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September 9, 2022

Connect the Dots

I’m very excited about today’s post because I have a special guest, Pastor Clay Nash. Clay is not only a personal friend, but also a seasoned prophet, hearing from the Lord very clearly. Occasionally Clay sends amazing dreams for me personally, and also for the church at large. I’ve known Clay and Susan for many years and we have a great relationship. It’s been an incredible journey and I’m thrilled to have him on the program today. At the end of today’s post, you’ll find a link where you can find out more about Clay and his ministry. He also does a prayer call every afternoon at 2:22 PM EST, and every Tuesday night at 9 PM EST. Hundreds of people participate in the calls, agreeing in prayer together for our nation. You can find out how to join that call on Clay’s information provided at the end of today’s post. So, Clay, what’s on your heart today; what do you hear God saying?

Clay begins to share: “Thank you, Dutch. I’m honored to be with you and all the people who are part of Give Him 15. Today I want to talk about the Ekklesia becoming one. Ezra 3:1 says, ‘And all of Israel came into Jerusalem as one man.’

“I’d like to share two dreams with you. This first dream came a couple of years ago and took place at Cape Henry where Robert Hunt erected a cross. I am moved to tears each time I read the prayer and the covenant he made there.

“In the dream, there was a tsunami wave coming. Leaders were there as well as other followers of Christ. As we saw the tsunami was coming, a plane flew by and had a message behind it: ‘Help is on the way!’ It was interesting that the message was waving vertically, not horizontally.

“I believe, as the dream indicated, that help is coming! I believe not only is God, through Holy Spirit, coming to help us, but help is also coming through the Ekklesia. There are many watchmen on the wall and I am grateful for every one of them. Back in 2018, the Lord told me to start praying for the next Supreme Court Justice. We didn't know at that time that it would be Justice Kavaunaugh. I started praying in 2018, and thought it would be an assignment for only a few months. However, God had other plans. We’ve now been holding daily prayer for our nation since that time. It’s been wonderful. I will tell you, it’s been challenging at times, especially when you are traveling. But there has been a grace on it. I receive many emails asking that we not stop this daily time of concerted prayer.

“But let’s talk about ‘becoming one,’ as I mentioned earlier. Jesus spoke in John chapter 17 about us being one with the Father. I believe there is a new dimension of the body of Christ - the Ekklesia, the praying church - coming together. It excites me, Dutch, especially in light of a recent prophetic encounter I had.

“I recently preached at CityGate Church in Southaven, MS, on a Friday night. Sometime the next morning, I had a dream. Then, I got up that day, filmed a couple of YouTube videos, and then headed to Coleman, Alabama - but I didn’t remember the dream which is not unusual for me.

“I got into the service in Coleman, turned around, and looked at the second row behind me. To my surprise, there sat a lady who had been in the dream.

Dutch interjects: “Wait a minute. I want to make sure we get this. You saw a lady in the crowd, and then Holy Spirit brought the dream back to you, and you started remembering it then?”

Clay responds: “Yes!”

Dutch asked: “ Did you know this lady?”

Clay shares: “No, I did not know her. My dream life has shifted this year and I regularly see an angel that guards the Justice Gate. In this particular dream, the angel mentioned the name ‘Destiny’ to me. He actually said, ‘I want to give Coleman, Alabama, a miracle like I gave Destiny’s mother.’

“I had not been to Coleman, Alabama in nine or ten years. I didn’t know anyone there named Destiny. I asked the lady who was in the second row (whom I saw in the dream), ‘Do you know a Destiny that has significance to this city - Coleman?’ She said, ‘Well, I have a niece named Destiny but she doesn’t live in Coleman.’ Then the lady next to her said, ‘I just started a church named ‘Destiny.’’ Well, I knew that wasn’t it. So we moved on and I started preaching.

“As I was speaking, I mentioned this story, and a minister whom I know was there. He said, ‘I know who Destiny is! It is Deborah Joe Billinger’s daughter. Her mother was a back up singer to Leonard Skinner and was one of the band members who survived the awful plane crash.

“Pastor Garrett (the host pastor) said, ‘Oh my goodness, I met Destiny two weeks ago in a restaurant where she works. I saw her name tag and gave her a [prophetic] word!’

“God began to knit this together and I didn’t even notice that a young man named Michael went over and sat by the pastor (Michael used to traveled with Eddie James). As they talked with each other on the front row, I continued preaching and because of the dream, we stopped to have prayer for Destiny.

“I asked the Lord, ‘What do you have for Destiny? We ask that You begin to touch her.’

“Unknown to me, after talking with the pastor, Michael left the service and went to where Destiny was working. Although he did not personally know her, he walked up and began telling her that there was a prophet in a service there in Coleman that night who had a dream about her.

“Destiny then went to her supervisor and told him she had to leave. She came to the church and actually walked the front. We began ministering prophetically to her. She has been heart broken. Her mother - who was not killed in the plane crash - had a Christian background and had turned back to God, serving Him. However, sadly, her mother died of cancer in 2010. This had devastated Destiny.

“What we found out that night was about a week prior to this, Destiny had told the Lord, ‘I can’t reach out to you - I’m just done. If you don’t reach out to me, I’m not going to make it.’ We poured in the love of God and ministered more to her prophetically. Holy Spirit put new wind in her sail. She has a song writing ability like her mother. I prophesied to her about this and asked Holy Spirit to awaken the gift that was dormant. I was able to connect her to a Christian country music artist who is willing to mentor her. What an amazing story.

