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February 6, 2021

The Boardroom

The following dream is incredibly encouraging. It is, in my opinion, a follow up to the dream I shared a couple of weeks ago about Operation Redeem All. Both of these dreams say to me that we are entering the great revival many have seen coming. As with numerous dreams sent to me in this season, the cloud of witnesses is involved. I am not defending or endorsing attempts to communicate with the dead (necromancy). We do not do that. Through this phenomenon of dreams, God is showing us that what they produced and accomplished, we are now about to build on and move forward. It is simply “the synergy of the ages,” which I have spoken about in recent Give Him 15s.

In this particular dream, a merger of sorts - at both a heart level and cooperation level - takes place between two distinct streams of the body of Christ: the Word of Faith stream and the apostolic, prophetic, prayer stream I am part of. A well-known word of faith leader (whom we’ll call Joe) graciously states that he has been uncertain of some of the things we have been doing, but now sees their validity. He is embracing them, intends to catch up and wants to merge efforts.

It must be said, even though it is not stated in the dream, that I and others in the circles I run with acknowledge that many in his stream are ahead of us in certain aspects of their understanding and revelation. All of us have strengths and weaknesses. The point in this dream is not to compare, but to show that God is bringing harmony, and even cooperation, between our streams; and that this will produce great spiritual wealth for the kingdom. Here is the dream, after which I’ll share further insights:

The Boardroom

“On the morning of January 31, 2021, I (Greg Hood) dreamed Dutch and I were in a large boardroom. The room was a traditional boardroom with a very long table and chairs, like you would see in any boardroom where meetings take place. The room was on the top floor of a large high-rise building. (I don’t recall entering the building. The dream began with us being at the entrance to the large boardroom.)

“Dutch and I were the first ones to enter this room; we were early. He was wearing a tie and kept adjusting it, saying, ‘I don’t like these things and am ready to take this tie off.’

“Since we were early, no one else had yet arrived. We walked over to the windows surrounding the entire room and looked out. Dutch remarked, ‘Hood, all we can see from here are the clouds.’ I said, ‘You are right. We have seen a lot from the clouds lately, but nothing like we are getting ready to see.’

“As I said this, the door to the room opened and four more apostolic, prophetic leaders we are related to spiritually arrived: Tim Sheets, Clay Nash, Randy Lopshire, and Jacquie Tyre. Tim commented to us, ‘You guys are early. When you are early, all you can do is look out the window and enjoy the clouds.’ Tim was teasing Dutch, his natural brother. Clay spoke up and said, ‘Man, I just had a déjà vu experience. I feel like we have been here before.’

Different Streams

“The boardroom doors opened and a leader in the Faith Movement (whom I’ll call Joe) walked in. He said, ‘Am I late? Timing is everything to me. It took me a long time to get here but I am here. Let’s get started.’ Dutch replied, ‘We can’t just yet. The others are not yet here. I believe they will be along shortly.’ Joe then replied, ‘Dutch, I am so glad you are here and that you got here before me. I would not have liked being here in this room alone if I had been the first to arrive.’

“He then continued, ‘I have heard so much about you, Dutch. I wasn’t sure about all that you were doing in the nation, and didn’t know how I felt about it. But an angel came and instructed me to go into business with you, giving me the scripture, Luke 19:11-13. I have been very excited ever since. I know we’re about to make each other very wealthy.’ Joe then looked intently at Dutch and said, ‘You are out of my wheelhouse but I’m catching up. I won’t be behind any longer.’ Dutch then took his tie off and replied, ‘It’s so awesome to have you at the table, Joe.’

“As we stood by the large windows, Dutch leaned over to me and whispered, ‘I’m not even sure why we’re here.’ He then dropped his tie into a wastebasket by the window where we stood and said, ‘Let’s all take a seat, they’ll be here any second now.’ We all took our seats on one side of the table.

The Cloud of Witnesses

“As we did, the large glass doors at the entrance of the board room opened. Walking in with Jesus were Gordon Lindsay, Charles Spurgeon, Kenneth Hagin, and a man named Dean. (I did not know Dean but felt an excitement and a connection with him because my middle name is Dean.) They sat on the opposite side of the boardroom table.

“Kenneth Hagin then said, ‘Let’s start the transfer and merger. Is everyone ready?’ Those on our side of the table looked at one another as if to say, ‘What’s being transferred? What merger?’ Gorden Lindsay had a large smile on his face and said, ‘There is much that has been held back from your generation but now it is time to release it to you - both what we have - along with new insights and gifts. They are your inheritance and your assignment!’

“Simultaneously, Gordon Lindsay and Kenneth Hagin slid papers across the table. Gordon Lindsay slid his papers to Dutch; Kenneth Hagin slid his papers to Joe. I was able to see what was written on the papers. They both read, ‘KINGDOM DECREE - TITLE DEED.’

The First Document

“The document Joe received was beautiful. It was trimmed in gold around the edges and had an amazing picture of a crown at the top. It looked new, obviously having been well kept. Written under ‘KINGDOM DECREE - TITLE DEED’ were the words, ‘RENEWED FOUNDATION ALIGNMENT.’ Underneath that was written: ‘HARVEST, SIGNS, WONDERS, and MIRACLES.’ I could see scriptures written in bold letters. Two that stood out were Mark 16:15-20 and the entire Book of Acts. There were more passages, but I could not see them clearly.

