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February 15, 2023

Revival Fires

Last night, Holy Spirit led one of my staff members to the GH15 post from November 15, 2021. In it, I mentioned two dreams the Lord gave our friend Gina Gholston. In light of what is occurring at Asbury, I felt it was appropriate to share portions of that post again.

As I was working on it, my friend, John Kilpatrick, called me. John led the great Brownsville Revival, which occurred from 1995 to 2000. Millions attended from around the world, hundreds of thousands were saved, and it sparked outpourings in many other places. He shared a prophecy with me that he released in 2018.

Here are some details from Gina’s first dream, all of the second dream, and John’s prophetic word.


In the first dream, Gina was in Kentucky at the Red River Meeting House, where a revival took place in 1800 that marked the start of the Second Great Awakening. (Interestingly, Asbury University is also in Kentucky.) One hundred eagles were there. After a geyser erupted, symbolizing the reopening of this well of revival, the eagles departed, flying through the water and becoming drenched with it. They then flew to different parts of America with the “revival water” dripping off of them onto different regions. Each eagle had a scroll in one claw, and 3 arrows in the other. There is much more to the dream, which you can read about in a previous post here (Feb. 9, 2021).


In the second dream, Gina saw the eagles once again. Here is that dream:

“I dreamed I was standing with someone on a deck-like structure in a very lofty place in the heavens. We were looking down, observing the United States of America. I did not know who the man was standing next to me, but I could feel a strong anointing from him, causing me to have an indescribable hope for the nation!

“As we were looking down, we saw what first appeared to be warplanes flying over the U.S. The gentleman next to me said, ‘Oh my, I wonder what is happening in America? What do all of these warplanes mean?’ He said this, not with concern, but almost as though he was wanting me to see something that wasn’t obvious. He looked at me as if I should know the right answer to his questions.

“I said, ‘Those are not warplanes, those are eagles! I have seen them before in a dream. There are 100 of them. They’re carrying water from the reopened well of revival at the Red River Meeting House. It has been unlocked and is now gushing forth into the nation.’

“Then I could clearly see that the eagles, just as in the previous dream, were carrying 3 arrows in one of their talons and a rolled-up piece of paper in the other. Also, they were still drenched and releasing water from the geyser erupting on the grounds of the Red River Meeting House.

“As the eagles were flying in all directions across America, suddenly, they all began diving toward the ground. When near the ground, they leveled off and began dropping their arrows onto the land. I knew there were 100 eagles, and each carried three arrows, so 300 were released throughout the land. When each arrow hit the ground, it ignited as though it had hit a gas pocket, and a spiraling plume of fire shot up. Then we watched as the water the eagles were carrying and releasing was also ignited by the fire. The water from the Red River Meeting House was extremely flammable and instantly caught fire! It seemed that all of America was on fire.

“In the dream, I became VERY aware of the power and presence of God, fell to my knees, and began to sob uncontrollably! The gentleman with me then began speaking under an incredibly heavy anointing. It was then that I noticed he had a very strong accent. He said: ‘You have seen correctly! This is how America will be saved! Do NOT doubt it! There is coming a sweeping move of the Spirit of God that will ignite America with the fire of His presence. This will bring a swift, undeniable awareness of God and an awakening. What seems to be one thing is about to be revealed as another. Some are in fear because of how things appear, but others SEE with holy awe and expectation!

“‘The eagles are on assignment. They carry “Fire Power”; they carry glory. And at the precise moment, their arrows will be released, hit their targets, and the move of God will ignite and spread very quickly!’ Then he said again, ‘Do NOT doubt it!’

“Still on my knees, I looked up at the man, and I somehow knew he was Duncan Campbell, one of the ministers from the great Hebrides revival.”


“I declare today that no matter what may be going on in the natural world, it shall not hinder what is about to break forth in the spirit. Let this declaration go forth, so the powers that be shall be put on notice that prayers and intercession have been made, and now is the time for the great harvest of souls.

“You are standing on the threshold of great change. The change has already begun, and nothing, nor no one, will prevent this final harvest of the ages. What I have promised, I shall perform!

“This glory will not break forth in just one geographical location, but it will begin to manifest in many places upon the earth almost simultaneously. This will be a quick work. Things will happen so fast that it may take a while to recognize that this is the Lord’s doings. There will become such an overwhelming awareness of God that many office buildings will become spiritual triage centers. Street corners will become healing centers. Warehouses will house large prayer gatherings. School campuses, and even department stores, will experience great visitations as My Spirit moves across the land. Military bases will have some of the mightiest moves of God. Prisons will experience massive conversions.

“The greatest hunger will not be in most houses of worship, but it will be on the streets - even in transit systems and secular gatherings. Sounds will arise from city streets of spontaneous outbreaks of powerful worship from hundreds and even thousands of people. But officials and city leaders will not lay a hand upon it, for they will know that this is a holy thing.

“You have heard about these things in previous outpourings, but in this Awakening, you will see it! It shall be broadcast far and wide.

“I am calling upon you to prepare your hearts now. Call upon Me. Seek Me now. Open your hearts to My Spirit. I will show you what to pray. I will reveal timing to you. You will know what you must know. The time to seek Me is now! There are evil powers at work. Call upon My Name. Proclaim My Name to this generation, and you will see the salvation of the Lord!

“This is the word of the Lord.”

Keep praying, asking Holy Spirit to pour Himself out on the young generation here in America and around the world. Obviously, it will not be limited only to them, but for a long time, many of us have felt that it will begin with them. Millions will come to Christ.

Pray with me:

Father, thank You for continuing to encourage and lead us as we pray for the release of Your great Holy Spirit outpouring. We are confident this has begun and will continue. In the dream, You said, “Do NOT doubt this.” We do not. We’re confident the prophetic arrows of deliverance and fire are positioned for the great release. They possess “Fire Power,” revival water, and glory. You also said, “This is how America shall be saved.” Revival will save America.

We ask for the arrows to be released NOW! And we decree Your promise: “Arrows of the Lord’s deliverance, be released!” Release Your Kingdom power and authority into America. As Your voice on earth, we command the release of life. We command the release of deliverance, of new beginnings, of healed minds and bodies. And we command the breaking of all opposition, the tearing down of strongholds.

Continue to pour out your spirit at Asbury and other colleges around America. What you showed me in 2001 became an unstoppable movement of holy fire. Millions of people were saved and delivered. This is coming and will not be stopped. In Yeshua’s name, we declare this. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that we have reached a fullness of time, and the fires of revival will be released.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


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