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October 8, 2020

The Importance of Values

[Beginning 9/25, and continuing through Election Day, November 3rd, GiveHim15 is joining forces with many other national prayer ministries in 40 Days of Prayer for America. Dave Kubal of Intercessors of America provides today’s prayer focus.]

For 47 years, Intercessors for America has been praying for godly government. This is the core of what we do. We pray our leaders would legislate, implement, and then protect the values that are closest to God’s heart.

As we are in an election season, what are those biblical values that are closest to God’s heart? One could go into great depth to answer this question from a national governmental point of view. However, I offer three main biblical values we need to pray would be implemented through the leaders that will be elected this fall.

Protection of Life: Nothing is more precious to God than life. From conception to natural death, God desires life to be protected.

Protection of the Family: Our society and our Supreme Court have embraced tragic views that grieve the heart of God and allow a diversity of what a legal family looks like based upon individual, personal beliefs about gender, attraction, and more. No belief or court opinion will ever have the power to redefine that which God has defined. Efforts to change what family is have nevertheless wreaked havoc on our lives.

Protection of Religious Freedoms: Attack on religious freedoms is the reason many of the early immigrants to our nation came here. They sought the freedom to be able to worship their God! We need legislators and elected officials who have a heart to protect all faiths. This protection would in turn allow the Church to be the Church and give us the opportunity to be salt and light in our nation.

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” (Ps 139:13; NIV)

Points for Prayer (By, Dave Kubal):

Pray for the value of life to be embraced by candidates and in their platforms: “So God created mankind in his own image. . . . male and female he created them. And God blessed them, saying: “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it” (Gen 1:27, 28).

Pray for the strengthening and upholding of the family in America. Pray for healing where there is harm and brokenness and for a true understanding of identity to flourish: “The law of the Lord is perfect, refreshing the soul. The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple” (Ps 19:7).

Pray for elected officials and judges at all levels to protect the free exercise of religion. Pray that laws and policies infringing on religious freedom would be overturned and discarded. Pray for our leaders to uphold and honor the fundamental right of religious freedom.

A Prayer You Can Pray:

Lord, we will be casting our vote on November 3rd for many reasons, but there are three we ask You to give us. We ask You for the candidate that will uphold Life from conception to natural death. We ask for the one that will agree with the defining of family in alignment with Your definition. We also ask for the securing of our First Amendment right to freely worship You where and how we desire.

You created Life and it is not mankind’s place to define what that means. We cannot give it and it is not ours to take. We have compassion for each mother’s circumstances. We cry out for their lives, as well. Some of these situations are hard, and the Church and our nation need compassionate answers. We pray for grace and wisdom for the hard situations. We choose Life for the unborn and blessing for America.

Likewise, “Family” is Your creation. You created male and female and partnered them together to create the basis of the nuclear family. The enemy hates the institution of marriage, because You said it is a mystery and a revelation of Christ and the Church. While not every family has a mom and dad in the home, we cannot throw the blessing of the intact family away. Lord, forgive us. We are now seeing what a slippery slope it is to try to legislate alternative forms of marriage and family into the landscape of our culture. Forgive us and help us to correct these things.

Finally, we see that religious freedom, especially for evangelical Christians and Jews, is under attack. Our freedom to worship You is a spiritual threat and has become a true matter of spiritual warfare with some governing entities. Governors and mayors on the Left, primarily, are trying to keep the Church from meeting, even going so far as to say we can’t even meet out of doors. One mayor said only one person at a time can be inside a church in their city! We cry out to You, Lord, to save us and secure these freedoms. We will vote for those that will not hinder us. We must worship You! Thank You for stirring Your people to vote by November 3rd in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Today’s Decree:

We will vote for Life, Family, and Religious Freedom.

Learn more about Dave Kubal and Intercessors for America here.

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