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August 24, 2023

The Approaching Storm

The arrowheads are arriving throughout the nation today. We are rejoicing over what God has done and encouraged by what this will produce. We’re praying for the representatives and their teams in each state as they finish the assignment. Thank you so much for your part in what God has been doing. Today, I want to address a different subject.

Late last night, I listened to and/or reread 5 different messages from trusted leaders regarding a coming shaking. They were from my brother, Tim Sheets, Randy Lopshire, Clay Nash (these 3 men called it a tsunami or a giant wave), John Kilpatrick (from a year ago; he called it a storm), and Gina Gholston (who referred to it as a shaking). I know others have also released words regarding this, as have I. You can hear what Tim had to say about it, as well as the dreams from Clay Nash and Randy Lopshire, in his message from this past Sunday entitled Holy Spirit’s Tsunami. John Kilpatrick’s message is entitled Four Anchors - Warning, Storm Ahead.

I have intentionally not spoken much about this up to now, in order to stay focused on the instructions given in the “commanding the foreword” dream. However, I have been giving much thought to the subject, knowing that at some point, I would need to address it. Things of this nature are not something I enjoy talking about - most spiritual leaders are reticent to speak of warnings such as this, and appropriately so. We don’t want to be alarmists or create fear in people. But today, I want to address this approaching storm.

No one in my circle of prophetic friends knows exactly what the shaking will be. All of them have stated that while they believe this significant wave is coming, they also acknowledge that Holy Spirit has not revealed exactly what it is. Political? War? Terrorism? Civil unrest/violence? Financial? God seems to have determined not to reveal this, at least not yet. So, how do we prepare?

First of all, when God has chosen not to be specific, don’t speculate and/or make predictions. This only creates confusion. Holy Spirit tells us only what we need to know; we must accept this as wisdom on His part - He has His reasons.

Secondly, focus on what He HAS said. Everyone I am hearing from is stating emphatically that this is to deal with the evil and corruption in America, not destroy us. They are using words like reset, restore, rebuild, and reconnect (to God, purpose, destiny, our roots, etc.). No one whom I know is saying God is finished with America and that this will be our destruction. On the contrary, they are saying this is for America’s salvation. Focus on that, and the goodness of God.

At the same time, these leaders are also saying the upcoming shaking will be challenging and difficult. It is not a ripple we will move on from in a day or two, but a very significant storm. God has given America opportunities to turn back to Him for 30-plus years, which have been rejected. Evil has become very entrenched in our land. Many in our government are corrupt and serve only themselves and their plans, not the American people. We are very far off track in this regard. Some government agencies are corrupt, many government officials are corrupt, and many who control our nation from other positions (business, media, education, finance, etc.) are corrupt - and this corruption runs very deep.

Also, our nation has, in a general sense, rebelled from the ways and biblical principles upon which we were founded. For many, this has become more than ignorance and deception; it is now arrogant rebellion against God and His rule. They shake their fist in His face, mock Him and His Word, and openly defy Him. These rebels brag about their shedding of innocent blood, sell aborted babies’ body parts, traffic in children, divide people to hold onto power, allow suffering and destruction in order to further their purposes, celebrate violence, and war against truth. They now serve the father of lies, he who comes to steal, kill, and destroy (see John 10:10). The shaking must and will be intense.

Thirdly, do not allow yourself to be controlled or motivated by fear. Holy Spirit has said over and over regarding this, “Do not be afraid.” As we follow Him, He will take care of us. In the “commanding the foreword” dream, Jesus said to those gathered, “There is a shaking that is coming, but you must not fear! You must know and be convinced that this nation is anchored and surrounded. KNOW that! Be convinced of that!”

Pastor Randy Lopshire, without minimizing the size of the wave, encouraged us in his dream that, “As the water of this massive wave began to catch up with us, the effort of running (in front of it) became easier, and a sense of peace began to come into my heart. The more the water level of the wave caught up to us, and my body was in the depths of the water, the more I had the peace and assurance that ‘all was well.’ A certainty that this wave was FOR US and NOT for our destruction began to cause great faith to rise in my heart…In the end, we all rejoiced because what had first been seen as destruction, was actually restoration and reformation. There was no sense of ‘doom and gloom’ at all.”

Clay Nash shared from his tsunami dream, “Those that stood steadfast, seeing with eyes of faith and hearing with fine-tuned ears, used the tsunami to lift them to a higher platform of authority and purpose. They were released into a new flow of purpose that was secured by their willingness to trust God at this new level.

“The (spiritual) Generals began to give prophetic directives - prayer initiatives - that would secure inheritances and establish God’s original design for the nation.

“At the end of the dream, a plane flew over, pulling behind it a banner that read, ‘Look vertical, not horizontal, as answers are on the way.’

“The Generals began a time of praise for God’s faithfulness and goodness.”

Fourthly, you may want to consider some practical preparations. I am not speaking of selling your house and buying a ranch in the desert, or hoarding up food and supplies for the next year or two. But I think it is prudent - even apart from this warning - to have some supplies on hand to get through a few weeks of difficulty. A couple of months' worth of canned food, water (or the ability to purify a natural source), cash on hand, medical supplies, etc. - these are all wise plans. I think of them as I do an insurance policy. We don’t intend to have a car accident, but we have insurance, as instructed, and as is wise. We have other forms of insurance, as well. This is not fear or unbelief; it is doing as Joseph did in Egypt: preparing for a future season of potential difficulty. Biblical wisdom teaches us to prepare for the future. If it turns out that these supplies are not needed, they can be used later.

In conclusion, I want to emphasize that I am well aware of our humanness; we all know in part, and prophesy in part. None of us are infallible. But I would rather warn people of what I believe is coming - endeavoring to do so with wisdom and faith - and it turn out to be wrong, than not warn them and it turn out to be true.

Pray with me:

Father, we trust You and Your heart toward us. We have been admonished to be confident of Your protective hand and love for us. You have told us over and over that America will be saved and restored. We believe this, and our faith will not be shaken. Our hearts are fixed, trusting in You (Psalm 112:7). We have asked for a cleansing and restoring of our nation, and You are answering our prayers. The destinies of millions of people around the world are far more important than our temporary pleasures and comforts.

So we pray, as the psalmist did, “Arise, and scatter Your enemies. Let those who hate You flee before you” (Psalm 68:1). We also ask for the salvation of all who have not hardened their hearts to the point of no return. Convict them of sin, humble their hearts, and reveal Christ to them. Save and deliver multiplied millions. Bring home the prodigals. Prepare the Ekklesia to reap the harvest this will ripen.

Release a spirit of wisdom and revelation to Your people, causing a spirit of faith

to arise in them at this time. Keep the praying remnant strong, full of faith and courage; where necessary, teach them how to stir up their spiritual gifts and most holy faith (1 Timothy 1:6-7; Jude 20). Give wise strategies and instructions to believers, just as You promised You would (James 1:5).

Our decree:

We decree that just as Joshua was commanded, we too will be strong and of good courage; we will not be afraid or dismayed, for our God is with us wherever we go (Joshua 1:9).

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