“There were many signatures at the end of this document. I knew they were the names of great soul winners and preachers of the Gospel. Jesus then spoke and said, ‘Joe, sign underneath T.L.’s signature and give the document to Dutch.’ Joe signed the document and said, ‘AHHH, YES!’ He was very excited and slid it down the table. Jesus then addressed Dutch and said, ‘Use your ring to make My mark on it.’ As Dutch did this, the pages of the document - which had been very nice paper - became a beautiful cloth-like material.

The Second Document

“The dream then changed and our attention was turned to the document Gordon Lindsay had given Dutch. The document seemed to be a very old scroll. Underneath the words ‘KINGDOM DECREE - TITLE DEED’ I could see written in bold letters ‘EKKLESIA MANDATE.’ Underneath that was written: ‘HARVEST, SIGNS, WONDERS, MIRACLES’ and ‘REAPING OF WORLDS.’ Under those words were: Isaiah 9:1-7; Isaiah 22:22; Daniel 7:27; and Revelation 11:15. I remember thinking, ‘I know those scriptures!’ On our side of the table, we began whispering to one another, ‘This is it. This is that!’ We all began expressing much excitement.

“Just as on the document given to Joe, there were many signatures at the end of the document given to Dutch, signatures of those who throughout history had possessed notable supernatural ministries. There were many names I did not recognize, but also some I did. Jesus then spoke, ‘Dutch, sign underneath Dean’s signature and use your ring to make My mark on the paper.’ Dutch did as requested and the documents began lighting up; they also began breathing as if they were alive.

“With a very regal look on His face, Jesus then said, ‘It’s done. The merger and transfer are complete. The bowls are full and are ready to be poured out.’ He then spoke to Charles Spurgeon and said, ‘Charlie, make the decree.’ Charles Spurgeon pushed his chair way back, stood to his feet and began releasing mighty decrees over all of us. The gentleman named Dean stood as well and moved from his seat to where we were sitting. He began pouring oil on our heads and laying his hands on them as Spurgeon made his decrees. When Dean did so, it felt like electric shockwaves were shooting through our bodies. We were charged with power like none of us had ever experienced. When the patriarchs finished, they sat back down. We were all remarkably changed.

“Jesus then took the documents into His hands and breathed on them. The documents immediately began to morph, becoming matching capes (mantles). Jesus stood up, placed one on Joe and one on Dutch. He then declared, “The clock has started. Angelic movement has begun. Steward this well.”

“Those who had entered the room with Jesus then departed - not leaving through the door; they simply disappeared.

“The rest of us remained seated, deeply impacted by what had just taken place. We then began discussing, planning, and prayerfully strategizing about what was to take place next.”

End of Dream

My Thoughts

We are in a high boardroom, there to join a heavenly council. As stated earlier in this post, we represent different streams of the body of Christ. I am wearing a tie which I am very uncomfortable with. This indicates a dissatisfaction with traditions, forms and even religious ways of thinking. These must be discarded in order to receive what is about to be imparted.

Those who enter with Jesus from the cloud of witnesses all represent powerful moves of God in the past. Gorden Lindsay would picture signs and wonders, five-fold ministry (apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers) and the revelation of Ekklesia. Kenneth Hagin represents the Word of Faith movement, as well as the great teaching movement of the 70s and 80s. Charles Spurgeon symbolizes great and powerful preaching, and Dean, I believe, was Tim’s and my dad, who also had a strong miracle ministry of signs and wonders. He probably also represents generational synergy.

The transfer and merger is fairly obvious. God is now about to release the same type of mantels these individuals operated in: powerful preaching and teaching accompanied by tremendous signs, wonders and miracles. He is also about to merge all of it into a powerful move of His Spirit that causes great increase in the body of Christ and kingdom of God. Powerful mantles and anointings are being released enabling individuals to carry out these supernatural ministries.

Jesus tells us unquestionably it is time for this. “The clock has started,” He said. And angels are now acting to bring it forth along with Holy Spirit.

Take heart my friends. We are moving into a great season of revival. This will include millions of people coming to Christ, great signs and wonders, and the transformation of many nations. The time for this to occur has arrived. Prepare.

A prayer you can pray:

Father, we thank You for this encouraging dream. We thank You for what those, who were part of Your great plan in times past, have accomplished. Thank You for the price they paid and the roads they created. We honor them and want to pick up the baton they are now handing us.

We also honor our brothers and sisters in other streams of the body of Christ. We acknowledge our great need of one another. We repent for any and all criticism we have leveled at them, asking You to forgive us. Bring us together. Show us our need for the strengths and anointings each carries.

And now Lord, allow us to partake of the synergy of the ages. Release once again the mighty anointings of powerful preaching, great faith for the supernatural, signs, wonders and miracles. Please begin a release of these anointings in order that we might reap the incredible harvest You have planned for now. We call them forth in the mighty name of Jesus! We also call forth greater unity! And we call forth the greatest outpouring of Your Spirit earth has ever seen. We do so in the mighty, all powerful name of Jesus, the Head of the Church and Savior of the world. Amen.


We decree the great transfer of Christ’s gifts and merger of His streams will now take place!


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