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December 9, 2020

I invite you to join me each day as we pray for our nation until the election crisis has resolved. I’ll be reading the daily Give Him 15, making comments, and then we will pray together. You can join me here as we Appeal to Heaven for America.


I am sure many of you have heard by now that the state of Texas filed a lawsuit directly with the US Supreme Court shortly before midnight on Monday, December 7th, challenging the election procedures in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin on the grounds that they violate the Constitution.

Quoting from, “Texas argues that the states violated the Electors Clause of the Constitution because they made changes to the voting rules and procedures through the courts or through executive actions, but not through the state legislatures. Additionally, Texas argues that there were differences in voting rules and procedures in different counties within the states, violating the Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause. Finally, Texas argues that there were ‘voting irregularities’ in these states as a result of the above.”

This is huge! The lawsuit reads, in part:

“Certain officials in the Defendant States presented the pandemic as the justification for ignoring state laws regarding absentee and mail-in voting. The Defendant States flooded their citizenry with tens of millions of ballot applications and ballots in derogation of statutory controls as to how they are lawfully received, evaluated, and counted. Whether well-intentioned or not, these unconstitutional acts had the same uniform effect – they made the 2020 election less secure in the Defendant States. Those changes are inconsistent with relevant state laws and were made by non-legislative entities, without any consent by the state legislatures. The acts of these officials thus directly violated the Constitution.

“This case presents a question of law: Did the Defendant States violate the Electors Clause by taking non-legislative actions to change the election rules that would govern the appointment of presidential electors? These non-legislative changes to the Defendant States’ election laws facilitated the casting and counting of ballots in violation of state law, which, in turn, violated the Electors Clause of Article 2, Section 1, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution. By these unlawful acts, the Defendant States have not only tainted the integrity of their own citizens’ vote, but their actions have also debased the votes of citizens in Plaintiff State and other States that remained loyal to the Constitution.”

The case is now on the docket and will be heard. I have been told by legal experts that this could be a game-changer. Thank God for government leaders in Texas standing up for truth and integrity. Now we need to bathe this lawsuit in prayer.

We are also awaiting the decision from the Court regarding Pennsylvania. The attempt by the Governor and Secretary of State to give the election to Biden is being challenged. This is due to the incredible number of illegal votes cast through the mail-in voting. We must pray faithfully and intensely for both of these State battles.

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  • Give thanks to the Lord for Texas and the godly leaders there.

  • Ask the Lord to give them great wisdom, skill, and favor as they present this case.

  • Pray against any strategy of the enemy to defeat them.

  • Pray for those in Pennsylvania bringing their case to the Court. We must win Pennsylvania!

  • Pray that these lawsuits create momentum and that other victories follow.

  • Pray for exposure of the evil. And pray for the legal teams fighting these battles.

A prayer you can pray:

Father, we thank you for this breakthrough in Texas. Now we ask for your favor as this goes before the Supreme Court. We ask that they will rule according to the Constitution. We ask that you give incredible wisdom and articulation to those representing Texas-that they have the right strategy. We pray that the inappropriate election decisions made will be exposed. Use this case to expose the fraud.

And Lord, we pray for Pennsylvania. We ask you for breakthrough there. We ask you that those who have come forward and presented discrepancies and fraud be vindicated. And we ask that the governments in contested states are not able to ignore the fraud and deception that took place. We ask you for just and righteous election outcomes.

We pray continually for the legal teams. We ask you, Lord, to give them strength, courage, endurance, wisdom, and provision. We pray for our President--give him strength and endurance. And finally, we pray for the Justices, that they will think clearly, wisely, and constitutionally. We pray a protective covering over them, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Today’s decree:

We decree that God will hover over the Supreme Court as they make these decisions, and rule over every decision rendered!


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