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August 9, 2022

The Re-circuiting Continues

Obviously, different seasons require different ways of thinking. Not conforming to this principle can be costly. In a cold season, one dresses differently than in a warm season. On vacation, hopefully, one thinks differently than while at work. In harvest season, one thinks differently than in the planting season. Seasons change, and so must we.

John the Baptist was called a forerunner, because he “ran before” Christ, preparing the way for His coming (Isaiah 40:1-5; Luke 3:1-6). One of the ways in which he prepared the people for Christ’s entrance was by telling them to change their thinking. The actual meaning of the word “repent,” one of John’s main commands, is “to think differently” (metanoeo). It does NOT actually mean “to go a different direction” as most Christians think. Going a different direction (epistrepho) is the end result of repentance. When we receive a revelation or enlightenment - a new way of thinking - from Holy Spirit, we can turn and go His way. We can do what He says to do, and we can do it in the way He says to do it. Repentance is the cause, turning is the result.

So John prepared the way with new and different thinking (repentance); Jesus followed with different activities. When He appeared on the scene, He started doing things differently. He taught differently. He corrected wrong doctrine and theology. He denounced the evolved religious traditions in Judaism that were not in line with scripture or God‘s heart. He worked miracles of healing. He overrode the laws of nature with His faith, authority, and power. He cast out demons. Those who followed Him had been prepared by John’s challenge to think differently, and it’s a good thing they were.

No revival in past history has looked like the previous revival. This is due to several factors: Holy Spirit is building on what He did in the previous revival; therefore, He is obviously doing different things; He is doing it in a different time, therefore, a different culture; and more. This is why He tells us to keep ourselves flexible, comparing us to a wineskin.

What might Christ do differently in the coming outpouring of the Holy Spirit? We will see the full expression of His five ministry-gift anointings: apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher. We will see how He intended for them to work together, multiplying power and effectiveness. We will see how this mixes with the new level of worship Holy Spirit has produced in the body of Christ in the last 20 to 30 years. We will see the dramatic impact of 21st-century technology on revival. We will see how all of this enables the church to disciple individuals and nations more effectively. This brings me to my final statement regarding what we will see: we will not only see Christ’s commission of Mark 16:15-18 fulfilled, but we will also see that of Matthew 28:18-20 fulfilled. The Mark 16 passage is about revival or awakening. It speaks of preaching the gospel and seeing people saved, baptized, filled with the spirit, delivered, and healed. The Matthew 28 passage is about reformation. It speaks of discipling and reforming nations, teaching them God’s ways, principles, and commandments. It is teaching people - entire nations - to live by the principles of the Kingdom of Heaven. Seeing these two activities of the Kingdom working in tandem will be something to behold.

The momentum produced by the Charismatic and Jesus People movements of the late 60s, 70s, and early 80s was lost over the next decade or two. This is because the movement was about Mark 16 only - getting people saved - and neglected the discipling of nations, Matthew 28. While the church did Mark 16, humanists, secularists and atheists did Matthew 28, discipling our nation to their “doctrines” and beliefs. They did so through government, education, media, entertainment, and other systems - all while the church was content to leave those areas alone and practice our religion. This flawed paradigm of the church is how one of the greatest outpourings of Holy Spirit in history can be experienced, and yet the church loses ground culturally.

This will not happen in the coming move of Holy Spirit. We will think differently and do both commissions. This will be a game changer.

I was with my friend, Chuck Pierce, last year when he had a vision about God re-circuiting the church and nation, which would obviously involve thinking differently. Here are a few definitions of circuit before sharing the vision: “a circular journey; the complete path of an electric current; a means of transmitting communication signals or messages.”

Chuck said, “All of a sudden, I saw a word of knowledge blazed across the heavenly realms over us. It was the word “circuit.” Suddenly, I saw the Lord reach down inside of us and pull out a circuit. Then, with His hand He began to re-circuit individuals, followed by re-circuiting this region and, finally, re-circuiting our nation.”

Chuck continued, “It’s like ‘killing’ a computer. You see, a computer stores all sorts of trash within it, and just turning it off and back on doesn’t get rid of the trash and garbage that has been stored in various parts of it. You have to go in and ‘kill’ that circuit, then bring it back up again.”

He then prophesied, “The Lord says, ‘I’m going to make My people so in line with My purposes, so thinking the way I’m thinking, they will have no choice but to start walking in a new way.’”

Elaborating further, he continued, “In this vision, the word ‘circuit,’ I believe, means a line, a message, a current that’s gone out. It went out, then it came full circle back in. He was re-circuiting America.

Chuck then prophesied again, “You will know that I have pulled the plug on [‘killing’] things you’ve been asking me to pull the plug on, and brought the nation full circle.

“‘I say, when I pull these plugs - I’ll do it one by one - the messages that have gone out in the past, will not be the same messages I allow to go out in the future.

“‘Know this, My circuit is going out from the heavens, and as My voice goes out on that circuit, I say to you, it will NOT return void. What begins tonight will cause a nation to be circuited again with My message.’”

It is easy to see the working of this. God has obviously changed the thinking of the church and the nation. He is not finished Holy Spirit is determined to finish His forerunning work of preparing America for revival…a Mark 16 AND Matthew 28 revival.

Don’t fear the shaking - just think differently!

Pray with me:

Father, thank You for this encouraging word. You are re-circuiting the church and our nation. We are saying “yes” to this. We want to be in sync with You, both in our actions and our thoughts. We repent - we change our thinking and will move with You! We will move from the forerunning stage to fulfillment, from preparation to performance.

Re-circuit us and re-circuit our nation. Pull the plug on evil circuitry. Pull the plug on lies, deception, evil strategies and plans, and on everything that has been launched by people to destroy Your plan for America. Bring down every evil plan.

We are well aware that in this coming revival, some who now oppose You will fall in love with You. THEY will be re-circuited. Do it! We will rejoice over their salvation. Save many in our government, and bring revival to our schools. Save rich, poor, Republican, Democrat, red, yellow, black, and white. We ask for this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that we in the church and our nation, ARE being re-circuited!

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


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