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February 2, 2020

In Harm’s Way

“Teenagers’ brains are not fully developed until about 25. That gave me a lot of hope when my kids were careening through their teens. Needless to say, they didn’t always make the wisest decisions. Evidence-based research says their bad choices were rooted in science.

“As adults, we’re responsible for helping them safely navigate those risky years. Imagine, then, giving your 13-year-old the choice to return to her pimp. That’s precisely what our government is doing. As the California Department of Social Services put it, this is a ‘paradigm shift…allowing for youth to be the curators of their own safety, including how they define safety.

“Frustrated by their lack of success healing trafficked youth, the government blesses their decision to run back – validating it by calling it ‘harm reduction.’ Perhaps we should consider how pimps defy safety. They torture our children into a mortality rate 40 times higher than the national average; almost 50 percent try to escape through suicide.

“It’s time to take our children and these agencies back from the enemy.” (Deena Graves, M3 Transformations)


Give Him 15 minutes in prayer (by Deena Graves):

  1. Contend for our children. The enemy is working relentlessly to wipe out a generation through child sex trafficking, abortion even after birth, gender confusion, and other deceptions and perversions.

  2. Praise God for the professionals and first responders who personally sacrifice to work with abused-and-neglected children.

  3. Speak over harm-reduction, “Our children may not be sent back into the waiting arms of their all-too-happy pimps; instead, they are supernaturally healed from the mental torment that drives them back!”

  4. Declare, “The Government of God sets the policies for these agencies; every demonic structure operating in them is obliterated.”

  5. Say over the federal and state agencies that set policies for both governmental and non-governmental agencies, “Your hope is restored. The Lord is sending in teams to transform your work, resurrecting your destinies and the destinies of the children you serve.”

  6. Decree that fathers rise up, families are restored, and we no longer need child welfare agencies.

A prayer you can pray (by Deena Graves):

Father, Thank You for opening our eyes to the atrocities our children are living, not only in the arms of traffickers and buyers, but by the system entrusted with protecting them. We thought we could make people aware of the horrors of human trafficking, pray, and then trust the worldly government to fix it. We honestly thought we were doing our part, Lord. Social justice has been the “sexy” subject, the issue of the moment, so we executed compellingly-named campaigns, deemed a month each year as “awareness” – and left our children in the arms of pimps just as these agencies are doing. We let unverified stats and stirring messages replace our responsibility to resolutely “defend the defenseless, the fatherless and the forgotten, the disenfranchised and the destitute.” We abdicated our “duty to deliver the poor and the powerless; liberate them from the grasp of the wicked” (Psalm 82:3-4, The Passion). Without The Light, the system lost hope, turning to harm reduction; pepper-spraying; emotional, physical, and sexual abuse of our children themselves; and so much more. We declare these strongholds of oppression, perversion, deception, and murder no longer reign in these agencies; the Kingdom Government reigns. We’re going in to take our children back; we are the head and not the tail in decisions concerning our children. We loose angels to prepare the way for our teams with the right knowledge and skills to arm these agencies with Kingdom strategies, the hope of Christ Jesus, and effective treatment plans. We declare the dominion of God in every agency that works with our highly traumatized children.

Today’s decree (by Deena Graves):

We declare that the generation the enemy has mercilessly tried to wipe out is arising, stepping into its destiny, to crush his head.

Learn more about Deena Graves and M3 Transformations here.

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