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January 18, 2023

Let’s Save Some More Lives

“Before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew you…” (Jeremiah 1:5)

If you have been watching GH15 for a while, you know I am passionate about the pro-life cause, including adoption. Ceci and I endeavor to support at least one adoption each year through Zoe's House. We have had the founder, Kelsey Bohlender, as our guest on posts in the past and will again soon.

We have another friend, Nancy Alcorn, who is also doing a great work for babies and unwed mothers. The ministry she leads has become, without question, one of the most effective in the world for healing troubled young girls. Their incredible success has led to expansion into several other arenas and multiple locations. Their website says:

“Mercy Multiplied exists to provide opportunities for all to experience God’s unconditional love, forgiveness, and life-transforming power. Our Residential Program is voluntary, biblically-based, and free-of-charge for women ages 13-32; our Outpatient Program is free-of-charge for men (Louisiana only) and women ages 13 and older; and our Outreach Services offer multiple resources online and onsite designed to equip men and women of all ages to live free and stay free in Jesus Christ.

“The vision for Mercy Multiplied was launched in 1983 after Founder and President Nancy Alcorn spent eight years working for the government. Realizing that true transformation would never come as the result of any government system, Nancy started the first residential home in West Monroe, Louisiana. Mercy’s Residential Program helps young women ages 13-32 break free from life-controlling issues and situations, including anxiety, depression, sexual abuse, eating disorders, self-harm, addictions, unplanned pregnancy, and sex trafficking. These residential services are offered free of charge.

“Over the years, Mercy has expanded its United States residential locations to Nashville, Tennessee; St. Louis, Missouri; and Sacramento, California, with future plans to build a residential home in the panhandle of Florida. The organization has grown beyond the borders of the United States, including locations in the United Kingdom and Canada.

“Remaining ever faithful to our three guiding principles: (1) we provide residential and outpatient services free-of-charge, (2) we tithe 10%, and (3) and we will never accept money with strings attached or that which would prevent our ability to share Jesus Christ.”

In a recent communication, Nancy shared,

“After Roe V. Wade was overturned and sent back to the states, my leadership team and I spent a season of time praying about what our response should be. In that process, God gave us clear direction: be laser-focused on getting the word out nationwide that we take young women facing unplanned pregnancies into our residential centers from all 50 states. We will take care of the girls for the full duration of their pregnancy, free of charge, and they can then make their own decision about whether to parent or place their child for adoption.

In addition, thanks to generous donors, we are able to provide airline transportation from all 50 states for them to come to our Nashville home, if they so choose. Once the Florida home in the panhandle is built, we will also be able to take pregnant girls to that location as well as provide transportation. We are calling these donors “Carriers for Life.” That simply means that when a young lady is in need of an airline ticket, we can call those on the list to pay for their ticket. God actually dropped this plan into our hearts BEFORE we began to hear about companies offering to pay the expenses for girls to travel out of state to get abortions.”

Chelsea Rahbar, Director of Pregnancy Services at Mercy Multiplied, said of their life-giving program:

“A unique component of Mercy Multiplied's program for women facing an unplanned pregnancy is our ‘Basic Decision-Making Classes.’ These classes are designed to assist the young woman in making a well-informed decision regarding whether she will parent or place her child for adoption. It is the vision of Mercy to provide the most supportive environment for each expectant mother to make her own decision about what is best for her and for her child. In conjunction with the decision process, we also provide the following services:

  • Free housing: experience 24-hour support in a beautiful home environment

  • Free individual & group counseling

  • Free prenatal care

  • Access to parenting classes, if applicable

  • Access to adoption services, if applicable

  • Access to well-balanced meals and fitness.

“All of these services are offered completely free of charge because of the generosity of our donors. Additionally, if a young woman is struggling financially to travel to our Nashville location, we will pay for her plane ticket.”

You can see a wonderful short video from Nancy Alcorn sharing her heart and vision for Mercy Multiplied by using the following link: CLICK HERE

We are also providing you with contact information for Mercy Multiplied and how to reach their Pregnancy Services. Pray for this amazing ministry, perhaps even sow a gift. And if you know of a young lady who may need this service, please contact them. Let’s save some more lives!

Pray with me:

Father, in our efforts to save babies, we cannot and will not forget the moms who face many challenges. Thank You for raising up ministries like Mercy Multiplied and families who are willing to adopt children. We pray that great provision and incredible blessing come to them.

We pray that America’s collective conscience would be transformed, and that a generation fed millions of lies would be delivered from the deception. Raise up more voices of truth and silence those who speak lies. Give us more people in government and media that will speak up for life, and more pastors who will make a stand.

And lastly, give us an awakening of awakenings. Write Your laws on the hearts of 100,000,000 Americans that do not currently know You. This revival has begun, but just barely. Turn up the fire! Then turn it up again! Fan the flames with the incredible wind of Holy Spirit, until it is completely out of control.

This we ask in the name of Christ, who has all authority in heaven AND EARTH. Amen.

Our decree:

The tide is turning!

You can find out more about Mercy Multiplied by:

Mercy Multiplied is a nonprofit Christian organization that equips people to live free and stay free through Jesus Christ.


Click on the link below to watch the full video.

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