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January 17, 2022

God Always Uses A Remnant

I spent all last week unpacking a dream given to Greg Hood about the spiritual war for America. In the dream, a principality named Zephon (one of Baal’s names) was identified as the leader of the fight to destroy America. He lost the battle and his hold was permanently broken off of America.

I realize the hesitancy of some believers to acknowledge the role that invisible, demonic forces play in the earth. Mention spiritual warfare and they check out. Spiritual warfare, however, is the story of the scriptures - satan and his cohorts attempting to rule the human race and planet earth. These forces are real. And though Christ removed their authority over us at the Cross, this victory does not automatically manifest for us. We must exercise our delegated authority from Christ and enforce His victory.

In the same way that Christ’s victory at Calvary isn’t automatic for us, neither are the promises, prophecies or dreams Holy Spirit gives us. This often brings confusion to believers, even causing disillusionment to some regarding the prophetic. But if the promises of Scripture, as sacred and fail-proof as the Word of God is, are not automatic or guaranteed regardless of our actions, certainly prophecies would not be. God’s promises, regardless of how they are delivered, are offers - not guarantees. Faith plays a role (James 1:6-8), as does obedience (Isaiah 1:19), perseverance (Hebrews 6:12), following Holy Spirit’s strategy or instruction (2 Kings 5:13-14; John 9:6-7), and other principles.

This is why I take the time to break down dreams given to us, even sometimes teaching on the instructions in them. We must remember that God‘s promises are NOT guarantees and that His provision will NOT automatically come our way. When Holy Spirit shows us in a dream that Baal’s hold over America is ending, He is showing us what can happen, what He is offering, and what we must do to receive it.

Let’s look briefly at Baal’s hold on America. We must understand that sin gives satan the right to operate in our lives and God-assigned spheres of authority. When a person or people (a nation) “give place to” the devil (Ephesians 4:27) through perversion, shedding innocent blood, idolatry, covenant-breaking, and other sins, legal access is given to him. Even the very land we occupy can be defiled through these actions, giving satan a legal right to rule and control a territory and its people until the sin is cleansed (Numbers 35:33; Leviticus 18:24-28). This is why we are told in the above Ephesians scripture to give no “place” to him.

In this verse, “place” is the Greek word topos, from which we get topography. It can be a physical piece of land, but also has other meanings. Interestingly, it is also a scabbard, a “place” to hang a sword or rifle. Figuratively, it means “opportunity.” This verse is telling us our actions can give ground to satan, a place to hang his sword, a legal opportunity for him to steal, kill and destroy. This has happened in America. Through our sins, we have given place to the devil and his demons.

Many leaders believe that in America, Baal is the principality in charge of overseeing satan‘s destructive activity. As the strongman over America (see Matthew 12:29), he is behind much of the evil in our nation, including the shedding of innocent blood (abortion and murder). Most biblical teachers attribute the spirit over abortion to be Molech, which is true, but Molech serves under Baal. Baal always wars against the young generation, trying to stop the extension/extending of God’s covenantal purposes to the next generation. He is a violent spirit and throughout history has always required human sacrifice. Not only is abortion under Baal’s influence, but he is also behind the “cutting” of today’s generation (see 1 Kings 18:28), the vampire and goth movement, and the death culture in general that has so invaded America.

Jezebel, the spirit behind so much immorality and sexual perversion in America, is also under Baal. Baal is the spirit influencing the plethora of divorce and covenant breaking. He is sometimes called Baal-berith, which means “the lord of the covenant.” Ironically, the Hebrew word baal actually means “husband” or “marriage.” This doesn’t mean he honors true marriage; it means he wants people “married” or in covenant with him. The spirit of Baal always attempted to cause Israel to “divorce” or break covenant with God, and “marry” or align with him. Baal was behind the Supreme Court of America’s decision to redefine marriage, perverting God’s definition of it.

America, just as Israel did on occasion, has broken covenant with Yahweh and “married” Baal. Elijah‘s challenge to Israel in 1 Kings 18:21 is appropriate for America: “How long will you limp between two opinions? If Yahweh is God, follow him; but if Baal, follow him.” On another occasion God said to Israel, the day will come when “you will call Me Husband, and will no longer call me Baal… for I will remove the names of the Baals from [your] mouth… and I will betroth you to Me forever,” (Hosea 2:16, 17,19).

We should not be discouraged by Holy Spirit sharing with us regarding Baal-zephon’s activity in America. On the contrary, the Scriptures make clear that this vicious spirit’s control over America can end. And that is exactly what Greg’s dream from last week says. There has been much repentance over our national sins by a remnant of Americans. Hear this: God does not require an entire nation to repent before He can forgive and heal. He has always been willing to work through a remnant. That is, in fact, the premise behind intercession - a person or group of people “standing in the gap” (Ezekiel 22:30) for others.

We must take our stand now, continuing to ask for cleansing and deliverance for America. The dream last week said we were winning - and we are! As we persevered, Zephon and his cohorts were taken out. I say to you unequivocally: if the praying church perseveres in our intercession, AMERICA SHALL BE SAVED!

Pray with me:

Father, thank You for Your mercy. Many times over the last several years You have told prophets and intercessors You want to grant mercy to America. Your redemptive heart is amazing and triumphs over judgment. The blood of Jesus is still greater than our sins. We call upon this cleansing power now to deliver and heal America. We place our faith in nothing but the blood of Jesus.

In His name, we ask that all influence of the spirit of Baal be broken over America. We bind his hold, according to Matthew 16:18-19, and break this influence off of our children, homes, government, education system, the church, and every other system he has infiltrated. Restore us to our purpose and destiny. Send revival to America! We prophesy what You have said: “America shall be saved!”

Our decree:

We decree that the blood of Jesus is cleansing America from all sin and unrighteousness!

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