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August 23, 2023

The 300 Arrowheads, Part 2

“Then Gideon and the 300 men who were with him came to the Jordan and crossed over, weary yet pursuing.” (Judges 8:4; NASB 1995)

This verse, referring to Gideon and his army of 300, is how many of us felt after finishing the Cape Henry and Red River Meeting House assignments this past Sunday and Monday. I arrived home Monday night after midnight, as exhausted as I have been in many years. I am sure I speak for most of the team. The weight of the assignment, plus the heat, zapped our energy.

It was worth every minute of our time.

I kept the teams small and covert, as I usually do on assignments such as this. I know many of you would have liked to join us, and I appreciate this from the bottom of my heart, but it is easier to carry out these types of missions with a small team. I have worked with most of these individuals for so long that they know how I think, what I would like, and how I would like to do it. It makes it easier to focus on the spiritual aspects when I do not have to explain these things; everyone just does his or her part, and it is a seamless flow.

I am sure the same will be true of the state teams and leaders as they bury the arrowheads. They will take or send a team of people they know and are comfortable with. Please do not be offended or hurt by this; the assignment is what matters most. Having said that, however, I want to reiterate how grateful and impressed I have been at the multitudes who want to participate in all facets of this “command the foreword” assignment. It has truly been amazing and inspirational to me.

Once these 300 arrowheads - created by First Nations people centuries ago, anointed and prayed over by today’s generation of Native Americans - are planted in the soil of America, I have no doubt that we will have accomplished the “anchoring of the states” instructions Holy Spirit gave us. We will have reconnected America to her God-given roots and destiny, as well as protecting our land from any shaking that is coming. We will now continue to pray as Holy Spirit leads, keeping the prayer “grid” that has been formed in place.

The prayers flowing from Alaska to Cape Henry on Sunday evening were amazing. Our friend and esteemed prayer leader, Mary Glazier (her native name is Thunder Woman!), thundered with her words across the airwaves of America, from the far northwest, to the beach of covenant destiny on the eastern coast. Thank you, Mary, and all who joined you, from the bottom of my heart. The rest of the team then prayed, read Scriptures, decreed, and prophesied there on the beach, and concluded with the covenant meal of communion. To say this was incredibly holy, would not in any way be overstating the time.

At Red River Meeting House the following day, the same can be said. Prayers, Scriptures, decrees, prophecies, prophetic acts, and communion saturated the arrowheads with the revival water present in that holy place. None of us participating left with any doubt that we had accomplished the mission. The arrowheads are now en route to each state. Please agree with us that the state teams will be led by Holy Spirit where to place them, and what needs to be prayed and declared.

One of our team members, Terri Brown from Colorado, sent me the following insight just before we began the trip:

“I found it interesting that the arrowheads were discovered while prayer walking. I asked the Lord what an arrowhead symbolizes, and felt led to look it up in Barbie Breathitt’s dictionary of prophetic symbols. The meaning was not new to me, but then I was shocked to see an entry for “Arrowhead, found.” This meaning read, “a rediscovery of lost or abandoned goals that were never achieved.”(1)

“In our case, the ‘goal’ is fulfilling the destiny of our nation, and it is being ‘rediscovered’ as we pray.”


We are, indeed, rediscovering the godly purpose and destiny for which Yahweh created America. As the coming revival hits its maximum force and fruitfulness, thousands of flaming evangelists will go forth to the nations of the earth. Many of them will be First Nations people. These evangelists will come from all races, all age groups, and all genres of life. Incredible and notable miracles will be performed as they preach the gospel of the Kingdom, and millions will be saved. Entire nations will be transformed. “The lamb that was slain will reap the rewards of his suffering.”(2) Whatever the coming shaking may entail, be assured that the purposes of God will not be thwarted.

God has given us further strategies that will be implemented over the coming weeks and months. I and others will be sharing these at the appropriate time. Please be listening for those.

I will finish with a portion of a dream given to Gina Gholston, who received the Red River Meeting House dreams I shared on Monday and Tuesday. Gina joined us on the assignment at Red River Meeting House. This third dream I’m about to share came in 2020, shortly after she received her first RRMH dream. You may recall that in the first dream (that I shared on Monday), she saw lines being drawn in the spirit, connecting four great revivals from the past. A line went from RRMH to Cane Ridge, and from both of those places westward to Azusa Street. These three lines formed the head of a spear. A line was then drawn eastward from the spearhead all the way to Wales, forming the shaft. Together, these lines formed a complete spear. In the following dream, Gina was shown this “spear” again. She shares:

“As I looked at this, the spearhead instantly lit on fire. When that happened, the entire spear began to spin counterclockwise. The spinning was slow at first, but gained speed with each spin, going faster and faster. As it was spinning, it began to tilt upward…still spinning…until it was standing vertically…the spearhead blazing with fire. Once the spear stood vertical, it was lifted up and thrust forcefully back down into the ground - into the center of the U.S.

“When the spearhead went into the ground, it created swell after swell of what I first thought were waves of water. It was not water, however; it was people. These people were burning with the fire of revival, wave after wave of them, moving outward in all directions from the standing spear.”

This is coming. Do NOT doubt it.

Pray with me:

Father, thank You for leading us forward. You never retreat; You always advance. As Lord over the nations, You are orchestrating and planning another great season of Kingdom advancement. You are even using, and will continue to do so, the plans of evil people to further this Kingdom advance, just as You did at the Cross. You will not lose.

It is our joy to partner with You. It was a pleasure to use articles created by the First Nations people of our land, then reach down into the sand of Cape Henry and pull out America’s covenant purpose as a nation. It was also exciting to reach down into the soil of RRMH and tap into the well of revival housed there. These three elements from our history are now mixed together - the Native American host people, covenant, and revival - creating a synergistic force. This synergy of the ages is literally soaring across our nation. The power it creates will land in every U.S. state, joining with the covenantal foreword that has been declared there recently. The synergy of all this will be exponential. Explosive power will be released in America and go from here to the ends of the Earth.

And now we ask You, Father, to do all that is necessary to adjust and prepare our nation. When this is finished, throw the blazing spear of revival fire into the heart of our nation, causing wave after wave of revival to burn throughout our land.

In Christ’s authority, we pray all of this, amen.

Our decree:

We decree that our God, Yahweh, who keeps covenant and mercy to 1000 generations, is doing so in America. As intercessors and believers have repented, the blood of Jesus is healing our land.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


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