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February 28, 2022

An Important Update


An evil bill is scheduled to be voted on today in the Senate. It passed the House 218-211 (all Democrats but one voted for it) in September. Decision Magazine says regarding this bill, “The U.S. Senate is expected to vote on the controversial Women's Health Protection Act (WHPA) on February 28, 2022. The bill, which pro-lifers say would more accurately be called Abortion on Demand, would codify abortion rights into federal law and threaten states’ regulation of abortion even if Roe v. Wade were overturned.”(1)

The Biden administration, of course, strongly supports this evil law. “On September 20, the Executive Office of the President issued a Statement of Administration Policy (SAP) announcing that the Biden administration ‘strongly supports passage of the Women’s Health Protection Act. The White House wrote, ‘In the wake of Texas’ unprecedented attack, it has never been more important to codify this constitutional right and to strengthen health care access for all women, regardless of where they live.’”(2)

This act would protect the right to abortion in every state, even if Roe is overturned. It “would also overturn state laws requiring informed consent, waiting periods, and counseling prior to receiving an abortion. It also places a prohibition on limiting abortion at any point prior to fetal viability, which is 24 weeks…

“The bill prohibits states from restricting ‘a particular abortion procedure,’ meaning dismemberment abortions that cause fetal pain and other procedures would be legal.

“While framed as a simple codification of the abortion precedent set up in Roe v. Wade, this bill goes much further by enshrining late-term abortion into federal law and repealing nearly every pro-life law passed by the states.

“According to an article in Forbes:

  • The bill would supersede state-level restrictions on abortion and would expressly prohibit any measure that ‘impedes access to abortion.’

  • The bill would not apply to laws that prohibit government-based or other health insurance plans from covering abortions.”(3)

We must pray against this hideous attempt to kill babies, which Democrats have been trying to pass every year since 2013.


Let’s continue to pray for Ukraine. Thus far their love of country and resolve has inspired much of the world. When Biden offered Ukrainian President Zellensky a flight out of the country, he responded by saying, “The fight is here — I need ammunition, not a ride.”(4)

The world is shocked that Ukraine is still free. Some Ukrainians, according to many news sources, are starting to feel the momentum may be shifting. If they survive this brutal attack by Putin, however, it will truly be miraculous. Nevertheless, they have had some wins. Joel Rosenberg says, “According to the Ukrainian government and media sources:

  • More than 3,500 Russian soldiers have been killed in fighting

  • At least 200 Russian soldiers have been captured

  • 14 Russian military aircraft have been shot down

  • 8 Russian helicopters have been shot down

  • 536 Russian armored vehicles have been destroyed

  • 102 Russian tanks have been destroyed

Yet not a single major Ukrainian city has fallen to Russian forces.”(5)

Rosenberg states other reasons for Ukraine to be encouraged. “The capital of Kyiv was the main target of Moscow’s illegal and immoral offensive on Friday and Saturday — yet at this hour Kyiv remains firmly in the grip of the Ukrainian people and government.

“Consider more good news. Russian tanks and armored personnel carriers are running out of gas. Yet Russian forces haven’t taken a single Ukrainian airfield yet.

“And Ukrainian forces have blown up all the rail lines to and from Russia. So, badly needed supplies — including fuel — can’t get to the Kremlin’s forces in the field.

“What’s more — and ingenious — is that Ukrainians are tearing down road signs, or replacing them with [insults]. As a result, some Russian tank and troop convoys are getting lost.

“Ukrainian diplomats, reporters, and civilians that I’m in touch with feel the momentum has shifted in their favor. They know full well they have a long, hard fight ahead of them. But right now they feel genuinely optimistic.

“Christians in Ukraine are telling me they are seeing ‘miracles’ happen. Yes, they believe their people are brave and resilient. But more importantly, they believe that God is helping them.

“They’re shocked and encouraged, for example, that the U.S. and Germany have finally shown sufficient backbone to freeze the Nord Stream 2 pipeline carrying natural gas from Russia to Europe.

“They’re encouraged, too, that NATO is sending weapons and supplies, though much more is needed. They’re also heartened that the global media is mostly on their side. Will the good news last? Let’s keep praying for Ukraine.”(6)


My friend and prophet, Chuck Pierce, said recently of the praying church, “I think we are better equipped than we’ve ever been. We are more mature. In 2020, God started redefining the remnant, and that’s us. I believe we are stronger now than ever before. We are now an apostolic, prophetic army that is ready to decree and go to war spiritually.” I agree!

Chuck continued, “We must remember that we are a kingdom. Even though the world is shifting, shaking, and realigning, we must release our voice into all of this. We have the dimension of decrees, which can change all that is happening right now. We must remember who we are!”

Speaking of what is happening in Ukraine, Chuck said, “They are in the war of their life, to regain their inheritance. It’s not just a physical war, it’s a spiritual war. We must all must rise up and see spiritually what we’re dealing with in the spiritual realm. This isn’t a time for fear; it’s a time for new strength. It’s a time to turn the battle at the gates!”

Speaking of the entire body of Christ he said, “Israel came out of Egypt, warred past slavery, but wouldn’t war for their promise. Start warring like you never have before for your promise, your inheritance. Take your stand! God will favor you! It will take miracles from heaven but He will favor you with them.

“We cannot war simply in the earthly realm. We must war in the heavenlies, seated with Christ, looking down. I declare that right now things are beginning to break open, and that right decrees will start being made by the Ekklesia. Father, raise up Cyruses throughout this land to make decrees that need to be made. Keep America from becoming trapped in any snares of satan at this time. Give us a strong backbone.”(7)

Pray with me:

Father, we pray against this insidious and wicked bill regarding abortion coming before the Senate today. We pray that You will cause it to fail. As we are praying for the Supreme Court and their deliberations regarding the current Mississippi abortion case, we pray against this bill, as well. Awaken the conscience of senators who are on the fence. Give them a desire to protect the babies. Forgive America for the evils we have committed in this area and heal our land of this curse, we pray. We decree over the Senate today that Holy Spirit will hover over it and stop this act!

And we pray for the people of Ukraine. We pray that You will continue to give them victories against the evil aggression coming from Putin. Stop this evil man, we pray. Remove him! We pray for the Russian people, many of whom do not approve of their government. Free them from this evil man and from communism. Give favor to the Ukrainians. Give them angelic help. Give them a miracle - may David slay Goliath!

And cause the Ekklesia to rise up as never before in strength and faith. Awaken faith and revelation to decree boldly over the nations of the earth, including America. We decree that evil will not prevail in America’s government, that righteousness will prevail and a love of life will return. We decree over the Supreme Court that they will no longer be blinded by demonic powers, but will continue to shift in their understanding toward truth and righteousness. We pray and decree these things in Christ’s name. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that the Ekklesia is rising up in this hour and will become the people Jesus spoke of in Matthew 16.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


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