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February 10, 2023

That’s Who He Is…

Recently, Holy Spirit spoke to my friend, Chuck Pierce, the phrase, “There will be a return to Gilgal.” This is a positive statement, taken from Israel’s crossing of the Jordan into the promised land. Gilgal means “rolling,” and there the Lord said He had rolled off them the reproach of Egypt. The crossing of the Jordan pictures the Cross and resurrection, which rolled away humankind’s reproach and spiritual death. I have had much positive feedback from the Gilgal posts. If you haven’t seen or heard them, I encourage you to check them out.

Yesterday we looked at another place, Bochim, which means “weeping.” Judges 2 tells us that, due to Israel’s later compromise, the angel of the Lord moved from Gilgal to Bochim, where he pronounced their ensuing judgment. We believe America is now at Bochim, but God will restore us - “there will be a return to Gilgal.”

Yesterday’s post was difficult to write and even tougher to record. Acknowledging America’s broken condition is heartbreaking for me, as I’m sure it is for you. We are in such dark times. Had I not experienced more than one significant encounter with the Lord during which He showed me the coming revival; had these visitations not been confirmed by other trusted leaders who are also saying America will be saved; if not for these prophetic words and encounters, I would perhaps have wavered in my faith for America’s recovery. But I am confident I have heard from Holy Spirit regarding this. He is determined to reap the greatest harvest of souls ever, He needs America free and reconnected to Him in order to do this, and a remnant is asking Him for it. When we ask for anything according to His will, He hears us; and when we know He hears us, we know we have the requests for which we’ve asked (1 John 5:14-15). We will make it out of Bochim.

I want to encourage you today by emphasizing the incredible power and wisdom of God. It will require His miraculous power to roll back death in America, but He will release this power and break death’s hold. At Joshua’s crossing, the Lord told them to “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you,” (Joshua 3:5). He will do the same for us.


Joshua 3:15 tells us the Jordan was flooded when God cut it off 18 miles upstream. The Jordan River is usually around 30 yards wide and 3-4 feet deep. Because it was in flood stage, however, it would have been a mile or so wide and much deeper in this part of the Jordan Valley. To truly understand the scope of this miracle, one needs to picture a flooded, raging, mile-wide river being stopped. And also, for them to cross on dry ground (Joshua 3:17) 18 miles of flooded river had to disappear, and the riverbed dry up almost immediately!

No waiting several days for 18 miles of water to flow downstream. No days of waiting for the ground to dry out, so they wouldn’t have to traipse through muck and mire. No. Dry ground. Immediately. When God decides to cut off the flow of death, He has the power to do so.


It required great faith for Joshua and the priests carrying the Ark to cooperate with Yahweh, allowing Him to work this miracle. Can you imagine Joshua’s reaction when the Lord told him, “Within three days you are to cross THIS Jordan…” (Joshua 1:11) Not the Jordan 6 months from now. This one!

And the Ark, carried by the priests, had to enter the river first (Joshua 3). The priests were told the water wouldn’t dry up until the feet of those carrying it were IN THE WATER! (Verses 13, 17) “Walk on out there, Levi. The rest of you guys, follow him. Don’t worry; all of that water will just vanish. And don’t drop the Ark, housing the glory of God on the way into the water!”

That took some faith!

I wonder if today’s leaders, the “Joshua’s” of our day, will have enough faith - in spite of the flood of evil - to announce that it’s time to cross over…to declare that it is time for “wonders.“ Will the “priests” of our day have enough faith to carry the Ark into America’s flood of death? Yahweh won’t roll back the water until He receives a faith response. Feet will have to get wet before He acts. But if we will, He will.

I believe I know the answer to these questions. There ARE leaders who are filled with faith and unafraid of the Jordan. If you are one of them, I say to you, “Walk! Put the glory of God on your shoulders and walk. Announce to your congregations, ‘It’s time! Time to reap. Time to heal the sick. Time to cast out demons. Time to return to Gilgal!’”


After Yahweh’s great announcement at Gilgal, Joshua hiked to nearby Jericho in order to check it out. He evidently knew this would be the first city they were to conquer. It was probably the most impregnable and fortified city in all of Canaan. First, the impassable flooded Jordan, then this impenetrable, fortified Jericho. God was nothing if not consistent! Taking on Jericho was going to require a lot of faith!

So, the Captain Himself made a personal visit to Joshua (Joshua 5:13-6:5). The word for “captain” is sar (Strong’s 8269), from sarar (Strong’s 8323). The word doesn’t literally mean a captain, but is a general term meaning “one with dominion; to reign or govern as a prince.” It can also mean “a general, a governor, a lord, or master.” Zodhiates says, “the primary usage is that this individual has immediate authority as the leader,” This warrior was Christ Himself!

Circumcision had occurred, Egypt’s reproach was lifted, Passover was honored - and the Captain showed up. First, He came as the Savior, the Passover Lamb. Then He came as the Captain, the Warrior, the Lion. And He didn’t come to take sides, as the old preacher said, He came to take over.

“Are You for us, or for our adversaries?” Joshua asked him. (Joshua 5:13)

“No,” said the Captain. The angels must have chuckled. “I’m here to take charge of possessing this land” (Joshua 5:14). And He did.

Many years later, after He was baptized in this same river at most likely the same place, Jesus fulfilled this picture from Joshua. He crossed into the promised land and began working wonders. Some scholars believe that as a fulfillment of Joshua’s crossing and Canaan’s conquest, Christ - after leaving the Jordan - actually followed the literal path Joshua took in possessing the land! The “Captain” had come again. The One with authority. Here to take over. Conquering sickness, despair, demons, death, hell and the grave. That’s who He is, and that’s what He does.

And Christ is coming again to this nation and the nations. Not just with His literal return to earth, but first, a spiritual visit in order to pour out His Spirit once again. He will lead us out of the darkness of Bochim and back to Gilgal. He will perform a fresh baptism of fire, fill us with His Spirit, and lead us into the greatest conquest, the greatest harvest in history.

That’s who He is, and that’s what He does.

Pray with me:

Father, You are the way-maker, the miracle worker. You work wonders, and this is not even challenging for You. When the right time comes, You can do what You said You would do. You will most assuredly be able to roll back the waters of death in America and elsewhere. You can resurrect dry bones, produce streams in the desert, raise up nations, and overthrow nations.

Our faith in Your heart to redeem and save cannot be shaken. We are not trying to persuade You to save people here and around the world. You want to do this more than we want to see it. “For God so loved the world” is Your eternal declaration. Because of this, we WILL exit Bochim and return to Gilgal. You will break the back of the evil systems, strongholds, and spiritual giants ruling our nation and revive us again.

And we are ready to carry You, Your presence, Your glory, on our shoulders into the flood of death. We do not need to see everything change before believing everything will change. We do not have to see the Jordan rolled back to know it will roll back. We are ready. Strengthen the remnant. Strengthen your leaders. Give them courage. Give them renewed faith and vision. May they hear Your command and recognize You as the Supreme Leader You are. We ask and declare these things in the holy name of the Captain, the Head, the risen Lord. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree once more, that there WILL be a return to Gilgal.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


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