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December 9, 2021

God’s Verdict Over America

I want to prepare you now for Monday’s post (12/13/21). I have been asked to teach some and lead in communion as we join the ministries of Lou Engle ( and Matt Lockett ( in prayer and communion regarding the current Supreme Court case. So, on Monday, have your bread and wine (or juice) ready when you read (or listen to) that day’s post.


Our friend Gina Gholston has felt the need to re-release a prophetic word she gave in 2018. I, too, feel it is a timely word for NOW. Gina shares:

“Looking at the happenings in our world through the lens of natural understanding, we would undoubtedly conclude that a spiritual awakening is impossible. However, as the body of Christ, our worldview is not obstructed by the delusion, chaos, fog of fear and confusion hell has initiated. We see through the lens of God’s Word and His prophetic promises.

“In 2018, I had a very significant dream that revealed God’s heart and intentions for the United States. Its message gave the Ekklesia hope and strategy for the future into which we were being ushered. I know that Dutch has shared this dream a few times, but with the events that have been unfolding in our nation, I felt the unction of Holy Spirit to revisit this revelation.

“In the dream, I, along with two fellow intercessors and my mom and dad, was walking down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC. I knew the Turnaround Conference at the Trump Hotel was just ending at that very moment. (This was an actual conference held at the Trump Hotel a couple of weeks after I had this dream. It was a gathering of national and international intercessors who had come to Washington, D.C. for the sole purpose of meeting with God and making an appeal to Him on behalf of the United States of America.)

“In the dream, as we were on Pennsylvania Avenue, we turned and saw a courier angel coming outside through the doors of the Trump Hotel where the conference was just ending. This angel was carrying a fairly large scroll. His face was set toward the United States Capitol Building, and he was heading immediately in that direction. We decided to follow him and continued, even as he went into the Capitol. We then entered into the House Chamber, and the scene was exactly as it had been at the State of the Union address given by President Donald Trump just a few nights prior to this dream. All of the lawmakers were there in their seats, and there were many people in the gallery. It was a packed house.

“The courier angel with the scroll was standing at double doors leading into the House Chamber, and he loudly announced with authority and confidence, ‘ALL RISE!’ And just as had happened at the previous State of the Union Address, some people stood, while others disrespectfully and very snidely stayed seated.

“The angel then opened the scroll and said very loudly and adamantly, ‘The verdict has been determined: AMERICA SHALL BE SAVED!’

“Immediately a cloud, the glory of God, came from behind the angel and began filling the room. Those who had stood at his entrance were now crumpled to their knees, wailing, overcome by the reality of God’s presence. Two or three who had been seated before, were now on their knees, screaming out very loudly, ‘I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!’ while others remained seated.

“I knew in that moment, judgment was beginning and God’s ruling authority was being set in place. Transformation and reformation to accomplish America’s new reality was set in motion: She shall be saved!

“That was the end of the dream.

“Though sometimes, of course, we pray during emergencies and crises, effectual, fervent prayer is not just a last-minute attempt to get God involved in our situations. It is prayer that flows from a heart of unwavering faith established by abiding in the Lord’s presence. As we draw near to Him in the place of His presence, we hear His Word, His will, and are provoked to speak and align ourselves in agreement with Him for that will to take place.

“I think of Moses, as he was leading the people of Israel to possess the land God had promised. The promise was real and certain, yet obedience in following and trusting God was demanded as He led them into its fulfillment. While they journeyed, at times Moses would pitch a tent outside the camp. He called it ‘the tent of meeting.’ He would go there to seek the Lord, and God would meet with Him in the tent.

“The Bible says God spoke to Moses ‘face to face, as one speaks to a friend’ (Exodus 33:11 NIV). Moses sought the Lord, and by doing so heard the strategies of Heaven, enabling him to lead the people. It was in one of those ‘meetings’ that God assured Moses His presence would go with them and He would give them rest. God sealed this assurance with a promise, saying: ‘I will do this thing . . . for you have found grace in My sight, and I know you by name’ (Exodus 33:17 NKJV).

“For those few days in February of 2018 in Washington, D.C., the Trump Hotel served as a “tent of meeting,” as thousands of people, both in person and via the Internet, encountered God as they made fervent appeals to Heaven on behalf of the United States of America. The dream given to me revealed that those prayers set things into motion. God heard the faith-filled agreement that flowed from the sincere hearts of those intercessors, and His response to their appeal was a verdict that still rings true for our nation today: “America shall be saved!” This is not a cute catchphrase; this is a verdict rendered by God Himself, and it is a promise that will be fulfilled by the God Who made it! God has spoken, and He has sealed it with the promise, ‘I will do this thing!’

“History provides multiple examples of God shaking nations that seemed unshakable and changed world events that seemed unchangeable. God has always had a people who believe Him. And as they humbled themselves and walked with Him in cooperation with His Spirit, God has time and again shown Himself strong through them, in spite of hell’s attempts to stop or hinder His plan. The Lord recently said to me, ‘I have remembered My promises, and that which I have spoken will now begin to bring forth the harvest of My intentions.’

“God has not forgotten His verdict! He speaks with intent to perform. Regardless of how things appear, the truth remains: ‘America will be saved!’ Do not doubt it! Keep standing with unshaken confidence. God is with us, His Spirit will lead us triumphantly, and through us, He will fulfill His determined intentions.”

Pray with me:

Father, we set ourselves in agreement with Your determined verdict. We rise with an unshaken resolve to move with You and for You to see Your will happen in our nation! We declare the downfall and annihilation of every scheme and plot of hell to change laws and times throwing this nation off its God-ordained course and destiny! (see Daniel 4:25) You have determined and declared that America shall be saved, and we declare that verdict with undaunted faith and expectation. You will watch over Your Word to perform the doing of it! (Jeremiah 1:12)

And as we pray in agreement with Your word, Lord, regarding the saving of America, we remember to pray for the babies. We stand in agreement that Roe will be overturned and that satan will not steal this decision. We ask You, Holy Spirit, to continually hover over the Supreme Court, guarding the hearts and minds of the conservative Justices. And we ask that Justice Roberts either be pulled toward reversing Roe v. Wade or that his counsel to sustain it will be unsuccessful. We ask these things in Christ’s name. Amen.

Our decree:

God’s verdict has been determined and set into motion; hell cannot stop what He has started! America shall be saved!

Portions of this post were taken from Gina’s new book, Dreams of Awakening, which was just released this week. The book is available on her website (or click here).

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


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