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September 29, 2017

Day 313 of 2016 – A Nation’s New Beginning

I was speaking at Glory of Zion last year and a friend had a vision while I was speaking. He saw a being holding up a number 313 behind me. He asked the Lord what that meant and the Lord said to look it up. So, he looked in Strong’s Concordance. The number 313 is the number for the Greek word meaning “new birth” or “new beginning”; “to regenerate”. Then the Holy Spirit told him to look and see what the 313th day of the year would be. He looked it up and it was November 8, 2016 – Election Day. Now, hear me. Our faith is not in Donald Trump to rebirth a nation. He is one part of what God is doing. He is the wrecking ball more than the builder, but his election does mark a new beginning for the nation. The same thing that birthed this nation will rebirth this nation – an ongoing appeal to heaven!

“Whatever is hidden away will be brought out into the open, and whatever is covered up will be uncovered. Listen, then, if you have ears!” (Mark 4:22-23; GNT)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Notice how God “said” two things with one number? Be amazed at how God “speaks” to and leads His people! Ask God to help you hear and see.

  2. Thank God that the Church has been stirred to press into prayer in the last year in more numbers and in an intense way.

  3. Thank the Lord that He is giving the United States of America another chance, as a result of the prayers of the saints crying out for mercy.

  4. Pray for President Trump today that he will not fall into fleshly reaction. Thank God that He has raised this unique person up for such a time as this.

  5. Declare that the turn-around is only just beginning and we will see God do more and more in answer to the prayers of His saints.

A prayer you can pray:

Father, the way You work is amazing! We know it’s You giving these dreams and visions, because we would/could never think of these things! Help us to see what the Spirit is doing in our land, and to hear what the Spirit is saying to us. Thank you that You stirred Your Bride to appeal to heaven more and more over the last few years. Don’t stop! Keep us stirred up. Keep us praying for our president. President Trump needs the interceding Church and the nation needs Mr. Trump’s unique ways. Help him to watch out for the enemy’s traps! Don’t stop, Lord, until this nation is turning to You! Amen.

Today’s decree:

I decree that America and its people are in a “new birth” season!


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