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October 9, 2023

Re-tuning the Bell

I was in Ohio Friday and Saturday with my brother, Tim, and friends Chuck Pierce, Greg Hood, and others. The amazing level of revelation, as well as what was communicated, made it clear that we have transitioned into a new season. Tim shared fresh revelation regarding what Holy Spirit is doing in the Ekklesia and our nation in this season, including the assistance of seraphim angels (such as Michael and Gabriel) in overthrowing thrones of iniquity. Chuck also taught about this new era: what we can expect, how to navigate through it victoriously, and what Holy Spirit is emphasizing as we do. These two incredible leaders are always very anointed and release high levels of revelation, but they were both at their absolute best on Friday and Saturday. Greg and other leaders also released tremendous prophetic words, decrees, and prayers.

To summarize what Holy Spirit said in the meetings: we have absolutely moved into a new phase of what God is doing in America and the earth, a phase in which the Ekklesia will operate in higher levels of hearing and releasing revelation, partnering with the hosts of heaven to dethrone principalities and powers, freeing America from the stronghold of Baal, and reaping the great harvest of this era. I strongly encourage you to watch these Friday night and Saturday morning services on Tim’s Oasis Church channel.

As I, too, felt the strength of the new season we have entered, Holy Spirit directed my thinking to the dethroning of Baal, the principality that has ruled America for several decades. As I mentioned in last week's post (October 5), on my first prayer visit to the Supreme Court, I clearly heard Holy Spirit identify it as the place from which the “strong man” ruled America. Indeed, no other institution or group has opened the door to more heinous evil in America than the Supreme Court.

Several years later, the Lord identified this “strong man” to me as the principality, Baal. This incredibly evil spirit loves bloodshed, has always promoted human sacrifices, and is empowered by them; it is the force behind the murder of 64 million babies in America. Baal is also responsible for the gross immorality that is prevalent in our land, the destruction of marriages and families, gender dysphoria and the mutilation of our children, murder, violence, and so much more. He seeks to seduce people and nations into breaking covenant with Yahweh and aligning with him through sin and compromise, even calling himself Baal-Berith, the lord of covenant (Judges 8:33; 9:4).

The Supreme Court has been largely responsible for opening the door to this spirit’s activity, even sanctioning partial-birth abortion, which allows babies to be partially born, then kills them before finishing the birth process. This inhuman procedure goes beyond cruelty; it is barbaric and savage. Baal loves and feeds on this torturous evil as he does all human suffering, and a majority of the Court said it was perfectly legal to do so.


The process of breaking the hold of this spirit over America has been taking place for several decades. Much prayer and repentance have taken place. But the reversing of Roe, the decree by our Supreme Court legalizing the murder of babies, had to occur before this process could be finished. This reversal occurred last June in the Dobbs case. Even though abortion still occurs in America, the evil fruit can now be dealt with at state and individual levels, not as a national sin and curse.

It should not have surprised me when the Lord redirected focus back toward the Court last Monday, leading intercessors to rededicate/consecrate the Supreme Court to Him. This was a sign to me that we can now finish the process of removing Baal’s hold.

At the gathering on Friday night, Holy Spirit led me back to two dreams from 2 years ago. In each dream, a Justice on the Supreme Court, joined leaders of the church to retune and ring once again the Liberty Bell (a different Justice in each dream). Let me remind you that the Bell is inscribed with Leviticus 25:10, “Proclaim Liberty throughout the land to all the inhabitants thereof.”

This verse’s placement on the Liberty Bell, and its ringing at our birth, is more than a reference to the natural liberty the colonists and Founders were fighting for. The verse is a reference to the year of Jubilee in Israel, which freed all the indentured slaves, forgave all debts, and restored everyone’s inheritance. It is a picture of Christ, our Jubilee, redeeming humankind at the Cross (see Luke 4:16-19 TPT). There could be no greater indication than this verse on the bell that the trumpeting of this gospel message was the reason for America’s birth; this is our destiny as a nation. The Liberty Bell needing to be “re-tuned” and then rung again is a reference to America being “out of tune” with God and His destiny for us. Re-tuning the bell pictures our restoration.

After I shared this, Chuck Pierce stated that the Liberty Bell, containing America’s stated purpose, actually represents her covenant with God. What a powerful statement! This covenant was broken and transferred to Baal. Chuck then said that the ringing of the Liberty Bell at our birth, was to America what the shofar is to Israel at Jubilee. This was profound to me. The re-tuning of the bell in the dream pictures America being restored to her freedom and covenant with God.

It is very significant that in one of the dreams, the Supreme Court Justice helping re-tune the bell did so by moving the pin used to repair its break. America will not be destroyed. God is going to use our brokenness and devastation to turn us back to Him, just as He used the pig pen to awaken the prodigal. We will then release the pure sound of the gospel again, here and around the world. America shall be saved!

Stay focused, praying church, Ekklesia. God is using our prayers to heal and re-tune this nation. Do not misinterpret the chaos and confusion that is building. This is part of the shaking. It is also the desperation of spiritual darkness fighting to survive and maintain their hold. But Baal’s hold is being broken! And we are moving into a new phase of our deliverance and healing.

Also, do not accept any statement that says there are not enough Christians praying. The number of us doing so is NOT the issue. Our obedience to the Lord and faith in His ability is the issue. When Gideon tore down the altar of Baal and led the effort to deliver Israel from the Midianites (Judges 6), God gave victory through an army of 300! He has always been willing to work through a remnant. ALWAYS! And He is doing so today.


Pray with me:

Father, our battle cry today is, “The sword of the Lord and His Ekklesia!” All of our faith is in You, not our strength or numbers. You are our Redeemer. You are our Jubilee. You are the God of mercy, the mercy Giver. This mercy endures forever, and is, in fact, new every morning. The blood of Jesus guarantees it. You delivered Gideon’s nation, Israel, through the sacrifice of an animal; how much more will You deliver today through the blood of Your Son! We stake our claim to this alone.

Now, Father, finish this! Heal our land, re-tune the bell, in this time of brokenness. Let the sound of salvation ring throughout the land. Let it go from here to the nations. May the nations of the earth hear this sound, coming from a cracked and broken bell, but one that has been supernaturally enabled to ring again.

And we pray regarding the war in Israel. Our hearts break when we see such suffering. In times of war, not only evil perpetrators are destroyed, but the innocent are as well. End this as quickly as possible, Father. Destroy wicked terrorist groups and leaders, and bring revival to that part of the world. Save Jews and Muslims alike. We pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that the bell of liberty is being healed and will sound forth again!

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


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