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February 23, 2022

No Wasted Moments

The past two years have been difficult for countless people, many suffering the pain of discouragement and loss. Rachel Shafer, my brother Tim’s daughter, recently sent me the following article regarding the subject of restoration. I’m always looking for ways to encourage you with hope for the future. I believe Rachel’s word will inspire and aid you in allowing Holy Spirit’s redemption and restoration into your suffering.

“As I was praying and asking for insight into this year of 2022, I very clearly heard Holy Spirit tell me this would be a year of restoration. He then said to me: ‘I am the God of every moment; therefore, no moment is wasted.’

“God is a redeemer and a restorer. The biblical meaning of the word ‘restoration’ is much different than the English dictionary’s meaning. The dictionary defines it as to returning something back to its original condition.(1) However, the Biblical meaning is to restore back more than has been lost, causing the final state to be greater than the original condition.(2) The point is that someone or something is actually improved in Biblical restoration.

“Throughout the Bible, God repeatedly blessed people’s faith during hardships, making up for their losses and giving them more than they previously had. He doesn’t simply restore to the original condition, but delights in restoring and improving on the original. This biblical pattern has encouraged me to persevere in my praying and believing, knowing that God is faithful to His Word.

Holy Spirit redeems our times and moments. Please notice, I didn’t say He causes every moment in our lives, but that He doesn’t allow them to be wasted.

“One definition of ‘redeemed’ is to make something that is bad or unpleasant better; moments that started out ugly, but in time became beautiful(3). It’s comforting to know that God doesn’t waste our pain. Every broken segment of our lives is made beautiful in the hands of our Creator. Nothing escapes His notice.

“In Japan, they have made an art out of restoring broken things. It’s an ancient practice called Kintsugi, meaning ‘golden joinery’ or ‘to patch with gold.’ Kintsugi is an age-old custom of repairing cracked pottery with real gold, not only fixing the break, but by doing so - greatly increasing the value of the piece.

“This art form turns what is broken into beautiful, cherished pieces by sealing the cracks and crevices with lines of fine gold. Instead of hiding the flaws, Kintsugi artists highlight them, creating an entirely new design and bringing unique beauty to the original piece. The pottery actually becomes more beautiful and valuable through the restoration. Though once broken, it now has history AND a new story. Not to mention the gold!

“Typically, we want repairs of broken things - like nicely sealed super glue fixes - to be hidden; the usual intent is to try and make something look ‘as good as new.’ Yet the art of Kintsugi reinforces a profound belief that the repair can make things, not only as good as they were before, but ‘better than new.’(4)

“This is a beautiful picture of Biblical restoration. God redeems and restores every piece of our story.

“Romans 8:28 (NIV) says, ‘And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.’ This verse is saying that God uses our grief, joy, loss, gain, trials and triumphs. Nothing is wasted.

“Lies from the enemy swirl around and whisper to us in weak moments, but don’t listen to him. God is saying that we are stepping into a season of restoration and redemption. We must value what He has said to us and keep His promises hidden in our hearts.

“As I was praying about all of this, I was reminded of something Holy Spirit said to me recently, ‘Do not give false power to present circumstances.’

“As I pondered what this meant, I realized Holy Spirit was pointing out that, regarding a particular situation, I was empowering the problem. My mindset was placing power into the wrong hands. My next thought was: the power for what I am facing is in God; it’s in His hands. So, I wrote out this statement: ‘I will not give false power - control, authority, or influence - to present circumstances. I will, instead, decree the power, capacity, aptitude, authority, strength, and wonderful works of God.’

“Our present circumstances do not have to define our future. Do not relinquish power to the situation - keep it in God’s hands.

“Job was an upright and holy man of God, yet he was placed in total misery. He did nothing wrong, yet suffered a great deal. One moment he was a picture of wealth, health and happiness. The next moment death hit, and Job mourned the loss of seven sons and three daughters. Lack hit and all of his wealth disappeared. Sickness happened and there were open sores all over his body. Relationship troubles occurred and his wife turned on him, telling Job to curse God and die. Even his once loyal friends lost respect and blamed Job for his trials.

“Can you imagine how alone, desperate and defeated Job must have felt? He was being attacked from every angle, with no relief in sight. In due time, however, God intervened.

“In the book of Job 42:10, we learn that the Lord not only restored Job, but gave him twice as much as he had before! This faithful servant of God received double. And today, God is still the God of double portion. He is the God of restoration - better than before!

“Biblical scholars say Job’s name means “the persecuted one.”(5) Interestingly, his name reflected his life: full of persecution, suffering, pain and distress. But despite the meaning of his name, God ordained that he would not be perpetually defined by his struggle. Job came out of his season of persecution and into a season of restoration, biblical restoration. I believe that is exactly what is happening in the body of Christ today. We are moving from a season of persecution into a season of restoration.

“Looking at your life right now, some might label you, ‘the persecuted one,’ ‘the struggling one,’ or ‘the depressed one.’ You might be considered ‘the forgotten one,’ ‘the lonely one,’ ‘the sick one,’ or even ‘the defeated one.’ But God has a plan, and you are about to become ‘the restored one!’ You will be ‘the redeemed one,’ ‘the joyful one.’ You’ll be called ‘the healed one,’ ‘the victorious one.’ Begin expecting this and thank the Lord for restoration. Renew your mind to see the good, the hope; and remind yourself of who God is, that He alone holds the power. Strengthen yourself in the Lord and engage with Him over this promise to you. Praise Him before the breakthrough and rejoice before the victory.”

Pray with me:

Father, we pray that hope and expectation would rise in troubled hearts. We pray that thankfulness and praise would be on our lips as we remember Your goodness and faithfulness. Jesus, we thank You for all that You are, all that You have done and all that You are continuing to do. We ask that You would infuse each of us with Your grace, strength, peace and perspective. Enable us to see what You see, remind us to say what You say.

We decree that restoration is coming upon Your people. We decree breakthrough in circumstances and situations. God, restore with abundance - double! Give beautiful exchanges to Your people - beauty for ashes, joy instead of mourning, praise for despair. Brokenness, sickness, pain are no match for You, Lord. Come and revive, restore, redeem, and make new.

We decree Your faithfulness and greatness over every person, family, and situation. We thank You for perfecting our stories, for releasing breakthrough and favor on us. You alone are worthy of all the glory, all the honor and we magnify You today. We thank You for Your promises. We trust You. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Our decree:

God is redeeming our times and moments. This is a season of Biblical restoration.

Today’s post was contributed by my niece - my brother Tim’s daughter - Rachel Shafer. You can learn more about Rachel here.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


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