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January 25, 2022

Our Roots Are Alive

Liberals in government, education, and media attempt to revise America’s history - except, of course, when it supports their cause. One of their most famous revisions is the “separation of church and state” myth, which they have dishonestly used for decades. The “wall of separation” phrase was used by Thomas Jefferson in a letter, not in the Constitution. He was assuring denominational leaders that our government would never be controlled by one religious group (as had been the case in England), nor would government have the right to control the church (as also occurred in Britain). NEVER was it implied by our founders that God and religion were to be prohibited from influencing government, education, or public life. Nor is it true that government money (which is really ours!) or public facilities were to be prevented from use by the church. These are all lies designed to remove the influence of God from our nation.

It may surprise you that the man who wrote the phrase, “wall of separation”, (Thomas Jefferson) attended a church service in the Capitol 2 days later! (1) Numerous presidents and members of Congress attended church services there - for decades! - including John Quincy Adams, James Madison, Lincoln and others. Adams explained why he attended: “I consider it as one of my public duties - as a representative of the people - to give my attendance every Sunday morning when Divine service is performed in the Hall.”(2)The Rostrum of the House Speaker was used as the pulpit, and Congress purchased the hymnals! I realize you probably weren’t taught this in our public school system, which now propagandizes and revises history, but it is true.

Actually, the Capitol was used for church services before ever being used by Congress. Approved December 4, 1800, by both the House and Senate, (3) services began before the entire Capitol was completed and Congress itself could move in. Jefferson, as Vice President at the time and therefore leader of the Senate, approved it on behalf of the Senate. He attended the services for years, throughout his time as Vice President and President, (4) had a designated seat, (5) and was so committed to it he even made the journey in inclement weather. (6)

Services first began to be held in the north wing of the Capitol, moved to Statuary Hall as they grew in number, and eventually landed in the House Chamber. It was, in fact, the first official use of the Chamber on December 13, 1857, with as many as 2000 people in attendance! (7) Services were interdenominational, speakers were local pastors or the House and Senate Chaplains, (8) and included women (9) and blacks. (10) Some churches were actually allowed to use it as their meeting place until they procured other buildings. (11) And when needed, the Supreme Court Chamber, then in the Capitol building, was also used! (12,13) How ironic is that!

Don’t allow the lies of politicians and educators to deceive you. Our Founders were God-honoring and God-fearing men and women and were guided by Judeo-Christian ethics. 106 of the first 108 colleges in America, including the Ivy League colleges, were Christian. We must never accept the efforts of the left to steal our godly roots.

Pray and decree with me:

Father, Nehemiah told Sanballat, Tobiah, and Geshem, those trying to stop him from rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, they had “no historical right” or “claim” to Jerusalem (Nehemiah 2:20; NIV and Expanded Bible). We echo those words today regarding those who want to transform America into a non-Christian nation: they have no covenantal, historical right to America. You, who own all the earth, raised up America for Your purposes. We stand in Your authority and decree that we forbid this to be stolen.

And though we have previously lost ground in this spiritual war, You have told us America shall be saved. Your mercies endure forever, and we ask now for this never-ending mercy to be extended. We overthrow, in the all-powerful name of Jesus, the forces of darkness trying to disconnect America from her Christian roots. We declare that the systems and groups these forces are using will be unsuccessful in every way, and that many from within them will come to Christ.

We declare with our Founders that America has “no King but Jesus,” and will serve no other gods. We declare that our roots are still alive and will once again bring forth the fruits Holy Spirit intends America to produce. We will experience a turnaround comparable to the great restorations of Israel. We declare that we will be a light and blessing to the nations of the earth.

And we pray now for complete deliverance from the principalities and powers, led by Baal, who have orchestrated America’s spiritual decline. We ask You, Father, to do as You spoke in the World Seers Series dream and destroy the voice of Baal-Zephon in America. You began a concerted effort in 2007 to deliver us from this spirit and restore us to covenant with You, and we ask for this to now be brought to conclusion. Full victory. One hundred percent. Deliver us from Baal and his coworkers.

We ask for victory in the Dobbs abortion case being decided now by the Supreme Court. We ask You to speak loudly and clearly to 5 or more Justices, motivating them to vote for the overturning of Roe versus Wade. End this hideous child-sacrifice system in America. And please heal all who experience grief, shame, and physical damage from having been involved. Prepare the church for our role when this law ends. May we be ready to take the unwanted children and give them loving homes and families. Bring about an amazing and unprecedented movement of adoption in America.

Father, we thank You in advance for the great revival that is beginning. We thank You for millions of people coming to know You in this nation, and hundreds of millions around the world. We thank You for the incredible revival coming to the campuses of America and the world. Thank you for saving a generation from the strongholds of humanism, rebellion, drugs, immorality, gender confusion, and more. May they taste and see just how good You are. May they fall in love with Your Word and become acquainted with Your ways.

We ask You to continue to transform the church. Mature us into the glorious church You spoke of in scripture. Build the Ekklesia You promised to build that cannot be overcome by the plans and government of hell. Bring revelation of our strength in You. Show us, the members of Your church, that we are more than conquerors, are overcomers, and can do all things You ask us to do through Your mighty power. We ask and decree all of this in the all-powerful name of Jesus. Amen.

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