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February 18, 2022

God’s Heart for the Nations

I have said numerous times that my calling is primarily to America. I have also stated, however, that I realize this isn’t because America is loved more by God. Our nation’s role is to serve the world, in numerous ways. Jesus said, “He that is greatest among you shall be your servant” (Matthew 23:11) also see Matthew 20:26). America has become the greatest nation on the earth in terms of strength and wealth. This comes with great responsibility; it was given to us not just for ourselves.

We have certainly dropped the ball in this regard, but God wants to reverse these failures through a Third Great Awakening. We will then be His voice and instrument once again.

In today’s post, I want us to focus on some of the things happening with our neighbors in Canada and in other nations. Our friend, John Robb, of Transformation Prayer Foundation, shared the following points and insights.

“What a time in which we are now living! The wonderful refrain from that old hymn, ‘The Conflict of the Ages’ has come to me a few times over the past several days. We are in that conflict for sure, now more than ever, facing the attempt by globalist elites to dominate and control the world’s peoples and drive us into a New World Order through their ‘Great Reset.’ Their plan, according to Klaus Schwab, leader of the World Economic Forum, is that by 2030, ‘You will not own anything, but you will be happy.’

“As Christ’s people, we need to be watching on the wall, pushing back through authoritative prayer and spirit-led actions. Thank God for the brave Canadian truckers and their supporters, who are pushing back against the vaccination mandates and other tyrannical policies of the Trudeau government through their ‘Freedom Convoy.’ We must be praying for them. (They are not against vaccines, they’re against inappropriate government control.)

“Here in the USA, as well as in other nations, we need to stand against the same kind of globalist suppression of our rights and freedoms. Mat Staver, a praying lawyer with Liberty Counsel, warns that ‘Covid is being used as a weapon of fear to scare people into readily accepting government invasion in every aspect of our lives! The U.S. government is coordinating with agencies, airlines, corporations, and foreign nations to push a worldwide Vaccine Passport!’ He raises a cry against the totalitarian health passport that government agencies want to adopt here as they did in China. It is about getting all your personal data to determine whether you are allowed to work, enter stores and public places, or even leave your own home.

“Let’s pray in agreement with other Jesus followers who take seriously His awesome promises of Matthew 18:18-19 and Luke 10:18-19 that give us authority to come against such things and the spiritual forces behind them. Ask the Lord to expose and bring down these Nazi-like, sociopathic elites who so arrogantly think they can take charge over the rest of humanity to make slaves of us all. Domination and control, as theologian Walter Wink concluded, always indicate demonic influence behind the scenes. That is because the prince of this world wants to lay claim to what is not his—the lives and destinies of humans created in God’s image to be free and enjoy His gift of abundant life. May the principalities and powers behind certain international institutions and national governments be bound in the name of the King of the Universe, our Lord Jesus Christ. And may anti-freedom individuals in big government, business, tech, pharma, and media be removed from their positions and replaced by God-fearing, caring, upright officials!

“Other concerns we should be praying about:

1. “Continue to agree in prayer that the increasingly likely conflict between Russia and Ukraine be diffused and that the Russian forces gathered along the border will be withdrawn.

2. “Afghanistan has become the most dangerous place to be a Christian. The Taliban sometimes goes house to house looking for any who have Scripture or audio Bible recordings on their cell phone and, in some cases, have executed them. The humanitarian crisis still needs our prayers, as well, so that adequate food and fuel can get to those in danger of starvation this winter. Pray as the Spirit leads you for these grave situations.

3. “Myanmar continues to experience a staggering revival with thousands upon thousands of Buddhists and Muslims wanting to know about Jesus. Please pray for additional willing laborers to help, and also for the end of the conflict and a return to civilian rule.

4. “Lastly, we in various New Mexico prayer networks and ministries will be coming together with Navajo ministers and other praying Native people in Gallup, NM, near the border of Arizona. We will be praying specifically for revival and God’s transformation of our beautiful but beleaguered state, as well as for our nation. These Navajo ministers, along with their nation’s president and vice-president (both Jesus followers) have been praying together every Monday. The Gallup pastors have been praying together every Tuesday, so something very significant is happening there! Also, an intercessor from one of the darkest places in New Mexico (drugs, crime, and occultism), where the first capital in the USA was founded in 1598 (even before Santa Fe), wrote to me a couple of weeks ago. He sees a "spiritual nuclear explosion" involving the Navajos and other Native peoples happening.

This goes along with Billy Graham's prophetic word in 1975 about the First Nations people being like a ‘sleeping giant,’ who will have a powerful impact on our nation and world when they are awakened spiritually. May this be the time! In his iconic speech at a conference on Indian evangelism, Graham said to Native American leaders, ‘You are a sleeping giant, the original American. You are now awakening. Just around the corner, you may become a spiritual superpower in this country that could change, not only America, but the world."

Pray with me:

Father, we love our brothers and sisters around the world. We pray for them today. Please give strength and favor to those standing for freedom in Canada. We ask for a miracle to be released that turns the tide for them. We pray also for provision to make its way to them. We ask that their boldness and love of freedom impact our nation as well.

We pray for the people of Ukraine. Somehow, stop the Russian invasion and enable Ukraine to maintain their freedom. Overthrow evil leaders in Russia and around the world. We also ask, however, for blessing to the innocent masses of Russia. May evil leaders in Russia, China, Iran, Afghanistan, Cuba and other nations of the earth be removed. And send unprecedented revival to all of these nations.

We pray for the people of Afghanistan. Deliver them from the evils of the Taliban. Give peace and protection to our brothers and sisters, save those who do not yet know You. We command revival fires into that region!!!

And we pray for the people of Myanmar. We know Heaven is rejoicing over the outpouring of Holy Spirit taking place there. May they continue to experience incredible revival with thousands upon thousands more Buddhists and Muslims coming to know Jesus. Send laborers to help disciple the believers, and bring peace to the land.

And finally we pray again today for our First Nations people in America. Send revival to them. May it be as our brother said, “a spiritual nuclear explosion.” Bring forth the fulfillment of Billy Graham’s words: awaken this sleeping giant and make them a spiritual superpower here and around the world. Heal them from the wounds inflicted upon them and awaken them to their destiny. We bless them, Father.

We pray all of these things in the powerful name of Jesus. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that the nations of the earth, passionately loved by Jesus, are going to experience the greatest harvest in history!

Click on the link below to watch the full video.

John Robb is the chairman of Transformation Prayer Foundation, a non-profit ministry focussing their efforts on prayer mobilization, humanitarian aid, and mission to the unreached peoples. He has also served as Director of Prayer Ministries for World Vision International and International Prayer Connect.

Ceci and I will be sowing a generous gift into world harvest this month through John’s ministry. Some of you may want to consider joining us. You can do so by going to:


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