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April 7, 2021

There Is A Lot of Winning In Our Future

“I have found in 1 Kings 18 that our present struggles in America mirror those Elijah faced. The mockery and maligning of God's purpose and intent for America is well pictured through mainstream media and most social media outlets. The vicious fangs of the political and religious spirit work in tandem to try and take America down, just as in Elijah’s day. I realize, however, that if the struggles are similar, then the answer must be the same as well - like Israel then, we need a powerful encounter with God today in America. Yahweh wants this!

“In studying the events of 1 Kings 18, I realized the encounter did not come without a challenge. Elijah had to be willing to put everything on the line. He came face to face with the enemy of the people as he declared Yahweh was the true God, and that He alone was Israel’s answer.

“This same answer is absolutely true for us today.

“God has plans, intentions, and dreams for America, just as He did for Israel. And also as was with them, victory must first be accomplished in the realm of the spirit, then in the natural. Nor is this something God will do sovereignly, without us. He will do it through His partnership with mature sons and daughters— through you and me!

“God is awakening the church to the critical times in which we live. Our moral, spiritual, and even financial state bear witness to our true condition. We are in desperate need. Those seeking to destroy America’s godly roots desire to shift her further and further from God’s purpose for her. And they have accomplished much. But God is not finished with America and His plans will be lived out through us. He will rescue us for His purposes, just as He did Israel.

“Prophetic words have been declared over America from as far back as the 17th century.

“In 1607, at the first landfall at Cape Henry, English settlers drove a wooden cross into the soil of the new land and dedicated it to the Glory of God. Robert Hunt prophesied, ‘From these very shores the gospel of the kingdom shall go forth, not only to this new world, but the entire world.’

“In 1620, a new group of believers arrived and gave us the Mayflower compact. This was the first governing document of Plymouth Colony. Governor Bradford stated: ‘having undertaken for the glory of God, and advancement of the Christian faith…’1

“John Winthrop, the first governor of the State of Massachusetts, said in his 1630 writing entitled A Model of Christian Charity: ‘We shall find that the God of Israel is among us when 10 of us shall be able to resist 1000 of our enemies; when He shall make us a praise and a glory, that men of succeeding plantations shall say, “May the Lord make it like that of New England. For we must consider that we shall be as a city upon a hill (Matthew 5:14).” The eyes of all people are upon us.’2

“This passage from Matthew 5:14 has been a prophetic scripture over this nation for the last 400 years. Several presidents, no less than 12, believed it as such. As President-Elect, John F. Kennedy used the passage: ‘Ye are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.’3

“In a 1989 speech, President Ronald Reagan also used it in his farewell address to the nation. ‘I have spoken of a shining city all my political life... In my mind it was a tall, proud city built on rocks stronger than oceans, windswept, God-blessed and teeming with people of all kinds living in harmony and peace…That’s how I saw it, and I still see it.’4

“This speaks to the very core of our culture. We must not shy away from challenging cultural issues and political correctness, including within the church. Culture can be a force for good when it upholds godly standards. Of course, this is why we must allow Holy Spirit to displace things in our culture that do not line up with the culture of the Kingdom of God. Revival is going to give us the momentum we need for this to occur.

“Despite the present darkness in the world, there is also much hope. I want to encourage you in this: our Father is a redemptive God and everything He does flows out of His redemptive nature. He intends to restore all things and sum them up in Jesus (see Ephesians 1:8-10).

“You are needed for this! The Ekklesia, the church, needs you! In your anointing and calling, you are a vital part of the body of Christ and this great awakening we have stepped into. We will do this together—all of us and all of God!

“This idea of the world getting worse and worse in order for Jesus to return has

swindled the truth from the church and thereby weakened our pursuit to see America saved. Yes, evil will abound but grace will abound more. And Christ’s kingdom will continue to expand: ‘There will be no end to the increase of His government…’ (Isaiah 9:6-7, emphasis mine; see also Daniel 7:13-14). There is much winning for us here and now, and in our future. Measurable wins! The gloom and doom of western religion is on life support. Let’s yank the plug and let this thing finally die. Jesus WINS! His kingdom is taking ground!

“God has given America a window of mercy to get things into alignment with heaven, to be that city on a hill. He has been rearranging the nation spiritually, so the Ekklesia can reposition herself to bring about, by Holy Spirit, the greatest awakening in the history of this planet.

“Holy Spirit has released to His Ekklesia kingdom keys that authorize us to bring about the heart and will of the Father for the earth NOW! While He continues to give us a clearer glimpse into the darkness and chaos surrounding us, He also has provided wisdom and insight to stir up and release a greater light to dispel that darkness like never before. Awakening is NOW!

“As we journey together through these unique times, our worldview is shifting. In order for America to take its rightful place in the kingdom - in order for you and me to take our rightful place in the kingdom - we must become the change. We must reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ! (See Romans 5:17)”


Father, we shout a resounding AMEN, in agreement with Your plan and Your heart for this great nation. We believe America is a bright city set on a hill. Father, we agree with Robert Hunt’s prayers and declaration that America was birthed to carry the gospel of the kingdom to this nation and the nations of the world. We thank you, Father, that we’re returning to our prophetic purpose, and we are seeing Your Spirit beginning to be poured out all across this nation launching us into this Third Great Awakening. Thank You for Your mercy and grace that has brought us to this point and is moving us forward.


We decree that we are no longer sitting back waiting on Yahweh to save America for us, but through our partnership with Him, as sons and daughters, WE are advancing His kingdom in America through the power of Holy Spirit, causing His will and the intent of His heart to be manifested in America as never before. America IS propagating the gospel of the kingdom to the nations, and she IS that bright city set on a hill!

Portions of today’s post were taken from the book Rebuilding the Broken Altar - Awakening Out of Chaos written by Dr. Greg Hood. You can find out more about Greg here.


2 John Winthrop, “A Model of Christian Charity,” in A Library of American Literature: Early Colonial Literature, 1607-1675, Edmund Clarence Stedman and Ellen Mackay Hutchinson, eds. (New York: 1892), 304-307.


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