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February 9, 2024

Our friend Gina Gholston, felt the need to break weariness, discouragement, hope-deferred, the pain of past wounds, and other weights hindering believers at this time. And I’m glad she did! We need YOU free and healthy to run the race! You’ll find her words encouraging and powerful. The title is:

Free to Run

Many within the Body of Christ are experiencing a deepening passion for God. There’s an unshakeable feeling that we have crossed into the unfolding of a history-making moment, provoking a deep longing to know and walk with God. There is a clarion call from the Lord, piercing the hearts of all who have ears to hear. Christ is calling His Body to rise and shine with the light of His glory (Isaiah 60: 1-2). 

Recently, the Lord spoke to me that 2024 will be a year of His revealed glory. This means the Church, must be alert and move in high levels of wisdom, authority, and boldness, enabling Christ to work through us. 

Undaunted faith in God is required at this time! I have said many times: real faith takes real courage. And we are in a real faith and real courage season! Faith comes from knowing God and His Word. As we spend time with Him, focusing on Him and His Word, faith arises within us. That faith gives us the courage and confidence to advance.

It’s an urgent, yet exciting time, the moment we have longed and prayed for. However, some are finding themselves hesitant in their response to His calling. This hesitation could be for many different reasons. Some fear what is ahead. Grief and trauma from past wounds control some. Many have grown weary in well-doing, while others have become shrouded in hope deferred. Though some of our reasons seem justifiable, it is critically important that we overcome all that is detrimental to our focus forward, and refocus back onto God. Our love for and trust in Him must outweigh and overpower all fear or uncertainty of the future. Our desire for His glory must outweigh and overpower any shroud that seeks to confine us to emotional entanglements from past experiences. We must awaken passion, set our eyes on Him, cast our cares onto Him, disallow fear, and by faith, move forward!

To some, America may seem too far gone for recovery. The advancement of evil agendas may seem to have prevailed against the prophetic destiny of God for our nation, but things are not always as they appear in the natural. There is another portion of the story that has yet to be told. Through past dreams and prophetic words, God has declared that He is NOT late, and that America SHALL be saved! This is the time, and the Lord has need of us in order to produce a national and international revival!  

Jesus is calling us to see and hear beyond the chaos and noise surrounding us. He’s calling us to draw near to Him, seeing and hearing from His perspective and with unhindered clarity. This breaks us free from the strongholds of doubt, fear, and the confining grip of anxiety and uncertainty.

Recently the Lord reminded me of a vision I had several years ago in which I saw a man sitting in a chair, his elbows on his knees and his head propped up in his hands. He was weeping. His tears were dropping onto some type of white dust covering his legs and feet. As the tears mingled with the dust, they formed into blocks of cement. The man wanted to stand and walk, but was completely confined by the cement blocks. Then, suddenly, I saw a hand swinging a large hammer. As the hammer hit the cement blocks, they were broken into pieces, instantly freeing the man to stand and walk.

I believe this pictures what is happening with many in the church today through spiritual awakening. When we hear and believe God’s Word, truth comes like a hammer (Jeremiah 23:29) to break us free from that which has been confining us to fear and other crippling emotions! Our journey is unfinished, and the Lord wants to free us to run without encumbrances and weariness. When He speaks, we must respond and obey. God’s plan is progressing. The path ahead is formed, and we must choose to take our place on that path so His glory can be revealed. 

It’s time. An increase is coming to those who respond in faith and obedience to the Lord—an increase of strength, vision, wisdom, and strategy. God is taking us to another level of seeing and hearing in the Spirit. He is increasing our awareness of the authority we have in our speaking and praying. Our confidence in Him is increasing, as is our boldness. And as we remain steadfast, Holy Spirit will work powerfully through our obedience.

I hear a clarion call echoing from the throne room of God to the heart of His true warriors, “Shake off distractions and disappointments. Set your face like a flint toward Me. Do not be moved by what you see happening around you! It’s temporary. There is a turning in the works. I have told you ahead of time, and now is the time! I have called you for this moment. Believe My promises. Remember My Word! DO NOT DOUBT IT, and do not fear.”

Pray with me:

Father, thank You for this history-making time. We hear You, and we will follow You forward. We refuse to allow our enemy to talk us into surrendering our posts. We receive and believe Your Word. Like a hammer, it is breaking off all emotional entanglements of the last season. Thank You for healing many - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually - so that with renewed focus and strength, they can rise to finish what You have started in and through them! We trust You, and we will not be afraid. You are our strength and defense, and our salvation. Your favor is upon us, and You will work through us to fully establish all of Your intentions for our time. We breathe in Your awakening breath, and we shout with steadfast resolve, “Weariness will not rob us of our due season!” We are free, we will run, and we will BE all You have called us to be! 

We continue to pray for our waterways, water resources, dams, and ports. We ask for protection over them and for strength and strategy for those obeying this assignment We know a shaking has begun and will intensify. But You said America will survive and be restored to her destiny. We do not fear, we believe Your promise, and we will partner with You in all You have planned for our future, including revival and reformation. We thank You for Your faithfulness and mercy. And we pray all of this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Our decree:

We set our faces like a flint toward Yahweh. We are not moved by what we see happening around us! We remember and believe God’s Word, never doubting it, and we shall see the performance of that which He has said. 

Click on the link below to watch the full video.

Portions of today’s post were taken from Gina’s book Carry On! You can find out more about Gina at

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