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August 22, 2023

The 300 Arrowheads

Yesterday, I shared a dream given to Gina Gholston in January 2020. It spoke of four separate wells of revival being reopened by Holy Spirit; 100 eagles were then seen transporting the water, 300 “fire arrows,” and 100 scrolls throughout the nation (Uncapping of the Wells). God is going to merge the anointings and power of these world-impacting outpourings, giving us the synergy of the ages.

My spirit leaped as I read the following sequel to that dream, given to Gina a year later. I have shared it before, but it is linked to the “command the foreword” assignment we are currently doing. Here is that sequel:

(February 2, 2021)

“I dreamed I was standing with someone I did not know on a deck-like structure in the heavens. From this place, we were looking down, observing the United States of America. Though I did not know who the man was, I could feel a strong anointing coming from him. This anointing was causing me to have an indescribable hope for the nation!

“As we were looking down, we saw what first appeared to be warplanes flying over the United States. The gentleman said to me, ‘Oh my, I wonder what is happening in America? What do all these warplanes mean?’ He said this, not with concern, but almost as though he was wanting me to see something that wasn’t obvious. He looked at me as if I should know the right answer to his questions.

“I did know the answer to this one. ‘Those are not warplanes; those are eagles!’ I replied. ‘I have seen them before in a dream. There are 100 of them, and they’re carrying water from the reopened well of revival at the Red River Meeting House. The well has been unlocked and is now gushing forth into the nation.’

“I could clearly see that, just as in the previous dream, the eagles were carrying arrows in one of their talons and a rolled-up piece of paper in the other. Also, they were still wet and dripping water from the geyser that drenched them at the Red River Meeting House.

“As the eagles flew throughout America, they all simultaneously began diving. When nearing the ground, they leveled off and began dropping their arrows into the land. I knew there were 100 eagles, each carrying three arrows; therefore, 300 arrows were released throughout America. As each arrow hit the ground, it ignited as though it had hit a gas pocket, and a spiraling plume of fire shot up. We watched as the water the eagles were releasing was also ignited by the fire! This ‘revival water’ from the Red River Meeting House was extremely flammable and instantly caught fire! It seemed as though all of America was on fire, the fire of revival.

“As the dream continued, I became VERY aware of the power and presence of God. It was so strong I fell to my knees and began to sob uncontrollably! The gentleman with me began speaking under an incredibly heavy anointing. (It was then that I noticed he had a very strong accent.) He said, ‘You have seen correctly! This is how America will be saved! Do NOT doubt it! There is coming a sweeping move of the Spirit of God that will ignite America with the fire of His presence. This will bring a swift, undeniable awareness of God and an awakening.

“‘What seems to be one thing, is about to be revealed as another,’ he continued. ‘Some are in fear because of how things appear, but others SEE - with holy awe and expectation! The eagles are on assignment. They carry ‘firepower;’ they carry His glory. At precisely the right moment, their arrows will be released, will hit their targets, and the move of God will ignite and spread very quickly!’ Then he said again, ‘Do NOT doubt it!’

“Still on my knees, I looked up at the man and suddenly knew he was Duncan Campbell, one of the leaders of the great Hebrides revival.”

End of the dream.

Approximately 2 months later - after this dream - I was given a gift of 300 arrowheads, found over a several-year span by a pastor while praying in the fields of eastern North Carolina. This was a priceless gift to me, representing several years and hundreds of hours of intercession, as well as the Native American people whom I love. I knew they had been entrusted to me by the Lord, not as souvenirs to keep, but as items He would one day use. I also felt they were somehow connected to the 300 arrows in Gina’s two dreams. I have waited 2 years, knowing Holy Spirit would reveal the connection, the timing, and the assignment.

Three months ago, I was sent another dream by my friend, Clay Nash. In this dream, several leaders and I were given supernatural bows and arrows with which to defeat spiritual enemies. These supernatural arrows had no arrowheads. One of the group asked, “Shouldn’t the arrows have arrowheads?”

The man giving us the weapons put his hands on my shoulders and said, “Dutch, it was for such time as this that you are to distribute the ‘back to the future’ arrowheads.” As I looked at him questioningly, he added, “The 300 arrowheads that were sent to you.”

It was INCREDIBLE to me that the arrowheads were referred to in a dream! And also that they were referenced in this way: “back to the future” arrowheads. As I sought the Lord, He gave me specific instructions.

This past Sunday, a small team and I took the 300 arrowheads to Cape Henry, the place of America’s defining covenant with God. We also took a precious bottle of oil, prayed over by hundreds of intercessors and leaders in Alaska, many of them Native Americans, dedicating it to the Lord’s purpose for our nation. They decreed Isaiah 60:18 over this oil: “Violence will not be heard again, and your land, nor devastation or destruction within your borders; but you will call your walls salvation, and your gates praise.” Our Native American friend and apostolic prayer leader, Mary Glazier, sent me the oil for this specific assignment. She then called us from Alaska Sunday evening while we were on the beach at Cape Henry, and prayed over the arrowheads while we anointed them with the oil. She and those of us gathered asked the Lord to reconnect America to the foreword, the covenant of Cape Henry.

Representatives from all 50 states joined via conference call to listen and agree.

The next morning, yesterday, we took the 300 arrowheads to Red River Meeting House and prayed over them again, saturating them with the anointing - the revival water - that is there, just as the dream showed. Representatives from all the states listened in to this, also.

Today, we are overnighting 6 of the arrowheads to a representative from each state. All 300 will be delivered tomorrow. Leaders in each state will hear from Holy Spirit where and how to plant/bury them in their state, along with the declarations and prayers they feel to make, doing so before September. Each state will then be “anchored” to the Cape Henry covenant/foreword, and saturated with the waters of revival.

America shall be saved! Do NOT doubt it!

Let’s pray together:

Father, the 300 “back to the future” ignition arrows are being sent today; they will be planted this week and next. We have obeyed Your instructions. We know we will see the fruit. The shaking will shake down evil, not destroy America. The perceived “warplanes” will be identified as eagles carrying “firepower” and “glory.”

Cause fires of revival to spring up across the nation. Let the river that flows from the Lamb on His throne (Revelation 22:1), make its way once again up through the wells of Red River Meeting House, Cane Ridge, Azusa Street, and Wales. Combine their flow to form the most powerful “revival water” earth has ever received. Then send it EVERYWHERE! We pray, especially that our dear First Nations people drink from these wells of revival, and take their destined place as carriers of it throughout the Earth.

And as Your Hebrides revival messenger admonished us, we do NOT doubt this. We WILL NOT doubt this! We will stand strong in faith and partner with You as You do great things. This is certain, because we pray all of it in Yeshua’s name. Amen.

Our Decree:

We decree that the wells of revival are opening, the eagles are flying, and the fire arrows are being delivered.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


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