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January 18, 2022

The Ekklesia is Pregnant…and Beginning to Show

Yesterday I talked about the need to steward and birth God-given dreams, promises and prophetic words. My brother, Tim, sent me a very timely word that beautifully and powerfully confirms this. He speaks of “embryonic sermons,” a phrase associated with prophecy and the birth of Christ. It will encourage and instruct you.

“Matthew 1:18-23 tells us of the supernatural conception of Jesus. These verses explain that Mary’s pregnancy was Spirit conceived. Holy Spirit’s overshadowing presence surrounded Mary causing her to conceive - from the spirit realm - that which could now be birthed in the natural realm. This passage clearly shows us how spiritual conception from Holy Spirit occurs in people. The new birth, of course, pictures this, as does revelation which starts as a spiritual seed and grows into full understanding.

“Holy Spirit’s glorious presence around and within us can cause a spiritual conception in our spirits. When we spend time in Holy Spirit’s empowering presence, His purposes and revelation, from the spirit realm, can be conceived within us; a dream of the Godhead can be planted in our hearts. This can even occur corporately when our worship brings the hovering presence of God over our gatherings. In this atmosphere, ‘callings’ from King Jesus, destiny-opportunities, visions, strategies, goals, and revelations are often conceived in us.

“But, like Mary, we must steward and bring to birth what is conceived in us by Holy Spirit. When given to us, it is in an embryonic state. What she had been given, she stewarded to full term, feeding, protecting, and caring for the child until His birth. We, too, must steward and carry to full term the promises Holy Spirit plants within us, feeding them with God’s Word, protecting them with intercession, and decreeing them in faith.

In the Message Translation, the angel actually refers to Isaiah’s prophecy of the birth of Christ as an ‘embryonic sermon.’ He said in Matthew 1:22 (MSG), regarding Mary’s conception, ‘This will bring Isaiah the prophet’s embryonic sermon to full term.’ What an intriguing statement!

“Matthew actually called prophecy an ‘embryonic sermon,’ comparing it to a pregnancy, like a child in its embryonic state. As such, it must be cared for, fed, brought to full term, and then delivered/birthed into the earth realm!

“The Ekklesia has been in a season where prophecy after prophecy has been released causing God‘s plan to be conceived. However, like a woman who is pregnant but not yet ‘showing,’ the promises have not yet been seen. Does that mean the prophecies are not alive? No, it means they are still embryonic, embryonic sermons declaring what can be birthed - if we steward them.

“Too often prophetic words are abandoned and neglected - forgotten about. To the contrary, we must keep the words and promises watered by faith and decrees which cause them to grow and show. I believe we are now in a season of ‘showing.’ Ekklesia hubs and the body of Christ are beginning to ‘show’ that they are pregnant. Embryonic sermons are growing as Holy Spirit hovers, incubates and matures them to become the future they declared.

“Most of us want full grown prophecies and promises - instantly. If this doesn’t occur, we begin to doubt and waver. But we must understand the responsibility of growing these ‘embryonic sermons’ to full term. Just as there is a span of time between an embryo and a child or a child and an adult, the same is true in spirit-conceived promises and prophecies. Our faith must remain strong through those times.

“Psalm 103:20 tells us that angels listen to what we decree, and the Ekklesia has been declaring consistently, ‘No more delay.’ Because of this, supernatural things are beginning to happen. Four years ago, the Lord told me there would now come a new Pentecost, and everything in His kingdom would begin to accelerate. It is amazing how delays have been dealt with since that word was given.

“I believe that in the past several years there has been more angelic activity on earth than ever before. Our prayers have enabled Holy Spirit and His angels to overturn delays. Many spirit-conceived dreams, visions, revelations, and prophecies are now reaching full term. Everything in Christ’s kingdom is accelerating, just as He said they would. Supernatural shifts are occurring. A megamove of God’s Holy Spirit is now at full term.

“The greatest push ever in the kingdom of God is now being resourced by Holy Spirit. Prodigals are coming home. We are pregnant with miracles. We’ve carried them; now we are ‘showing.’ They are being birthed into the earth realm. We’re pregnant with healings and outpourings of Holy Spirit. We are carrying the river of living water. We are carrying governmental authority to disciple nations and power from heaven to pull down demonic strongholds. Demon princes will lose their thrones, captives will be delivered.

“Hear the word of the Lord for this year: ‘There are embryos we have fed and watered which have now grown. These embryos are at full term. What we have conceived, believed and fought for is now mature, ready for harvesting. Reap! What you have conceived by Holy Spirit’s hovering presence, will now be seen in the earth realm. We have stepped into accelerated times of birthing what we’ve been carrying. No more delay!’

“Refuse to give up on what God said. Keep standing, believing and decreeing His promises.”

Pray with me:

“Lord, we agree with this word. We thank You for those who have faithfully carried what You conceived inside of them. We believe this is the birthing year, the year when it accelerates. Dreams and visions in the hearts of individual heirs are now showing. Nothing is impossible for You, Lord. We know You can do all we have asked. You have not only caused us to conceive, but You have empowered us. We decree that it is now calving season.

“Thank You, Lord, for the faithfulness of those who have tenaciously stood for what You told them. ‘Embryonic sermons’ are coming to full term. To You be all the glory, all the honor. Activate this word across the United States and in other nations. We decree that Holy Spirit has shifted the times and seasons; this is a year of acceleration. What we’ve been carrying, both individually and corporately, will now manifest into the earth realm. In Jesus’ name we pray this, amen!”

Our Decree:

“We decree that we will now birth into the natural realm what we have been carrying in the spirit. No more delay!”

Click on the link below to watch the full video.

Today’s post was contributed by my brother, Tim Sheets. You can learn more about Tim here.


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