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October 30, 2019

God’s Assignment

God gave Adam and Eve an assignment, “Be fruitful and multiply. I want lots of kids. Give Me a big family.” Then, He gave them one more assignment. He said, “This planet, this home, this part of the Kingdom, this outpost, this colony, I’m calling ‘Earth’. This will be your home. You’re going to rule over it for Me. You’re going to manage it. Don’t do it any way you want. Ask Me for My way, My Kingdom principles, the way that heaven operates, and bring that to Earth.” Psalm 115:16 essentially says that the heavens are the Lord’s, but He has given the earth as an assignment to man. Well, the heavens appear to be functioning just fine. It’s only the part He delegated to us that got messed up.

God uses two words in there, “dominion” and “subdue”, to explain what He wants us to do on the earth. The two best words in English to define those words are “manage” and “govern”. He said, therefore, “Adam, manage the earth. Govern the earth.” By the way, “Adam” there is not a male-gender name or term. It just means “humankind”. So, you get in on this ladies.

I understand management. If I don’t own something, I can still manage it for somebody. Management is delegated authority to take care of it. That is what government is supposed to be. In fact, God is government, and He delegates His governmental authority through His people to govern the earth. When that is operating properly, justice and righteousness rule. When the righteous rule, the Bible tells us the people are glad.

“The heavens belong to the LORD, but the earth he has given to mankind.” (Psalm 115:16; NET)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Talk to God about the assignment He gave man in the garden. Get it down solidly in your heart.

  2. Consider how far man has fallen. Look around you. Read the news. It’s getting worse and worse. Let that reality break your heart.

  3. Tell Him you want what He wanted from the very beginning—to be one of His family, a part of His lineage, a member of His household, a part of His Ekklesia.

  4. Ask Him to show you your true identity. Ask Him to show you how to walk fully in it together with Him until His Kingdom is manifest in the earth.

  5. Pray for the ability to multiply His family and disciple those that come to Christ.

A prayer you can pray:

God, You said You wanted family and that family was going to govern the earth. Those are the two mandates of Genesis. Everything got messed up at the Fall. Mankind is born fallen now. We reproduce fallen people, instead of those in Your glorified likeness. We lost Your dominion and Satan became the god of this world. Thanks be to You that You fixed our mess! Thank You for Jesus! With His birth, death, and resurrection, You fulfilled Your promise and crushed Satan’s headship. Satan no longer gets to be the head of the planet. In Matthew 16, Jesus said that He would build His Church. You weren’t going to build a building. You were going to build a lineage or family or household. We are a part of that lineage! We are Your household. We are also Your Ekklesia. We are Your governing body in the earth. Through Christ, those that receive You get to conquer in the spiritual realm and we get to rule together with You. We get to disciple those new to the Kingdom. We get to exchange our old identity for one in Christ. Our thinking will change. Our attitude will change. Our words will change, and our actions will change. Then, we will effect change in the areas of influence You have placed us. Send us, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s decree:

God’s Kingdom on earth will be governed by His Ekklesia, and we Jesus-followers are that Ekklesia!


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