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August 4, 2023

I feel led by Holy Spirit to share an insight from my book An Appeal to Heaven. It explains one of the reasons I am confident God will save and restore America. I believe this will strengthen your faith and fuel your prayers.

When I Boxed Five Giants

Back in 2007, God gave a friend of mine an important dream. In the dream, I was a boxer and fought five giants, knocking out each of them—one per round over five rounds. I floored each giant with one punch; and with each opponent, I alternated fists.

After I knocked out the fifth giant, I walked from the ring and addressed the young man having the dream. Holding up my gloved fists, I declared, “If you’re going to take out the giants in this season, you’re going to have to wear these two gloves.” One of the gloves had the word “Everlast” on it; the other, “Evergreen.”

The Weapon of Everlast

When the dream occurred, I had been studying the life of Abraham and his journey with God. In Genesis 21:33, Scripture tells us that at Beersheba, Abraham called on “the Everlasting God.” The Hebrew words are Olam El, and this is the first time in Scripture anyone referenced God as Olam El.

The meaning of the word olam, “everlasting,” is not our typical concept of eternity, which is basically an endless future. The concept of olam is eternity extending both directions in time. One lexicon described it as the most distant times in both directions—past and future. Even such an amazing description as that falls short, however, because the word “times” in the definition violates the very concept of olam, which is timelessness. Olam cannot be defined by a timeline. This is why the word was applied to God. Olam El, Everlasting God, created time and exists outside of its boundaries and limitations. (1)

For our finite, human minds—and in order for us to understand why Abraham chose this phrase to glorify God—suffice it to say that Olam El is the strong and mighty God (El), who is Lord over eternity past, present, and future (Olam). He can completely forgive and heal the past; He can see the future.

For example, God doesn’t see a born-again, former thief as “a former thief”; He doesn’t see the redeemed murderer as “a former murderer.” When He forgives, He eradicates past sins and separates them from us “as far as the east is from the west” (Psalm 103:12), which is an immeasurable distance. He cleanses us and remembers our sins no more (Hebrews 8:12, 10:17). Olam, through the Cross, eradicates all record of our former sins.

Therefore, Olam doesn’t speak of our future based on who or what we’ve been, nor does He limit it to our current state of being. He references it through the lens of what and who He will transform us into. Yahweh knows what He can do in us and is confident of the future He predicts.

Abraham’s Failures

Consider Abraham’s situation when he calls on the Lord as Olam El, Everlasting God. He has been on a twenty-five-year journey of attempting to follow God, and as he looks back over his life, Abraham remembers occasions where he failed miserably. Humanly speaking, his timeline contained blotches, torn places, and embarrassing failures.

Most believers rightly think of Abraham as “the father of faith,” a description of him taken from Romans 4:16. Likewise, Hebrews 11 refers to him as a great man of faith. We forget, however, that Abraham wasn’t always a man of great faith. There were significant deviations from that path, which could have disqualified him.

Actually, Abraham and Sarah both wavered at times in their attempts to believe God would give them a son. The Lord had promised this, but when no child came, their unbelief caused them to introduce Hagar into the family, resulting in the birth of Ishmael, another sin that could have disqualified them. Later, they actually laughed a cynical laugh at God’s final re-stating of the promise. And why not? Abraham was 99 years old, and Sarah was 90 (Genesis 17:1,17).

This wasn’t Abraham’s only failure of faith, however. On two different occasions when Abraham and Sarah were younger, he was afraid that foreign kings might kill him in order to marry her. His solution for these fears included the despicable acts of pretending Sarah was his sister, rather than his wife. She was taken into the harem of both kings, two more incidents that could have stolen their destinies had God not supernaturally intervened! These deceptions and fabrications were horrible breaches of the marriage covenant and bold-faced lies.

Olam Overcomes Our Unrighteous Past

Having committed such sins, why does the Bible call Abraham a father of faith and a friend of God? Because even though he did not fulfill these descriptive phrases at every phase of his journey, they are accurate descriptions of what Abraham became and how he finished. Abraham “grew strong in faith” (Romans 4:20, italics added), and in his walk with God. And having been cleansed by Olam of his sinful past, Abraham isn’t remembered as “the covenant breaker,” “the liar,” or “the double-minded man.” He is known as God’s friend and our faith example - Isaac was, indeed, born!

