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August 23, 2022

Protect Our Children

The forces in America that oppose a biblical worldview, as well as the Judeo-Christian values upon which we were founded, no longer feel the need to hide their intentions. The Biden Administration, members of Congress, judges, local governments, school boards and teachers, media, and more - have removed all restraints and are now open and vocal about forcing their beliefs and dogmas on the nation. Obama, who never once honored the National Day of Prayer, once had the audacity to declare that we had never been a Christian nation. Facts no longer matter.

The Washington Times reported last Wednesday that “A suburban Dallas school district (Keller, TX) pulled copies of the Bible and a graphic novel version of Anne Frank‘s Diary, among other books, one day before classes began.” The Bible and Anne Frank are off-limits!(1)

Also, last week, Intercessors For America released an article exposing another ploy of the transgender movement. They report: “A harrowing video from The Boston Children’s Hospital claims that children can know they are transgender ‘from the minute they were born, practically.’” IFA tells us, ‘The Boston Children’s Hospital is associated with Harvard university and was the first to establish a clinic that specifically focused on ‘transgender health’ in a pediatric setting…’(2)

On the video, which the IFA article provides a link to, Dr. Jeremi Carswell “cites a number of different behaviors that supposedly provide evidence that a child is transgender and may be suitable to undergo permanent, life altering surgery or medical intervention…”(3) What an insult to He who “made them male and female.”

Folks, trust me when I say they are coming for our children. If ever we needed to pray for them, now is the time. The following powerful article by Cheryl Sacks will help us do just that. Tomorrow’s post will alert you to an insidious attack we must pray and take action against. Don’t miss it! Cheryl says:

“I still remember the first time I heard about what was really happening in our Arizona schools. I didn’t know that teachers used their own money to buy students essential clothing like underwear, or that schools didn’t have the resources to maintain buildings. I had no idea that teachers gave out canned goods on Fridays so that kids could eat over the weekend. I didn’t know about the number of students who were homeless, struggling academically, overdosing on drugs, or attempting to take their own lives. Even the churches right next door to these schools knew nothing about what was going on inside those walls!

“So when four young men—Mike, Matt, Jon, and Keith—showed up at our ministry offices to ask if we would help them with an initiative to pray inside the schools of Arizona, I knew it was a God assignment! We all heard the Lord say the same thing: ‘Invite My transforming presence into the schools.’

“We began meeting with the principals of targeted schools. One of the first things we did when meeting with principals was to ask forgiveness for not taking time to find out the needs of their school. We said we were sorry for not praying and doing what we could to meet their school’s tangible needs. Then we asked them how we could pray for their schools. I remember sitting in the office of one principal and asking him, ‘What is the biggest problem your school faces?’ He broke down in tears. ‘That’s an easy question to answer,’ he said. ‘There’s no hope here!’ We knew God wanted to change this!

“So we rented school auditoriums and prayed and worshiped in 26-hour prayer vigils in schools all across the state. I’ll be the first to admit, this was a stretch. We struggled to step out in faith to raise the money to rent the auditoriums—and then labor all night in intercession every weekend that fall! With broken hearts we cried out to God for food for the students, more teachers, money for repairs of the buildings, new sports equipment, and better test scores. In the midnight hours we worshiped and contended together against suicide, depression, and despair. . . .

“The problems we discovered are not unique to Arizona. Most schools face similar issues. Beyond the physical and financial needs—and they are great—our schools desperately need the healing power of Jesus. No wonder it seems hopeless.

“Secular institutions can’t solve a spiritual and moral crisis or give kids what they need most: an encounter with the Lord. The good news is, we’ve seen what God can do. Miracles happen when we invite His transforming presence into our schools!

“We know of teens who, after coming to our prayer gathering at their school, changed their minds about killing themselves. At least two of them had planned to take their own lives at school that very night. Instead, they heard the worship, came inside and ended up giving their lives to the Lord.

