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How to Get the Blessings Flowing

Want to dig the wells of revival and keep them open? Go to every place in this nation where the Lord did something significant to found this nation. Worship there. Go back to the places where ugly, bad things happened, so you can repent, because something is always flowing through this nation—blessings or curses. Sometimes you can’t get the good flowing through the timeline of history until you go back and repent for the bad.

Like our ancestors, we have sinned; we have done wicked things. If Moses, His chosen one, had not pleaded for the people, His anger would have destroyed them. (Psalm 106:6,23; The Voice)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Every state has places where seriously sinful actions took place as this nation was being developed. Read the history of your state and see if something doesn’t jump out at you—a door where iniquity could enter the land. Look for broken treaties with the Native Americans, the foundations of slavery, massacres, wars, the establishment of ungodly laws, or where innocent blood was shed.

  2. If you live near one of these sites, plan to go there soon, take communion there, repent of the atrocity on behalf of the generations past and ask God to roll back the curse on the land and let His blessings flow once again.

  3. Today, just pray in your living room or with your prayer group. God is looking for those who understand His spiritual principles and will lovingly take action through repentance and thanksgiving to get this nation back on track. God loves those who will intercede!

A prayer you can pray:

Father, help me to see where my state has gotten off track historically and sinned against Your Word. Where have we stopped up the wells of blessing and instead caused a curse to come on the land? Your Word warns us against the shedding of innocent blood and of dealing treacherously against another. Please forgive our forefathers for breaking treaties with the Native Americans. Forgive those who enslaved others and treated them as property, not human beings. Forgive us, Lord. Break the curses and let the blessings flow again! In Jesus’ Name, amen.

Today’s decree:

God is raising up the repairers of the breaches who will reverse curses and loose blessings through their identificational repentance of generational actions in our nation.


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