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December 2, 2021

It Still Works!

A demonic tide of destruction has been unleashed upon our nation and has taken ground at an increasingly rapid rate. Politically, economically, and humanistically there is an agenda to make America never again look the way God intended her to look. Yet, He has not given up on us. Yahweh still has a great plan and purpose for this nation and is calling on us to partner with Him in this critical hour.

The book of Ezra shares of a time in Israel’s history which is a good picture of where we in America are today; it also speaks of God’s restoration. The Israelites began rebuilding the Temple after their sin had caused it to be destroyed. While they were hard at work, other people in the land - enemies of God - threatened and discouraged the people of Judah, causing them to be filled with a paralyzing fear. “Counselors” were also hired to lobby against the people of God to frustrate their strategy. All of this resulted in a 16-year delay in the rebuilding of the Temple, the place where God’s glory dwelled.

In some ways, America currently finds herself in this sort of delay. After making significant advances toward America’s restoration during Trump’s term, many have allowed discouragement and fear to gain a foothold in their hearts. They’ve laid down their tools and folded their hands. Others have allowed themselves to become busy with religious activity, but do not challenge status quo systems aimed at shredding the moral fabric of our nation.

As in the days of Ezra, “counselors” (see Ezra 4:5), known today as lobbyists, are diligently and strategically opposing God’s people, while advancing an antichrist agenda in every sector of society. This is a fulfillment of Psalm 2, which describes those who hate God and take counsel together, devising plans to contend against Him and His people. These lobbyists and leaders believe they’ve overthrown God’s rule in America and conquered His people; in their arrogance, they openly decree this.

Notwithstanding, Psalm 2 describes several terrifying things God does in response. First, He laughs a mocking laugh of derision toward them. Then, He asserts that His Son will indeed rule the earth. Lastly, God warns that if they persist, He will brandish His rod of authority, breaking and shattering His opposition. The good news is clearly laid out there - in the end, God wins!

We must not fear that if we resist the liberal government and leftish activists we might be harmed. Neither should we fear that we might go to jail, lose our government funding, tax-exempt status, or have our businesses shut down for speaking truth. Indeed, these things are already happening - some are already paying a high price to stand for righteousness - but we must not cower and live in fear. The only fear we must operate in is the fear of the Lord.

Thankfully, the negative story from Ezra is only half the story. After a 16-year delay in rebuilding the Temple, God raised up a company of leaders who worked together to steer His people toward repentance and a resuming of the restoration. First, He raised up two prophets, Haggai and Zechariah, who boldly awakened the people to their true condition, yet also to God’s heart for them. The moment they responded in repentance, God began working on their behalf, frustrating the plans of the lobbyists and giving the people of Judah favor with the government. Everything they needed for the restoration of the Temple was provided!

Then Yahweh gave them needed alliances. The most amazing part of the story is how the prophets (Haggai and Zechariah), the priesthood (Joshua), and civil government (Zerubbabel, the governor), worked together to lead the people into reformation. In response to their obedience and righteous partnership the Lord blessed Israel, decreeing that the glory of the latter house would be greater than the former (Haggai 2:9). Zechariah later prophesied to Zerubbabel telling him the mountain in front of him was going to be brought low and made a plain; not by might or power, but by Holy Spirit, Zerubbabel would tear it down with shouts of “grace, grace!” This is a picture of what God wants to do in America. He is forming powerful alliances in His kingdom today. Christian leaders are speaking out, the Ekklesia is praying, righteous leaders are being raised up in government, and the body of Christ is becoming active in many efforts to restore America.

The Supreme Court case being voted on tomorrow (Friday, 12/3/2021) is an example: government leaders and righteous pro-life attorneys have worked together to bring the case before the Court. Some of the attorneys are supported by business leaders and other concerned Americans. Christians around the nation, as well as here in DC, are praying.

My assignment, of course, is to motivate and coordinate prayer. I want to encourage you that “it still works!” A friend of mine was given a powerful dream several months back, in which George Washington made an appearance. The dream is worth mentioning here:

“…Then the crowd became stone-cold silent. Out of the old house came George Washington. You could see the bullet holes in his coat - he was wearing his Revolutionary War uniform. Washington walked up to Dutch, took off his hat and handed the original Appeal To Heaven flag to him. Dutch unfurled the Flag, which was worn, tattered, and riddled with bullet holes. Washington looked at him and said, ‘It still works! You, sir, are making our appeal to heaven certain and America will be saved…’”

Pray for America.

Pray for the Church to arise.

Pray for the babies’ protection.

Pray for tomorrow’s vote at the Supreme Court.

Pray that revival explodes in America and around the world!

Pray that God purges our government of evil, and exalts righteous leaders.

If the church continues to awaken from her slumber, heeds the voice of the prophets, and begins to partner with righteous government leaders, the Lord will make a way for our nation’s Biblical foundations to be restored, and for His glory to fill our land again. God’s desire is for us to see revival in our cities, our nation, and other nations of the earth. Don’t yield to discouragement and fear. Holy Spirit is calling forth an army of faithful followers who will not yield to discouragement, but will instead boldly push back the darkness (see Ephesians 6:12).

Pray with me (as we pray here in D.C.):

Father, the “rebuilding” has begun. America’s prophets are speaking, the royal priesthood (1 Peter 2:9) is responding, and the Zerubbabel’s are arising. We ask for victory over unrighteous leaders, ungodly lobbyists and others that oppose You and Your plans for America. We boldly ask for such a great restoration that just as in Haggai’s day, a double-portion of Your glory will be seen in our land.

We pray again today regarding tomorrow’s vote in the Supreme Court of America. We ask for You to involve Yourself. Anoint and favor pro-life Briefs being considered; oppose the death arguments. Influence the Justices greatly, especially those in the middle. May they feel Heaven’s weighty hand, hear its voice and experience its wisdom. Thy Kingdom, come! Thy will, be done!

According to Your word in Matthew 16:18-19, using Your keys, we bind evil spirits' involvement and declare that the gates, government, and plans of hell will not prevail against the Kingdom of God. We do this in Christ’s name. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that just as in Haggai’s day, the word of the Lord will be heard, the restoration will be completed, and the glory of Yahweh will cover America and all the earth. It still works!

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