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February 14, 2022

The Follow Through

My brother, Tim Sheets, sent me a very powerful and encouraging word I’m using for today’s post. You will appreciate this strong word.

“In Habakkuk 2:3 we read that visions, dreams, and prophecies are for appointed, God-planned times. When their moment comes, they will accelerate to fullness and there will be no delay. It is vital to discern our times and remember what Holy Spirit has spoken to us, so we know how to properly engage.

“Something incredible is now surging in the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of Jesus Christ is now amping up to a different level. What the body of Christ has been contending for, through prayers and decrees, has come to its divine moment. Holy Spirit has activated strategies that are now in completion mode to produce God’s plan for His ruling and reigning Ekklesia.

“I recently heard the Lord say to me, ‘My Ekklesia and My remnant have now entered the season of Our follow-through.’

“I knew that ‘Our’ was referring to the Godhead. The Godhead is now following through on promises they have made to us. Holy Spirit is overseeing it now on the earth. Prophecies that have been proclaimed are now being accelerated. Dreams that have been given to us are in the season of the follow-through. A season of supernatural completions has now begun.

“When the Lord spoke these words to me, I was reminded of a previous word He had given me. He said, ‘I will now reintroduce Holy Spirit to the world. He will function in visible leadership of My Ekklesia, in worldwide ways and with explosive power. My sons and My daughters will move to new levels of My dominion mandate. New and unadulterated authority will be seen on the earth as Holy Spirit activates divine strategies and multiple divisions of angel armies to reinforce those strategies. They will assist My heirs and implement My Kingdom government. A new Pentecost outpouring will be poured upon the earth and everything in My Kingdom will accelerate. Revival and awakening will come. I will have My harvest.’

“Holy Spirit is the architect, strategist, and guide of this end time move, and He has announced this is a season of the follow-through. As I continued to ponder and pray, I was reminded of other words I believe refer to this season of completion.

“Holy Spirit instructed me on the importance of angel armies several years ago and I believe we are now moving into a greater season of angelic activity. When He first began teaching this to me, He said, ‘The King has issued a command for a new campaign on earth. I will now be leading a campaign similar to what I initiated in the Pentecost outpouring in Acts Chapter 2, only it will be far greater. This time I will be bringing far more of the angel armies.’

“These words set me on a journey of years of study on the nature and workings of angels. Holy Spirit opened up God’s Word to me concerning angels assisting the King’s heirs, the Ekklesia, and a Kingdom revival. What we are entering into is not a local church based revival as we have seen in the past. The plan this time is for a Kingdom revival that will occur everywhere.

Holy Spirit then said to me, ‘The greatest days in church history are not in your past; they are in your present and they are in your future.’

“The current Word of the Lord is that the Ekklesia and remnant have entered the season of the Godhead’s follow-through. The promised outpourings, revival, discipling of nations, and the greatest harvest ever are now in follow-through mode. Holy Spirit has been leading a transition in the church to develop a Kingdom mindset within the Ekklesia.

“Additionally, Holy Spirit is being reintroduced as Lord Sabaoth, Lord of angel armies. There are many references in scripture that tell us when Holy Spirit moves, it is often with angel armies. One occasion occurred at the first Pentecost.

“In Acts 2, King Jesus issued a command for a new campaign of His Kingdom to begin on the earth. This new Kingdom era was to take the gospel of the Kingdom into all of the earth. Holy Spirit came to supervise and empower it with angel armies. This is referenced in scripture by the cloven tongues of fire that hovered over each of the remnant believers in the upper room. Angels are often described in scripture as appearing like flames, reflectors, tongues or carriers of fire.

“Five hundred people were told to go to the Upper Room, but only 120 did. Angels ministered the fire of God’s glory to that remnant under Holy Spirit’s supervision. These ministering angels were angels of glory. They are part of the glory division of angel armies that always accompany members of the Godhead. These angels reflect the glory of the Godhead and are carriers of the glory anointing of God. They minister to the heirs of God from His glorious, holy presence. These angels assist Holy Spirit’s actions, outpourings, revivals, awakenings, and moves on the earth.

“Glory angels are often symbolized in God’s Word as fire. Fire often represents the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit, the very essence of who He is. It’s a presence you can see, feel and experience. When Holy Spirit came into the Upper Room, it must have been like a glory bomb exploded. A glory surge of who He is erupted and flames of fire appeared over each believer. Holy Spirit has said He is now moving similarly, yet greater.

“While the first Pentecost happened in one place, this next outpouring will occur in hundreds of locations. It will be a widespread Kingdom revival. A glorious Ekklesia will rise in power and the government of hell will not prevail against it. Holy Spirit is now activating multiple divisions of angels to assist.

“The different divisions of angel armies now being activated are: government, revival, breakthrough, alignment, awakening and reformation, evangelism, healings and miracles, and special forces. Holy Spirit is bringing these angels in this season of great follow-through to encamp around all of the Ekklesia hubs He has been preparing.

“I recently had a vision of hundreds of different hubs all over the world. Encamped around one hub I saw angels of alignment, healings, miracles and glory. Around another, I saw angels of breakthrough, harvest, evangelism and awakening. Surrounding another, I saw angels of war, special forces, breakthrough, and glory. It continued in this way throughout the vision with each Ekklesia hub assisted by more than one division of angels, depending on their needs. Sometimes, I saw the angels moving as if on missions. Other times, I saw a division of angels moving out as another division came in. It looked like an active operation in process.

“Holy Spirit then spoke these words, ‘I am increasing the power, influence and voice of my regional spirit capitals.’ He called the Ekklesia hubs His ‘regional spiritual capitals.’ The King has been building spiritual capitals, which clearly indicates governmental authority.

“The Godhead is in follow-through mode. King Jesus is building His regional spirit capitals. He is providing keys to their regions and hell will not be able to hold out against them. These Ekklesias will occupy the territorial thrones, dethrone demon powers, and from the spirit capitals, the spirit realm will influence the natural realm, thus beginning to disciple nations.

“God is now doing this. Not one word of His good promises will fail. We are moving into the most amazing days of God’s Kingdom. Hell doesn’t stand a chance.”

Pray with me:

Heavenly Father, we thank You for the dreams, visions, and prophecies You have given us. You have made so many promises to us, Lord. I believe You remember every one of them and You have promised You will follow through. We declare we have stepped into a season of supernatural follow-through and completion. Signs, wonders, and miracles are coming in abundance. A Kingdom revival will roar throughout all of the world. Holy Spirit is reintroducing who He really is. He is all-powerful, supernatural, all-knowing, ever-present, and a strategist who never loses.

God, release Your divisions of angel armies to assist us. Release Your glory angels that reflect Your presence. Let healings be manifested across this nation. Healings of mind, body, and soul.

We also call out to You, God, to heal our nation. You have promised America shall be saved and we call on You to follow through. We trust You, God. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Our Decree:

We decree we are in a season of supernatural follow-through and completion.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.

Today’s post was contributed by my brother, Tim Sheets. You can learn more about Tim here.


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