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April 19, 2021

The Birth of Give Him 15

For the past 40 years, I have traveled the world speaking, lecturing, and teaching. I’ve authored 20+ books and even senior pastored for 20 of those years. My love for word studies and hearing from God has caused me to cultivate a life of intercession and teaching others to do the same.

In 2014, I was one of the speakers for a prayer conference in Kansas. Julie Meyer, a well-known prophetic psalmist, was the worship leader for this gathering. Julie was one of the early worship voices at IHOP in Kansas City and is known for her worship being flavored with a strong prophetic gift.

After my message, I began leading in a time of intercession, mixed with strong prophetic worship and decrees led by Julie - “harp and bowl” - as some call it. After finishing the prayer time, I went to my seat and began gathering my belongings while the leader of the conference closed with her remarks. But as the conference host stopped speaking, the keyboard began playing again, and Julie began to sing:

“🎶 15 minutes, can you give me 15 minutes? Who will give me 15 minutes? If you’ll give me 15 minutes, I’ll change your nation. If you’ll give me 15 minutes I’ll save your family. If you give me 15 minutes, I’ll heal your body. 15 minutes, who’ll give me 15 minutes?” It was powerful and very moving, so much so that people all over the room begin shouting “I will.” “I’ll give you 15!”

I spoke at another conference at the same location a few months later and Julie led the worship once again. This time, she sang directly to me:

🎶 “Dutch, Dutch, Dutch, you know what you have to do, do it! You know what you have to do, do it!” 🎶

Then she began singing about the number 15.

🎶“Through the number 15, you’re going to change the nation. Through the number 15, you’re going to bring revival.” 🎶 And on and on she went.

My first thought was, I DON’T know what to do. What does that mean? Change the world through a number? Prophets can be very strange.

This was the birth of Give Him 15, although it actually didn’t launch for another year or so. Today, we felt it would be appropriate to share with you how “Give Him 15” began and some of the ways we feel God wants to use it. I will try to do it in a way that mixes some teaching and insights, and we will still end with prayer.

As I do with prophetic words and dreams, I would read, bring this prophetic word into my prayer closet, and ask the Lord what it meant - what was significant about giving Him 15 minutes? I would mull it over, pray about it, asking Him to give me clarity and strategy, but nothing more came. Finally, a staff member suggested writing a short devotional and prayer for each day, encouraging people to agree in prayer with others for the nation. Feeling like my schedule was too busy to compose daily posts plus continue traveling, I hired a trustworthy person to write them, sharing a short teaching and prayer.

We began with just an app, launching it in 2015. It was downloaded by several hundred thousand people, but we could see that only 5,000-10,000 actually opened it on a daily basis. I thought, “Well, if we have a few thousand people agreeing in prayer for our nation daily, I’ll take that.” At this time, there was no video or audio version, just the app where the daily devotional could be read, and a prayer. However, I wondered, at times, if this was all God had in mind.

Then the 2020 elections rolled around, and my world changed.

Because the soul of our nation was at stake, I realized just how strategic the election was, and this burden did not end on November 3. That is when the Lord prompted me to begin writing the posts myself, sharing prophetic insights, dreams, and strategies I felt were being given to the praying church regarding the nation during this strategic and pivotal time. And I felt I was to video them. Even though I knew this approach was from the Lord, it was very challenging. I continued to travel extensively during that season adding at least a dozen cities/events to an already busy schedule.

Because it takes Ceci and me about 3-4 hours to compose, edit, and record each post, it doesn’t take long to do the math: I was adding 20+ hours to my already busy work week. Neither Ceci nor I took a day off for four months (not even Sundays). We worked 15-16 hours a day, sometimes more. Our thinking was that we could do this for a few months and then go back to the old format after the election was settled. Hundreds of thousands joined us daily as we prayed for America - and it was worth it.

In my posts, I tried to be very clear that we were not praying primarily for President Trump, but for the destiny of a nation, of which he played a significant role. I still believe this. The issues I wrote about weren’t political in nature, but moral issues which would affect not only us, but also generations to come, as well as other nations. I believe Holy Spirit used our prayers in significant ways. As thousands of us began to pray together, many being awakened to pray for the nation for the first time, God used our agreement to begin uncovering and exposing true motives and plans in our nation which had been hidden. I believe God is continuing to use our prayers - none are wasted. And hold on, I believe more uncovering will be manifested. I am also confident our prayers are being used to release what God needs for the shifting of our government and to begin the coming revival. Not one prayer was unfruitful nor unproductive! As we have talked about before, they are filling the bowls of heaven (Revelation 5:8).

I also came to realize, however, that these posts were taking on another purpose. Many who read and watched were using them as their daily devotional. Others commented that the posts were bringing them hope. Thousands of people have told us they start their day with the “15” post, urging us not to stop them after the election process ended.

As I prayed, a new concept emerged in my heart. Not only could a large number of us agree together in prayer each day, but we could also use the posts to help teach and shape believers into what God needs and desires in this new era. We have found that many believers want to know more about prayer, even lacking a basic biblical foundation of faith and prayer. Thousands email us wanting to know about decrees, declarations, the Ekklesia, and numerous other subjects we discuss. We will continue to teach on prayer and needed revelation to mature the Ekklesia (us, the church) in her role of representing Christ on the earth. We must mature our biblical worldview, learn how to hear from God, and become more acquainted with His presence and desire to know us.

We are on a sharp learning curve, but feel we are gaining an understanding of how to accomplish this without over-extending ourselves. We are not there yet, but we are progressing.

Thank you for taking this journey with us and joining us on a daily basis. Without you, there is no reason for GH15. It is not a fundraiser - we don’t charge for the app, we don’t ask you for money, and we do not use it to sell books. It exists to multiply prayer and bring understanding regarding our walk with Christ.

Help us spread the word. That is what the flags/banners are for. We don’t make any money on them - they are strictly to help promote Give Him 15. You might fly one on your flagpole, hang it on the wall of your prayer room, or perhaps even in your sanctuary. (And the more radical ones of you can fly them from your truck - send pictures). Help us spread the word so even more can agree together, learn about prayer and spiritual authority, and mature in praying for this great nation we call America (and of course, other nations, as well).

Pray with me:

Father, thank You for people like Julie Meyer who tap into Your plans and purposes. We cherish the prophetic anointing and thank You for this gift. Jesus, You are the spirit of prophecy.

Lord, thank You also for downloading to a member of my team the understanding of this word. I’m so grateful for our amazing DSM team - for their hard work and excellence in making these posts available.

Thank You for those who join us each day. We are grateful for the army You are raising up on the earth to implement Your plans and desires. Your kingdom, Lord, is ever increasing and You have allowed us to be part of that. We are humbled and filled with joy.

And we thank You for our nation/s. We know You have raised up America to be a voice for You. Though at times we have failed miserably, You are bringing us back to our destiny and vision. We know Your hand is on many other nations as well. You love every person, in every nation, equally the same. So with one voice, we ask You now, “Send revival!” In Jesus’ name, we ask You for this. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that God is good, all the time.


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