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September 13, 2022

The Assault Against Biblical Marriage Continues

It requires constant vigilance to keep up with the left’s efforts to transform America. Our friends at IFA (Intercessors For America) have alerted us to another attempt at striking down righteous and sensible legislation from the past and rewriting it with a new woke doctrine. They tell us:

“In what some say is an extreme response to the overturn of Roe v. Wade, the House - and now the Senate - has taken up a bill that would obliterate the longstanding Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). They call this fanatical bill the “Respect for Marriage Act,” but don’t be fooled by the name. It is not a respectful approach to marriage at all, but a radical sexual ideology pushed as a national doctrine.

“If this bill is passed - it is now in the Senate and sadly has the backing of Senators in both parties - it would mean that states no longer have the authority or ability to define marriage as a legal union between one man and one woman. It would also require federal recognition of polygamy if one state chooses to recognize it. This bill not only woefully brings to an end the Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA), but infringes on the religious freedom of millions of people of faith with this proposed federal law to uphold radical views on marriage.

“Here is a message you can send, or you can personalize it:

‘As a person of faith, I am deeply concerned about the recently proposed Respect for Marriage Act. It would not only fly in the face of our nation’s longstanding DOMA policy, but also goes against the grain of 5,000 years of traditional humanity. I am asking you to stand with traditional marriage, DOMA, and people of faith like me in your district. I am praying for you as you take your position on this issue.’”(1)

Larry Tomczak recently wrote an article pointing out the need to remain alert to efforts such as these. In excerpts of the article, he says:

“In our church on Sunday, a servant for Voice of the Martyrs ministry shared how he went to Sudan a few years ago to encourage Christians being persecuted. He was suddenly arrested, imprisoned for 14 months with ISIS killers, then sentenced to life imprisonment before God miraculously set him free. They falsely labeled him an ‘enemy of the state, attempting to undermine their government.’ Selah (ponder it).

“Is [the current administration] doing what political leaders did in Sudan and other countries to intimidate the opposition and manipulate the masses into totalitarian control? Recently, in an ominous, almost Nazi-like setting with a blood-red backdrop, flanked by military guards (never before done in America), Biden declared with clenched fists that he was ‘defending our democracy in the battle for the soul of our nation!’

“In this nationally televised address coinciding with the previous day’s speech (when he called out traditional conservatives as ‘semi-fascists’), Biden issued a red alert regarding the patriotic supporters of former President Trump, labeling them as ‘extremists…angry… promoting violence… anti-Constitution… taking away contraceptives… stealing our freedoms…undermining our democracy.’

“He appeared to be echoing words from a letter he received from the National School Board Association alerting him (without providing support) of ‘extremists’ at school board meetings that are ‘the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorists.’ In the words of Democrat Party advisor Kurt Bardella, ‘The Republican Party is basically a terrorist cell operating in America.’”

I do not identify as Republican or Democrat; I simply vote based on biblical values. There are individuals in both parties I would love to see go. No honest person, however, can deny that the Republican Party aligns more with biblical ideals and our Judeo-Christian roots than the Democratic Party. To this man, however, this equates to being terrorists.

Tomczak went on to point out that “Biden says those who support and vote for Trump are the villains destroying America? Never mind the inflation, recession, shortages or gas problem, border chaos, fentanyl crisis, skyrocketing crime, corruption in the media or the weaponizing of government agencies.”

I concur with Larry as he says, “I’m passionate to preserve our nation’s godly heritage; protect our children from evil by being ‘salt’ (see Matthew 5:13-16) holding back moral decay as Jesus directed; and honoring the covenant made by our founders to ‘advance the gospel for the glory of God’ (see Philippians 1:12-18).

“We love America, warts and all, and as traditional conservatives, we stand unashamedly for God, country, one man and one woman marriage, the nuclear family, the sanctity of human life (womb to tomb), and genders assigned by God only. We believe the rights enunciated in our Constitution and Declaration of Independence come from God, not government.

“The Democratic Party continues to harass former President Donald Trump and believes by keeping him in the news, they can keep the heat off this administration and the damage it has brought every American by its destructive policies and inept leadership.

“Here’s the deal: Don’t allow yourself or those you influence to be deceived by the policies and propaganda put forth by the media and this administration. They want to tear down our Judeo-Christian system and replace it with secularist Marxism that fails every time it’s imposed.

“Pray fervently. Ask God for spiritual discernment. Resist deception and tyranny. Communicate the truth. Vote values from a biblical worldview. Let’s stand in solidarity to clean America’s house and see another Great Awakening in our day!

“‘Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States when men were free.’” - Ronald Reagan(2)

This quote from the great Ronald Reagan and shared by Tomczak is frighteningly true. Before you blow it off as just a scare tactic or exaggerated hyperbole, ask yourself what has happened to our free speech in the last two years. Remind yourself that concerned parents at school board meetings are now considered terrorists. (I will comment Thursday on judges ruling that schools can teach your children anything they want and support them in sex changes, without your consent or approval.) Face the fact that millions of people have illegally come into our nation in the last two years, some of them being terrorists, others bringing millions of doses of poisonous drugs, while still others trafficking women and children. I love every person that has crossed our southern border, and would do anything to see them saved and prosper, but this process is insane. Raise your voice against any of these things, and you are considered a fascist and dangerous to democracy.

Perhaps we should listen to Mr. Reagan.

Pray with me:

Father, today we focus on our government. We are commanded to pray for them first and foremost (1 Timothy 2: 1-4). We pray wisdom for all, that evil will be removed, and godly leaders will be put in their seats of authority. We ask for leaders who will honor You and Your Word, honor and protect life, and honor the true content and meaning of our Constitution. And we ask for wisdom to be given them for reforming our nation back to its roots and purpose.

We pray regarding the coming elections, which begin now with early voting and continue into November. Please move on the hearts of the church, not only to vote, but to do so guided first and foremost by biblical values. We Christians have given away so much influence and rule in our nation; help us to re-establish this in the voting booth. Cause truth to prevail regarding candidates and regarding the effects of their beliefs. Remove deception, dishonesty, and the distortion of truth. Move on the hearts of Christian leaders to speak out in this election cycle.

And Father, our hearts ache for the children whose minds are being propagandized with evil doctrines, and whose bodies are being mutilated. We ask You to deliver us from this insidious, demonic effort to destroy them. We are desperate, we must have the revival You’ve spoken of. Please bring it and do so with great force - overwhelming force and power! Break the bands of wickedness off of our nation, rend the heavens and come down (Isaiah 64:1).

We pray these things confidently, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree, in the face of overwhelming evil, that America shall be saved!

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