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April 7, 2020

Learning to Hear What the Spirit is Saying to the Church – Part 3

I am continuing a series here that was begun on April 5th, which is a slice from a series of prophetic Words Chuck Pierce gave. If you haven’t read those posts, I recommend you do so. Then, you will see a more full picture of what God has been trying to help us see.

October 5-6, 2019 in Ghana, Africa

“We are entering into a decade where we cannot be silent. The Word of God says, ‘Cry day and night watchmen.’ Stay upon the walls. This is a time that your voice in this land will be heard. Between March and April, there will be chaos. There will be sounds that you’ve not heard. Sounds of the enemy trying to make an advancement. But, the Lord says, ‘The sound of My voice through My people will rally and be heard in this land.’

November 8, 2019 in Corinth, TX

“There’s a setup through man that has set structures in place. You are going to start seeing some tremendous deaths. Record the deaths, for the Lord says, ‘When sin abounds, death abounds. You watch as I start causing certain dominos to topple.’”

January 13, 2020 in Corinth, TX

“The Lord says, ‘There is a truth that I will uncover coming out of China that has never been seen before. Truth that is not seen is about to be uncovered.’ Lord, we say that as we are going through this, You will cause Your breath to blow and cause an awakening in the nations. You’re drawing us near. We’re submitting. We’re resisting. The enemy must start backing away. Territories will now start awakening. This is the beginning of an awakening conquest throughout the earth.

“People will be repositioned. They’re letting go of places where they have been to be reordered by You for a new portion. Structures are beginning to say, ‘We have to re-form.’ We say, ‘The health structure will start re-forming. It will be bypassed by healings until it comes into a new order.’

January 20, 2020 in Fort Worth, TX

“My people need to tighten up their belts, because I’m going to teach them, starting now, to do exploits. They will take resources they have access to and they will begin to re-create those resources and bring them into a new law of use. Great creativity will come in resources. It could also be a rollercoaster type year and we need to tighten up for the ride ahead. It can also mean you’re going to be lean and mean. The Lord says, ‘Behold, I do a new thing. Do you not perceive it?’ That says to us that we could miss it. Thankfully, this year it’s going to be very difficult to miss what God is saying and doing. We’re going to be desperate this year. Desperation and crisis creates a move of God.”

“Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” (Isaiah 43:19; ESV)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Cry day and night watchmen! Don’t get off the walls! Open up the Word and decree it!

  2. Let the Lord’s voice be heard through your voice, so He can rally the people.

  3. Ask the Lord to uncover truth. There is a reason He said that through Chuck. There is truth He wants to expose. Pray it can get out. Bind “conspiracy theory”, so truth can be revealed and discerned. 

  4. Say to some earthly structures, like healthcare and the church, “Be reformed!” Let God show you what other structures need reformed.

  5. Take inventory of your resources. Individuals and families, do this as as a household. Business owners and managers, do this for the business. Pastors and leaders, do this for your churches and ministries. What do you have that the Lord can commandeer and restructure, fitting it for better use.

  6. Call out in intercession for the new move of God!

A prayer you can pray:

God, we are going to agree with You now. We are going to submit to You and see the salvation of our God. We are going to say what You are saying and do what You show us to do. Worldly structures will shake and fall, but Your people will rise up in the midst of the adversity. We will pray and we will say and we will gather our resources and we will act. There are things You are wanting us to let go of. There are things You will graciously take from us. You are delivering us and we must let You do this. You will add to us what we cannot even begin to imagine. For these are the days of the miraculous. These are the days of multiplication, when it looks like a season of loss.

Help us to see. We need to have eyes that look in the natural and ears that hear in the natural, but then discern in the Spirit what You are doing. Then, we need to align with You. We need to declare what You are saying. We need to form in the earth what You are doing. We need to prepare and believe, so You can manifest in the miraculous in our nations. You are aligning and realigning. You are moving some of us. You are having us let go of some old places and manners of provision, so You can create the new in us. Glory be to the Name of Jesus! These are the days where Jesus will be seen in the earth! Amen.

Today’s decree:

God is doing a new thing! Let the miracles begin!

Watch the entire video here. Learn more about Chuck Pierce here.


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