“When stories of what God was doing in schools got out, things began to change. The eyes of the community were opened. The Holy Spirit awakened the Church. Now families and churches are getting involved in adopting schools for prayer and practical service everywhere across the state. They are providing backpacks, food, tutors, and mentors. In one school, at the request of the principal, we created a Serve, Watch, and Pray program. About 80 members of a nearby church signed up to serve as volunteers on campus, and we trained them how to ‘watch and pray’ on the job.

“You may not be a church leader or have the time or connections to launch a major prayer initiative. What can you do?

“Grab a prayer partner and go for a prayer walk around a school.

“If you have school-age children or grandchildren, pray with them about their school during mealtime or before bed. When you are dropping off or picking up your child at school, arrive early and pray over the students and teachers you see—and anything else God puts on your heart.

“Here are some vital issues for which every school needs prayer:

  • Protection from evil: Pray Psalm 91 over the school and ask the Lord to station His angels all around. Ask God for protection not only from shootings and violence but also from bullying, drugs, gangs, and evil spirits that come to steal, kill, and destroy (see John 10:10);

  • Overcoming hopelessness: Declare, in Jesus’ name, that all thoughts of suicide, depression, hopelessness, and despair are broken off (see Jer. 29:11). Pray with expectation and confidence that students will experience salvation and the joy that comes from knowing Him;

  • Prospering in school: Ask the Lord to place each student with the teachers and classrooms where that particular student will prosper. Ask Him to send godly influences to the young people to encourage them in their studies and their walk with Jesus Christ;

  • Contending for purpose and destiny: Ask God to raise up young people with godly purpose and destiny to contend for righteousness and justice at their schools (Amos 5:24) because our schools are gates of cultural influence in our nation. Ask Him to raise up those who, like David, will fulfill the purpose of God in their generation.”

“There may be principals, teachers, and students in your community who feel there is no hope. But we know the answer that can result when the Church comes together and seeks God for His blessing and transformation in our schools. We just need to take the initiative.”

Pray with me:

Lord, we ask that You shine Your light upon our schools and drive out all darkness, spiritual blindness, perversion of truth, and hostility toward You and Your truth. We pray that all attempts to use curricula in our schools as a way to disciple our young people in humanism, moral relativism, and other godless ideologies would be stopped.

We ask for teachers and school boards to select curricula that preserve our godly heritage as a nation and honor You. Father, when teachers and students are confronted with subject matter that goes against their biblical worldview, we call upon You to give them courage.

Lord, we recognize we do not battle against mere flesh and blood, but against spiritual powers in heavenly places. It is evident that there is a spiritual agenda to destroy the innocence and purity of our children, corrupt them, and lead them down the wrong path with regard to their God-given sexuality and identity.

God, as we face these enemy forces that would lead our students into deception and sexual sin, we declare that You have promised to preserve the godly inheritance of parents and our nation—and that heritage is our children. We take authority in Jesus’ name over every wicked spirit that brings these messages of division, corruption, perversion, and immorality to our precious children. This day, we ask for Your deliverance for our schools and our children from these enemy forces. We pray all deception and efforts made in secrecy to influence and corrupt our children would be exposed, brought into the light, and defeated, in Jesus’ name.

Lord, we pray for our children that Your Spirit would fill them with a desire and value for truth and purity. Give them the courage to stand strong against peer pressure and the lies of the enemy and our culture. Help them turn from the path of death to life, in Jesus’ name.

Our decree:

We decree that our children will recognize, embrace, and walk in Your truth, and that they will fulfill the purpose and destiny to which You have called them. We decree that a young generation of revivalists and reformers like Joseph, Daniel, and Esther will arise!

Today’s post was taken from an article in Intercessors for America and written by Cheryl Sacks. You can find out more about Cheryl here.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.

Cheryl Sacks is the best-selling author of The Prayer Saturated book series: The Prayer Saturated Church, Prayer-Saturated Kids, and The Prayer Saturated Family—How to Change the Atmosphere in Your Home through Prayer. Her newest book, Reclaim a Generation, 21 Days of Prayer for Schools, will be available soon at You can learn more about Cheryl and her husband Hal’s work at and



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