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December 23, 2020

I invite you to join me each day as we pray for our nation until the election crisis has resolved. I’ll be reading the daily Give Him 15, making comments, and then we will pray together. You can join me here as we Appeal to Heaven for America.

The Healing of the Republic

I can only imagine how challenging it must be for our president to stand; many are telling him to give up. Undoubtedly, colleagues, friends, family members, staffers, Republican leaders, Christian advisers, and more are telling him to take the high road and bow out gracefully. Just as Nehemiah faced the mockery and taunting of Sanballat and Tobiah, President Trump is most likely facing his mockers and naysayers on a regular basis. I am glad he is still standing.

We understand the spiritual battle going on for the nation; President Trump may or may not. Regardless, we must war in the spiritual realm so he can remain standing in the natural realm. The pressure has to be immense. As he is standing at a crossroads daily, pray he does not get to a point of desperation that could motivate him to make wrong decisions. The following dream from Clay Nash depicts just such a possible scenario in the Oval Office:

“I dreamed a dream this morning, Dec 19, for the second morning in a row. I was in the Oval Office with Trump’s leadership team and several other ministers.

“I felt challenged in being there; his team didn’t like it. The room was tense. Dutch was standing, watching like an eagle perched to observe. Jim Hodges (Dutch’s spiritual father) was there, as well as Timothy Carscadden (apostolic/prophetic leader).

“In one wall was a vault-like safe. The President, on a few occasions, started toward the vault but someone would engage him in conversation and stop him, assuring POTUS they would open the vault door if it needed to be opened. Some eventually went to the vault door and turned the rotating dial, feigning an attempt to open it.

“General Michael Flynn entered the room, which created a stir among the Trump team. Some on the President’s team gathered at the vault and, again, acted as though they were attempting to open the safe by spinning the combination dial. Their continued unwillingness to open it (and inability--they didn’t have the combination) created greater tension in the Oval Office. General Flynn had a look of complete contempt on his face.

“Dutch, Jim, and Timothy were now together praying, but doing so in a manner that would not draw attention to themselves. President Trump started toward the vault again and, as before, some sought to stop him. He angrily shoved them aside and placed himself in front of the vault. Dutch, Jim, Timothy, and General Flynn then positioned themselves between the President and the others in the room. At that point, a soldier from World War I came from the cloud of witnesses and positioned himself toward everyone in the room, with his back to Dutch, Jim, Timothy, and General Flynn. I saw his medals and name; he was Sergeant Alvin C York.

“President Trump then flipped down the rotating dial, revealing a digital keypad! He turned his head over his shoulder, looked Dutch in the eye, and punched in 22221212. The door opened and a golden glory was released into the room.

“Some began to weep, some ran to the far wall, and others of us began to cheer. Jim Hodges approached President Trump, laid both hands on his shoulders, and said, ‘Well done, son.’ The President fell to his knees and wept. Melania entered the room and began prophesying over him, stating that the republic could now be healed and America would now surely be saved.” End of dream.


Obviously, the President and his team disagreed on opening the safe. He wanted it open; they did not. There was something President Trump wanted to do or open. (Though it wasn’t known at the time, this would restore the “treasure” of God’s glory, salvation, and healing to the republic of America.) We spiritual leaders, General Flynn, and the soldier from the cloud of witnesses also wanted the door opened and the contents revealed. The President’s team did not want it opened; they wanted what was inside to remain locked up and hidden.

The President needed protection in order to open the door. This protection would be provided by spiritual authority (prayer), the military, and the heavenly hosts.

The correct method of opening the door was not what it appeared to be. Only the President knew the proper method, which was revealed at the last minute, and only he could open the door. The combination of the vault was 22221212, obvious in its meaning. Isaiah 22:22 gives us authority to open and close doors; 12 is the biblical number of government. Double 12 would either be for emphasis, or to picture both spiritual and civil government working together, which is what I believe it is signifying. Only God’s delegated authority, working through both the ekklesia (the church) and civil government, can open/expose what must be opened/exposed in America, and restore to us His glory, healing, and salvation.

What does the soldier from the cloud of witnesses represent? Many dreams sent to me of late have someone from “the cloud of witnesses” in them. These individuals obviously represent heaven’s army, but they also represent agreement with America’s past generations. I refer to this in my book, An Appeal To Heaven, as producing “the synergy of the ages.” Agreement with past generations aligns us with God’s original purposes, promises and covenants, allowing Him to multiply power to us.

Finally, tender pictures of President and Melania Trump are given in the dream. The President is seen as a son being affirmed by a spiritual father. This brings brokenness and humility, which will position him for true greatness. Melania is seen prophesying-one who knows God’s voice. Many people despise these two--including some in the church-and are ready and willing to cast the first stone. These “pharisees” refuse to believe the blood of Jesus could possibly cleanse and forgive the President of his past, while hurrying off to church where they sing Amazing Grace, a song written by a former slave trader. Amazing hypocrisy.

I believe this dream is saying that President and Mrs. Trump are hungry for God, tender to His heart, and that they love America deeply. I also believe the President is ready for a major God encounter, one that will transform him incredibly, preparing him for the greatest season of fruitfulness in his life. Let’s believe for this!

And don’t tell me -DO NOT TELL ME - God cannot work a miracle and give President Trump the election most Americans know he won. I say, “Expose the evil, Lord. All of it. Every one of them. Be ruthless! Let the Jehu spirit come on those who need to be part of the operation. Throw down Jezebel! Cut off this evil root in our government, along with ALL of its evil shoots. Uproot it all-in Congress, our Courts, the Executive branch, agencies, departments - get it all! I command exposure, in Jesus’ name!

Give us breakthrough, Lord. Heal our republic and save America.

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  • Ask Holy Spirit to give you His heart for President Trump.

  • Ask Him to cause our President to listen only to right counsel, heaven’s guidance.

  • Ask God to keep those who would give the President wrong advice away from him.

  • Pray against discouragement in both he and Melania.

  • Pray that he knows how to expose/open, when to do so, how to work the lock, and that he has the right combination of spiritual and natural authority backing him.

  • Pray for a mighty visitation of Holy Spirit to President Trump and Melania, that he is completely transformed and she prophesies!

Pray with us:

Father, we thank you for sustaining President Trump. We thank you for keeping him from conceding and, thereby, turning our nation over to those who don’t like You, Your ways or Your word. They fight to kill babies, lie to get elected, and hate the nation as You created it. They desperately want to change America. We pray for them. Save those You can; deliver them from their deception and reveal Yourself to them.

Remove those who need to be removed; expose those who need to be exposed. Deliver us from government leaders who don’t want You to rule this land. We ask for Psalm 2 to be fulfilled--redeem those You can, break the influence and authority of the others. Expose lying media.

And we pray for President Trump and Melania. Encourage them, Lord. Lead our President. Give him great wisdom and wise counsel. And give him Jehu’s-men and women with warrior hearts and patriot hearts. And visit him, Lord. Reveal Yourself to him in a profound way. Show him what it means to be a faithful son, walking with his faithful Father. Teach the President Your ways, and open the ears of Melania to hear You. May she prophesy! And cause President Trump to make decisions that allow a restoration of Your glory, complete healing of our Republic, and the saving of America. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


The vault will be opened, the glory of the Lord will come, our republic will be healed and America shall be saved!


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