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January 24, 2018

The Turnaround is Less Than a Month Away!

As we are one month from the opening of The TURNAROUND Conference in Washington, D.C., let’s join our hearts together with the Lord, asking for His purposes to be accomplished during this historic gathering. Can you make time each day this week to focus prayer on the practicalities involved in hosting such a major event? These aspects are important to creating a place where everything and everyone present, including those attending via Livestream, can enter into a spiritual atmosphere, receiving assignments and opportunities unhindered, without distraction, interruption, or dysfunction.

“Put your heart and soul into every activity you do, as though you are doing it for the Lord himself and not merely for others.” (Colossians 3:23; TPT)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:


  1. The DSM Conference Coordinator and the entire Administrative Team

  2. Great grace and efficiency in completing assigned tasks.

  3. Divine health, rest, and energy for all

  4. Wisdom and understanding in working through every situation

  5. Coordination of all volunteers who will work the conference with the DSM Staff

  6. Tech Team, working with audio, video, and Livestreaming as they prepare, set-up, and operate all video and audio systems during the conference, and tear-down afterwards.

  7. All equipment (audio, video, internet, Livestreaming, etc.) to meet every need to function properly throughout the conference

  8. Transportation and safe arrival of DSM truck, trailer, and things inside (equipment, supplies, etc.); protection against every potential vulnerability or attack from the enemy.

  9. Drivers to be protected and fully alert throughout the trip and good weather as they make the trip from Colorado to D.C., and back again

A prayer you can pray:

In the name of Jesus, we join together to decree that everything that the DSM staff, administration, technical teams, and volunteers put their hands to is unto You and for Your glory. We decree divine protection over each team member, including all interaction and coordination with hotel providers and vendors, and over the function of every piece of equipment needed. We decree that every scheme of the enemy against any person and all equipment associated with The TURNAROUND is being exposed, extracted, and eliminated now, and that by the Blood of Jesus every person and all equipment is secured and sanctified for the purposes of the Lord.

Today’s decree:

We decree supernatural grace over the preparation and execution of all the behind-the-scenes work needed to fulfill the assignment given to Dutch Sheets Ministries for The Turnaround, and that every purpose of the Lord is completed with excellence in the name of Jesus.

The Turnaround Event is SOLD OUT. Learn about the LiveStream here.


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