“God is fitly joining us together. There is a synergy in the earth right now like I’ve never seen before. Here's what I want to show you - think about how God put this all together:

“I have the dream, the lady on the second row didn't even attend that church, but decided to visit that night. Had she not come, I would not have been reminded of the dream. She even said, ‘I just knew I had to be here tonight.’

“The pastor shared that he had recently spoken to Destiny and told her, ‘You know, God has something for you. He's going to draw you back to Him.’

“Michael knew where Destiny worked, goes there and talks with her. Destiny hears something in what Michael says - she's desperate for God, then leaves work to come to the service. We all gather around and minister to her, prophesing healing to her wounds, disappointment, and loss of hope. God then begins the healing process. Actually, part of the prophetic word He said to her was, ‘I'm going to put you on the road to “Wellsville”’ and He began to heal her.

“After receiving ministry that night, Destiny changed. She actually looked 10 to 15 years younger by the end of that service. What a night of healing for this young lady.

“I'm saying that I was a dot that night, pastor Garrett was a dot, the lady on the second row was a dot, Michael was a dot, Destiny was a dot, and then the other dot was a church coming together in agreement with all of this.

“A life was changed. Just think about it. The word of the Lord came to Destiny that she was going to write songs and people would be healed when they heard them. That's another dot.

“The body of Christ, the praying church, the Ekklesia, especially those that have recognized their legislative ability in the spirit, who have married their priestly anointing to their kingly authority - we're all joining together.

“This thing is changing.

“The media gives us a bunch of lies - it's a bunch of talking points - they tell us what they want us to believe. I believe the body of Christ is going to come together. The nation is turning. Salvation is coming. Healing is coming. Manifestations are coming. Signs and wonders are coming. The Mavericks are coming in - the unbranded ones.

“Somebody listening today is probably ‘unbranded.’ You haven’t found your ‘tribe.’ You haven't found where you ‘fit.’ Let me tell you why many people are Mavericks: because strong-willed people, insecure leaders can't deal with them. Mavericks, we need you in the body of Christ. We need your anointing. We need your authority. We need your giftings. A true leader is someone who can take a group of people and cause them to discover they have purpose and destiny. It's easy to lead people where they want to go, but it's the true leader who can take them into purpose and destiny.

“Dutch, I'm seeing that happen. On the weekly call that I lead, we regularly have people ask, ‘Can you recommend a church near where I live?’ It's being fitly joined together. I’m excited about it.”

Dutch then shares, “What an awesome dream, awesome word, Clay. I agree with you - God is connecting the dots. He's connecting us.

“I remember when Chuck and I went to all 50 states back in 2003-2004 [The 50 State Tour]. Chuck used to do something interesting. As I spoke, he would hear a clear word from heaven he felt he was to share with the gathering RIGHT THEN! The first time he interrupted my message - of course it wasn't a rude interruption and he knew I was okay with it. He came up during my message, and would begin to prophesy because something I said triggered a word in him that he felt needed to be shared right then. That started happening more and more frequently as we were on this tour. Chuck would just jump in and then I would pray into what he had prophesied, or I would have a follow-up to what Chuck had shared. Sometimes I'd continue the message, or sometimes the message would shift a little because of Chuck’s word, but that happened on numerous occasions.

“You know, you and I have been in services where four, five, or six people had a part of what God wanted to say to us in the gathering - some would have a word to be shared, some prayers that need to be prayed. I think it's an incredible thing how God is breaking down people's fears, their preconceived ideas of how it's supposed to work. He's showing us ‘I really can do more through all of you than I can one of you. I really can do more through the body than I can just the finger, or the arm.’ What you shared regarding your night in Coleman is an amazing lesson. There were quite a few people who each had a piece of what God wanted to do.

“I think more of this is coming - we're going to go to a higher level. I think our services are going to look more like the book of Corinthians where one would have a word to be shared, then another. They all would add pieces, jumping in and sharing what they had received from the Lord. (see 1 Corinthians 14:26-33)

“You know, there's a way to do that. We've demonstrated and proven there's a way to do it decently and in order (see 1 Corinthians 14:40), without chaos, without interruption, without people fighting for the microphone. You and I have demonstrated it many times. I believe more of this is coming to the church. I think the fruit of it is going to be incredible.

“Clay, I’d like for you to pray into this. Share with us anything you want to say as we close, and then pray into it. We're going to all release our faith right now and believe that this is going to another level.”

Pastor Clay begins to share and then prays, “Amen, Dutch. I’d like to share one thing before I pray. Friends, you're a dot. Find where you connect. Amen? Lives will be changed. But you must allow God to connect the dots. Now is that time.

“Father, I thank You for everyone agreeing with us on Give Him 15 today. I thank You, Father, for what Dutch and Ceci do. I thank You for how the impact of Give Him 15 is increasing. But Father, I declare over the Ekklesia, the watchmen on the wall, the praying church, let us become more sensitive to Holy Spirit that we can recognize when we're in that place where you want to connect us with others, so we can stand as the one new man. We desire to stand as a corporate man - the church - on the earth. Jesus, we ask that You stand tall through us.

“Father, stir hearts right now. Stir them into a place of passion. We ask that they hunger and thirst for finding their place to become a dot you can connect. We ask that You do it, in Yeshua's name we pray. Amen.”

Dutch shares, “What a great word, Clay. What a great prayer. Thank You so much for sharing with us today, and thank all of You for joining us.

“Clay has some great books - a lot of good teachings. Go to the link below and find out more about them. Learn how to get on Clay’s weekly calls that we mentioned earlier. You'll be blessed if you do. God's using them in extraordinary ways.

“Thank you so much for joining us today. I appreciate it so much.”

Click on the link below to watch the full video.

To learn more about Pastor Clay, check out his website:


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