Holy Spirit refers to phases regarding what He has been doing through our prayers: Operation Expose All and Operation Redeem All. By referring to phase 1 as exposing “all,” Holy Spirit is not saying all of the corruption in America has now been exposed and removed. He is saying all that was needed for Him to accomplish His purpose in the past 2½ months has been accomplished. I also believe this includes what is still being investigated and will yet come into the light. Count on it!

Holy Spirit then references a new phase: a phase of redemption. This is an amazing promise. I believe it refers to the redemption we have been asking for - the healing of our land, the restoration of our original purpose and a Third Great Awakening - is next on His agenda. America shall be saved! We must begin to decree this in our prayers.

In the dream, Jesus gave us His signet ring, representing weighty kingdom authority; He also gave us his gavel, symbolizing judicial authority to bind and loose, as well as picturing justice. Christ’s Ekklesia is now going to a higher level of functioning in his weighty authority. When a king’s signet ring was stamped on a document, it then became the irrefutable law of the land. Christ is reemphasizing to us our authority to enforce His Kingdom will on earth. And as we hear and declare Heaven’s words, the gavel of the Ancient of Days will fall.

The King needs our agreement. He cannot do this without us. In the dream Jesus said we have a vote, and must choose to align ourselves with His will and desires. He has rebirthed the appeal, use it! Be bold in your prayers, strong in faith and steadfast in your efforts. Do not grow weary in doing what you know is right. Don’t allow hope-deferred to stop you from praying for America and the nations of the world. Christ’s agenda will be accomplished and you are an important part.

“‘He will come to Zion as a Kinsman-Redeemer to those who repent of their rebellion. Yes, Zion will be redeemed with justice.’ says Yahweh.” (Isaiah 59:20 and 1:27 TPT)

A prayer you can pray:

Thank you, Father, for what You have done in this nation: Your birthing of a covenant people who will submit to You; Your decision to honor us with the holy calling of trumpeting the good news of Your kingdom to the ends of the earth; and the incredible blessing You have given this nation as we partnered with You. We are very grateful.

We thank You for the uncovering of truth You continue to do in our land. We continue to ask You for grace and mercy to all who will receive this from You through repentance and faith. And we thank You for the redeeming phase we are now coming into. We believe this and we cast our vote for it. We join ourselves with the great cloud of witnesses and believe You for the synergy of the ages. We ask for this. We believe the appeal still works. And we boldly release it.

We accept our responsibility and will wear Your signet ring. We take Your gavel with holy reverence and sobriety. Give us Your words and we will speak them releasing Your justice on the earth. We know this is Your plan - this partnership with Your Church - and we pledge to You we will honor and fulfill it. We love You very much. We ask and pray these things in the name of Jesus...Amen.


We decree that Operation Redeem All is now officially underway.


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