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January 25, 2024

Many of you around our nation and the world have grown to appreciate the ministry of my brother, Tim Sheets. His insights are amazing, his messages are powerful, and his understanding of our times is keen. I feel a word he has shared, which I am releasing in today’s post, is extremely important. Please listen and read it carefully.

Supernatural Precedents and Mighty Angels

In recent weeks, Holy Spirit has instructed me to study and prophesy from Luke, chapters one and two, telling me they speak prophetically into 2024. He said that supernatural occurrences at Christ’s birth were precedents that would be used again in a supernatural reformation beginning this year. It is important to note that the word ‘supernatural’ was emphasized by Holy Spirit. Christ’s Kingdom activity is amping up, and we will see parallels of that amazing transitional moment of history - Christ’s birth - take place in our current time.

Holy Spirit said, “Transitional principles seen at Christ’s birth will now be seen again as I pour out the anointings of supernatural reformation on the King’s true Ekklesias.” He continued by reminding me of a word he gave me approximately 15 years ago: “I will lead another campaign for King Jesus on the earth. It will be similar to Acts 2 and the campaign I led there, only this time I will be bringing far more of the angel armies.” Then He simply said, “It now begins.”

As I was praying about this, Holy Spirit spoke again, saying, “The campaign I spoke of begins in 2024. The plans have been made, and the Ekklesias have been established. The remnant has been prepared to stand. The apostles have received initial assignments. The prophets are being anointed with eye salve to prophesy Godhead strategies. The seers will see more clearly and prophesy into the times. Time and place are now connecting, and My angel armies have been deployed.”

In a recent vision, I saw the angel gate being opened for the church. The angel, Michael, part of the seraphim order and head of the angel armies, was standing at the gate. He nodded his head, and a division of angels took flight; he nodded again, and another angel division took flight, and so on. I saw angels of breakthrough, government, awakening, evangelism, reformation, and revival taking flight. Holy Spirit said, “The supernatural reformation will begin to move forward in baptisms of My power.”

An Important Dream

In July of 2022, I was given a dream that led me to study a division of angels I had never studied. In the dream, a mighty angel flew to me, and I knew the way in which he flew had significance. It was like the angel sent to the prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 6) and those the prophet Ezekiel saw moving with lightning-like speed back and forth (Ezekiel 1). Holy Spirit was revealing to me another level of angelic assistance, the seraphim order. 

Since that time, I have been seeing how seraphs are often involved in supernatural times of transition. Luke wrote about this in regard to Christ’s birth, mentioning angel armies, mighty angels, while emphasizing seraphim. I believe Holy Spirit wants us to have a true understanding of this pattern and precedent as we move into 2024. 

Seraphs assist in filling the heavens and earth with the glory of the Lord. They prepare the way for His glory manifestations, arranging things for the increase of His presence in demonstrably real ways. Obviously, they don’t make God’s glory greater, but the manifestation of His glory and presence is seen in greater measure. They are the most powerful order of angels we know of.

Seraphim are present in heaven’s throne room, from where they carry out orders for the Godhead. The story of Christ’s birth shows us how they assist God on the earth. There were at least two of them involved, Michael and Gabriel, commissioned to assist with His birth and the massive shift in the earth realm. In Luke 1:11, Gabriel was sent to Zechariah to announce the birth of John the Baptist. In verses 26-30, he was sent again to earth, a village called Nazareth, to announce the supernatural birth of Christ.

In these verses, Gabriel had been sent to announce a Godhead surprise; something impossible to man, yet possible with God, was now going to happen. There were several supernatural events surrounding the birth of our King, including a sign in the heavens, a star or light the magi followed for over two years, leading them to Christ. The greatest miracle was Christ’s conception, of course, as the natural law of nature regarding human conception was suspended. Impossibilities occurred, and unchangeable things changed. And powerful angels assisted Holy Spirit in the release of this supernatural,  transitional, reformational time.

I believe Holy Spirit has revealed the order and function of seraphim angels to prepare us for this current time of supernatural reformation. Their assistance, along with that of other angels, is necessary to see the Godhead’s surprises and massive transitions. Holy Spirit will now use them to assist us, the heirs of God, in accomplishing this reformation on the earth (Hebrews 1:14).

The prophet Habakkuk prophesied an incredible word that is now coming into its time.

“But {the time is coming when] the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.” (Habakkuk 2:14 AMP)

I believe this is now a focus of Holy Spirit. He is accelerating this prophetic word, using Christ’s Ekklesias and powerful angel armies. The glory of God’s presence will rise on earth in greater measure this year. This can occur even in the midst of gross darkness (Isaiah 60:2). I believe two supernatural signs this year will be the visible cloud of God’s presence and also His fire. I know His manifest glory will be clearly seen.


This announcement is being made in our times, “The King is coming to manifest greater glory and power. A new era of supernatural reformation now begins, and Christ’s Kingdom will advance and accelerate growing and expanding exponentially. Hell’s kingdom will not stop it; The angels have blocked them.”

As the Ekklesia has been praying and making decrees, the angels have been doing their assignment. Supernatural events are going to occur that cause reformation to roll across this land. 

Holy Spirit says, “Follow Me into a supernatural era:

  •  one that will be dramatically different and erupt with Godhead activity.

  •  one that sees God’s manifest presence fill the earth more and more.

  •  one that sees the impossible made possible.

  •  one filled with outpourings, activating the fires of the greatest reformation in history.

  •  one that begins an era of massive soul harvest.

  •  one that sees the amazing transitional precedents of Christ’s first coming   manifest again in our times.

  • one that sees angel armies assisting us as we follow Holy Spirit’s plans and activate His strategies.

Follow Me into an era that sees the King’s Kingdom accelerate in the earth realm.”

Pray with me: 

Lord, we will steward this word the best we can. Help us to see Your strategies and plans. We will not compromise or be swayed by what man says or how things appear. We are a Kingdom Ekklesia, and we will believe and do what You say. We exalt You, Lord. Manifest Your presence in all the earth. Let us see Your glory and Your fire. We ask for signs, wonders and miracles. Release Your angel armies to perform the decrees of Your heirs. Make the impossible possible. Accelerate Your Kingdom's advancement.

You have said in this word that we are moving into a year that begins supernatural reformation. We believe this, Lord. We believe that You do the impossible and change things that seem unchangeable. We know that You even suspend laws of nature when that is required to accomplish Your purposes. So we boldly declare that Your glory will begin to cover the earth as the waters cover the sea, that supernatural manifestations of Your glory will be seen. We agree with and declare the words you spoke to Tim, “It now begins.”

Demonstrate to the world that You shake other kingdoms, but Your Kingdom cannot be shaken. Demonstrate to the world Your power, Your love, the reality of Christ, and the truth of the gospel. We ask these things in Yeshua’s powerful name.

Our Decree: 

We decree that the glory of God’s presence on earth will rise in greater measure this year, as His mighty angels assist His Ekklesia.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.

Today’s post was contributed by my brother, Tim. You can learn more about him at

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