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August 14, 2023

Ready, Set, Go!

We are grateful for our friend, Gina Gholston, and her prophetic insights. I realize I have shared a couple of her dreams recently. However, as the person who received the dream regarding commanding the foreword, I want to hear her thoughts and insights regarding the coming revival, and our preparation. Gina shares:

“We are now in such an incredible move of God. We have shifted into a time where we have received strategy from the Lord, the fire has been lit, and there is no stopping this glorious movement that has gained momentum and is spreading across the nation and the world!

“A few years ago, the Lord gave me a dream regarding awakening. In the dream, I was at Pastor John Kilpatrick’s church, and he asked me to come to the stage. Reluctantly, I went, and he handed me the microphone. I was very nervous because I felt that I had nothing to say. As I lifted the microphone, Holy Spirit filled me, and I very calmly said, ‘The wind is blowing.’

“As those words left my mouth, the glory of the Lord filled the room, and I began to prophesy, ‘What was will be again, but it will be different this time. This time it will not be millions of people coming to one place to find Me. There are “bundles” [people], who are saturated with the oil of My Spirit, who will come into places where My fire is present. They will be immediately ignited by the fire of My glory. They will carry that fire with them as they go out. As they come in contact with other ‘bundles’ who are saturated with the oil of My Spirit, they, too, will be ignited and carry the fire, spreading it to other “bundles.” This is what awakening will look like. This is how My glory will spread to the nation and the nations of the world.

“I believe this fiery movement has begun. It is not for one person, one particular church, or denomination. Through His prophets, God has spoken of a great shaking that is coming, and also of another great awakening in our time! This is that time! The wind of Holy Spirit is blowing, and God is igniting the flames of revival. He is igniting His saturated ‘bundles’ and releasing us as fiery carriers of revival. A glory eruption is taking place!

“The Lord recently said to me, ‘There is a swell of an underground current that is rising up. It will burst forth and form into a wave of justice that will impact the nation.’ When He spoke this, He also reminded me of a word He gave me on February 9, 2020. I hear Him saying it yet again: ‘My power is twirling. It is an unstoppable spin that is breaking the surface to relieve the pressure of the “swell” of My spirit. Reformation is pushing forth! The die has been cast! It cannot be stopped! The geyser [is being] released! What has been “concealed” will now be “revealed”! Watch it gush forth, release the swell's pressure, and reveal the river of My glory!

“The Lord hasn’t forgotten us! He has not forgotten His words and promises. Our labor has not been in vain. Everything God has done in and through us has led to this history-making moment. Now, He needs His Ekklesia to be alert and strengthened with renewed hope and expectation for all that is unfolding at a very rapid pace.

“Notice how quickly things have changed. We went from preaching that God has a remnant ready and willing to move with and for Him, to thousands of people moving with fervent passion — anointing their borders, securing their perimeters, and commanding the foreword of God’s original intentions. Acceleration has begun! We are in a move of God! It’s not ‘coming’; it’s here! It is happening!

“Recently, I traveled to speak at a gathering in eastern Ohio. That morning, God awakened me with three words that literally felt like fiery arrows being shot into my spirit: ‘Ready, Set, Go!’

“Instantly, I was reminded of Hebrews 12:1-2 (AMP). It wasn’t just a gentle reminder of a good Scripture, and it wasn’t a suggestion. It came as a command from God, accompanying the words I had heard. ‘Strip off every unnecessary weight and the sin which so easily and cleverly entangles you; run with endurance and active persistence the race that is set before you, [look away from all that will distract you] focus your eyes on Jesus, who is the Author and Perfecter of your faith.’

“Things are moving quickly, and we must rid ourselves of any and all unnecessary baggage that could slow us down or cause us to hesitate in our obedience to God. We must keep our focus on Jesus and our spiritual ears attentive to Holy Spirit’s leading! The moment is requiring us to be prepared and positioned for the ‘go’ that is rapidly approaching!

“In the book of Joshua, we find a Biblical example of a time when God’s people were required to shift into acceleration mode. God proclaimed an urgent three-day time limit for the people to get prepared to cross over the Jordan. As their God-appointed leader, Joshua instructed them to gather only the necessary things so they could be ready to move at a moment’s notice.

“We are in such a moment. Through prophetic words and dreams, God has revealed that He has given us a three-month timeline: June, July, and August. Within this time frame, we are to be ready, active, and have the next strategy in place by September. We are in the third month of that three-month timeline. The time is urgent, and the Lord is commanding us, ‘Lay aside every hindering weight. Be ready to move with Me at a moment’s notice! Be ready, and be set for the “go”!’

“God will save America, and He will do it through His ignited, saturated “bundles.” If we will lay aside the weights and surrender all, we will be part of the prepared company ignited to shine with the undeniable reality of His transforming power. Through us, He will manifest His power, might, and glory.

“The wave is forming, and we will see an undeniable awakening. This will have a profound impact now and in the future!”

Pray with me:

Father, we know that we have entered the timing of Your prophesied awakening. The wind of Your Spirit is blowing, and You have ushered us into an incredible movement; it has gained momentum all over the world. Many in the body of Christ are awake and responding to Your commands. Yet, as amazing and wonderful as this is, we know it is only the beginning! We can’t, and we won’t stop! You have ignited Your saturated “bundles,” and through us You will reveal the reality of Jesus in demonstrated power. You desire to fulfill Your promises of another history-impacting move of Your Spirit.

We submit ourselves completely to You. We cast off every weight and sin that would hinder or cause us to hesitate in our responses to You. We declare that the righteous are as bold as lions, and we will go forth with undaunted resolve. We avail our lives to You as conduits through which Your glory can be revealed . . . and Christ will be made known! Amen!

Our decree:

We are ready, and we will be set for the “go”! Holy Spirit will lead, and we will follow.

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