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January 19, 2022

Pregnant with the Heart of the King

In yesterday’s post (1/18/2022), my brother Tim Sheets shared from Matthew 1:22, which speaks of “embryonic” prophecy (The Message Translation). The word of the Lord - given by Isaiah about the Messiah - came in seed form, just like a baby. God’s words are actually called “seeds” in Scripture, translated from a Greek word that can refer to spores, seeds, and even sperm. The meaning could not be clearer: though God’s words have reproductive power, they come to us in seed form.

The story is told of a traveler from a large city passing through a small, seemingly insignificant village who intended to poke fun at one of the residents. “Have any famous people been born here?” he asked an old-timer sitting outside the country store.

“Nope,” replied the old man, “only babies.” Indeed.

There are great creations - miracles, breakthroughs, salvations, even transformed nations - in God’s words. They all have one thing in common: they begin as seeds. They must then be received into healthy soil, wombs, hearts. There, they must be nurtured until becoming what they were destined to be.

Jesus said our responsibility is to tend the seed; satan’s plan is to destroy it (Matthew 13:2-9; Mark 4:1-9; Luke 8:4-15). Those who experience the seed’s miraculous ability “are the ones who have heard the word in an honest and good heart, and hold it fast, and bear fruit with perseverance,” (Luke 8:15).

Tim said he believes the words and promises from Holy Spirit about America’s revival and turnaround are coming to full term. In his words, like a pregnant woman several weeks into her pregnancy, we are beginning to “show.” I agree. And this is a time to, as Jesus tells us in Luke’s account, “hold fast” and “persevere.”

The African cheetah must run down its prey to eat. It is well suited for the task, however, since it can run at speeds of 70 mph! This magnificent animal has one slight problem, however; it has a disproportionately small heart, which causes it to tire quickly. If the cheetah doesn’t catch its prey quickly, it must end the chase.(1)

Sadly, many Christians have a similar approach when it comes to prayer. Speeding into their prayer closet with great energy, they demonstrate great fervency and determination. These believers run to a prayer meeting or a prayer conference, or climb on a jet airplane and speed to Washington D.C. to pray.

But lacking the heart for a sustained effort, they often falter before reaching their fullness of time. Many don’t make it to full-term. On the next prayer assignment, they may even pray harder and faster, only to fall short once again. What most of them need is not more explosive power, but more staying power - stamina that comes from a bigger prayer heart.

Holy Spirit is looking for those in this hour who will finish well - those who have decided they will stand, pray, declare and decree…until. The baby is kicking - she/he wants out. The body is preparing to deliver this child. Contractions have begun, the water will soon break, and birthing labor will begin. We must not abort the process now. “For the vision is yet for the appointed time; it hastens toward the goal, and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; for it will certainly come, it will not delay,” (Habakkuk 2:3).

How tragic it was when the Israelites made it out of Egypt, across the Red Sea where they saw the armies of Egypt destroyed by the amazing power of God - only to waver, standing on the edge of their inheritance. Do not let giants of fear, intimidation, corruption in our government, principalities, or any other giant cause you to turn back. Persevere in your faith and intercession. Pray with this ministry and others daily. Decree over your city and nation daily. Decree over your prodigals daily. This is all part of protecting and nurturing the baby until he/she is born.

John Killinger tells of an interesting method used in the past to break a wild steed by harnessing it to a burro. The powerful steed would take off across the range, twisting and bucking, causing the burro to be tossed about wildly. What a sight!

The steed would run away, pulling the burro alongside, and they would drop out of sight - sometimes for days.

Then they would return, with the proud little burro in charge. The steed had worn himself out, fighting the presence of the burro. When he became too tired to fight anymore, the burro assumed the position of leader.(2)

And that’s the way it is many times with prayer. Victory goes to the persistent, not to the angry; to the dedicated, not to those who can provide great demonstrations of emotion and energy. We need committed, determined, systematic prayer, not once-in-a-while fireworks.

Pray with me:

Thank You, Father, for the faithful remnant of intercessors here in this nation and around the world who have learned to persevere. They have matured into believers with big prayer hearts. Strengthen them in this hour. They are pregnant with the harvest of the ages. They are pregnant with the heart of the King and His kingdom. They have another generation in their loins, transformed nations are in the wombs of their spirits.

Just as the prophet Elisha instructed the king in scripture, we continue to strike the ground. Just like Caleb, who waited 45 years for his inheritance, we are shouting, “Give us our mountain!” And just like our apostolic brother, Paul, we declare that “we have not yet attained, but we press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of Christ Jesus.”

We will not stop. We will not quit. We will never give up. We will run the race and finish the course. And we will see our Isaac born.

Our decree:

We decree that we are pregnant with revival, and the transformation of this nation and other nations. We will carry the baby to full-term and deliver a healthy child.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


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