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September 24, 2020

40 Days of Praying in Unity for the Nation - September 25 through Election Day, November 3

[Beginning tomorrow, 9/25, through Election Day, November 3rd, GiveHim15 will join forces with many other national prayer ministries in 40 Days of Prayer for America. Together, we will believe God to continue to turn America back to Him. Cindy Jacobs will explain this prayer movement to us today.]

"When we look around America today, we know that we are in a crisis; we’ve reached a tipping point. In the last election, many Christians got out and voted; however, many spiritual leaders across this nation have been saying one thing: "We're concerned the church has gone back to sleep." I know some of you have a similar concern in your heart.

"Our national elections are coming up. The Christian turnout for these elections will reveal whether we are truly going to be able to turn the nation and fully establish cords of righteousness, or if we're going to slide backward.

"I want to encourage you. If you believe that abortion is sin, and if you believe that the blood of more than 60,000,000 aborted babies is crying out from the ground of the United States, would you get out and vote? If you believe that human trafficking, sex trafficking, and child exploitation must be abolished, and that we could do it in our generation, would you get out and vote? If you knew the racial divide could be healed a little deeper, would you pray, and would you vote?

"I'm asking you to do both—pray and vote. Pray and act. I'm asking you to join us, as we prayer walk America, as we cry out for the nation. We know that God wants to do extraordinary things through our prayers. If we will pray, God will act.

"We have developed this very important website called 'Pray in Unity.' Here, you can sign up to adopt your block in prayer. You will also find a number of prayer guides covering all kinds of topics related to the future of a nation that acknowledges God.

"It's a 40-day season, beginning September 25 and continuing through Election Day, November 3. You will be praying in unity with thousands of other intercessors from across America. We will be saying as one, 'We are asking God to come and hover over America, birthing His purposes in our generation.'

"Would you join us? Watch with us and Pray in Unity. We'd love for you to participate. Let's turn the tide!"

“Make my joy complete by being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, united in spirit, intent on one purpose.” (Philippians 2:2; NASB)

Points for Prayer:

Ask the Lord to bring members of the Body of Christ together from across all streams to pray fervently for America.

Determine to pray daily from now until the elections.

Get out and prayer walk or prayer drive around your neighborhood and city. Pray that people will vote for the welfare of your city. Pray that Christians will get out and vote.

Plan to vote via mail-in ballot or in person early or on Election Day! Find out now what the procedure is in your state, so you are not caught unable to vote.

Say, "We are asking You, God, to come and hover over America, birthing Your purposes in our generation."

A Prayer You Can Pray:

Lord, we are excited to be a part of this national 40-Days of Prayer initiative. We bless all of the many ministries that have agreed to be a part. We are sure millions of Believers will be praying for the 2020 elections. Lord, hear our unified intercession and come and heal our land. Move on our hearts daily and remind us to pray for the many needs America has. We want to see our nation's wounds healed. We want to see all sickness and violence and upheaval dissipated. We want to see America fully back on track and in full and glorious revival!

We pray that Christians will also get out and vote. Prayer is necessary, but we must also act. We must vote. Lord, help each Believer know when and how to vote in their state. Let there be no shirkers. 61 million babies' lives must be honored. Human trafficking and child exploitation must be exposed and eliminated. We must find answers for our injustice, division, chaos, financial distress, and moral decline. There is so much at stake! We are asking You, God, to come and hover over America, birthing Your purposes in our generation. Thank You, Jesus. Amen.

Today's Decree:

We will pray in unity for America, we will vote, and America will be saved!


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