Abraham was grateful his past actions were not allowed to define his present situation. Olam El had navigated him through every season—even the embarrassing and sinful ones—transformed him and preserved his destiny. As He does for all of us, He had reached back in time and cleansed Abraham’s wrongs.

With that in mind, one can almost see Abraham in Genesis 21:33 searching for a name of God that described this facet of His nature. Elohim? Adonai? Yahweh? None seemed to satisfy him, so he came up with a new one that described God as He who controls time—past, present, and future! In Abraham’s mind, the thought process may have been something similar to this:

“You are more than Yahweh, Adonai, and Elohim. You are the infinite and powerful God of the Ages—Olam El. You are outside of time and Lord over time! As Ruler over the past, present, and future, you forgave and eradicated my sins and kept my destiny intact. When I was unfaithful, You were faithful; when I doubted, You overcame my unbelief; when I lied, You were able—not only to forgive me—but to cleanse me and keep my marriage intact. And even when our bodies were too old to conceive and reproduce—99 and 90 years of age—You placed some of Your timeless, olam nature in Sarah and me, and we drank from the fountain of youth! Truly, You are the creator of and ruler over time - Olam El - Everlasting God!”

Abraham had entered a new phase in his walk with God. He recognized that the Sovereign Lord over his past could be fully trusted with his future. And Abraham boldly declared this faith in Olam El, the Lord over time!

Wearing the Glove for America

When I pray for revival in America, I boldly and confidently wear the glove God told me to wear: Everlast. I know the breaches in America’s history well—the injustices, the evil acts, our many sins. Like Abraham, we have failed, sometimes egregiously. But I also know Olam El and what He can do through the blood of the Cross.

Yes, our nation has a flawed past and present. But I’m not asking for a merit-based revival. Obviously, the Lord isn’t going to award America with a revival simply because He’s impressed with our actions. But isn’t that the point of revival? If we were “good enough,” we wouldn’t need one!

I’m asking for awakening because covenant-keeping Olam El lives up to His name. I have faith for revival because I know the timeless God can reach back and heal America’s breaches. I make declarations that Everlasting God can cancel our bad fruit, repairing the wrongs we today are responsible for, as well as those we’ve inherited. Forgiveness and cleansing are Yahweh’s specialties. He does not simply whitewash over our sins; Olam makes us new creations in Christ! When we wear this glove, placing our faith fully in God’s grace and the blood of Jesus alone, blessings can and will flow through America’s timeline once again, and giants can be defeated.

Much “identificational repentance” has occurred for America, just as occurred for Israel in the Scriptures (Nehemiah 1:4-11; Daniel 9:1-19; Ezekiel 22:30-31 speaks of God forgiving nations through the prayers of one intercessor). This includes repentance for our sins against the First Nations people, slavery, abortion, and much more. Granted, ongoing sins must also be repented of; but this too, is occurring. Believe in the power of Christ’s cleansing!

In the dream, God said we must wear Abraham’s “Olam glove,” believing He can do for us what He did for him. Olam knew America would fail at times when He called and destined us, just as He did Abraham. He also knew repentance would occur, however, allowing Him to cleanse and restore.

Wear the glove!

Pray with me:

Father, Your mercy endures forever; it triumphs over judgment. The “better” sacrifice of Christ’s blood now stains the Mercy Seat of Heaven, shouting loudly through the corridors of time: Finished!

We anchor our faith to this, Olam, wearing the glove You told us to wear; our faith is in Christ and His blood, nothing else. We arm ourselves with this provision and strike the giants of unrighteous government, false religion, abortion, pride, and other strongholds in the name of Christ, our Everlasting Redeemer.

And with faith in Him, we use this same provision to move forward into our restored destiny. America exists to partner with the Lord Jesus Christ and proclaim His message throughout the earth. You have given Christ the nations as His inheritance, and the ends of the earth as His possession. With a rod of iron, He will break those who oppose Him, and shatter them like earthenware (Psalm 2:6-9). You have declared it, and it is so!

Our decree:

We, the Ekklesia of Christ Jesus, decree that Olam has won the fight, and salvation will be visited on the nations of the earth.

Portions of today’s post were taken from my book An Appeal to Heaven.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


1. James Strong, The New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1990), ref. no. 5769.

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